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GBV 002549@PATIA NO – El Ruido De Antes… Contra Los Opres
GBV 00562910 Years after the golden rush
GBV 00044710cc – live and let live
GBV 00465210cc – Look Hear?
GBV 000177185 ausgewählte Evergreens & Standards
GBV 0063485 Star – Luxury Of Life
GBV 006274808 State – ex:el
GBV 002618999 – The Biggest Tour In Sport
GBV 004760A Flock Of Seagulls – The Story Of A Young Heart
GBV 006333A Guy Called Gerald – Automanikk  Limited Editio
GBV 006229ABBA – Honey, Honey
GBV 000818ABBA – Super Trouper
GBV 001710ABBA – The Album
GBV 001711ABBA – The Best Of
GBV 000820ABBA – Voulez-Vous
GBV 006136ABC – Beauty Stab
GBV 003895Acapulco Gold – Zeitlos
GBV 005999Achim Reichel – Blues In Blond
GBV 004252Acker Bilk Esquire – Stranger On The Shore
GBV 002261Adam & Eve – Ihre Grossen Erfolge
GBV 003243ADAMO – Adamo
GBV 004202Adamo – Adamo Singt Deutsch Folge 2
GBV 002604ADAMO – Live!
GBV 002736ADAMO – Tour D’Adamo
GBV 002278Admit You’re Shit – 12 Inches Of AYS
GBV 004497Adolf Scherbaum, Maurice André – Festliche Trompe
GBV 004754After The Fire – 80-f
GBV 005218After The Fire – Batteries Not Included
GBV 002092Age Of Chance – one thousand years of trouble
GBV 006231Agnetha Fältskog – Eyes Of A Woman
GBV 004697Al B. Sure! – Private Times…And The Whole 9!
GBV 005131Al Jarreau – L Is For Lover
GBV 000844Alabama – 40 hours week
GBV 005502Alan Vega – Saturn Strip
GBV 004243Alannah Myles – Alannah Myles
GBV 005924Albert Mangelsdorff  – I Grandi Del Jazz
GBV 004503Albinoni, Pachelbel USW – Adagio / Kanon & Gigue
GBV 003984Aldo Nova – Subject…..Aldo Nova
GBV 003845ALEX – Alex
GBV 005032Alexander O’Neal – Hearsay
GBV 001716Alexander, Peter – ihre wunschmelodien aus Musik
GBV 002051Alexander, Peter – lebenslieder
GBV 001715Alexander, Peter – mein Wien
GBV 003044Alexander, Peter – P. A. Heute
GBV 004454Alexandra – 20 Alexandra-Erfolge
GBV 003050ALEXANDRA – Sehnsucht – Ein Portrait In Musik
GBV 004595Alice  – Cosa Resta….Un Fiore
GBV 004594Alice  – Elisir
GBV 004596Alice  – Il Sole Nella Pioggia
GBV 005039Alice – Park Hotel
GBV 000208Allen Vögeln die gefangen möchte ich die freiheit
GBV 003657Allwright, Graeme – Le Jour De Clarté
GBV 000428Alphonse Mouzon – In search of a dream
GBV 004577Amadeus (Original Soundtrack Recording) Neville M
GBV 004678Ambitious Lovers – Lust
GBV 002256Ambros, W. – Der Letzte Tanz
GBV 005030Ananta – Night And Daydream
GBV 002848Anders, Christian – Christian Anders
GBV 002666Andersen, Lale – Unvergessene Lieder Und Songs
GBV 003557Anderson, Laurie – Mister Heartbreak
GBV 004109André Brasseur – Early Bird
GBV 004048Andre Heller – Basta
GBV 001461Andre, Maurice – Musik für Trompete und Orgel
GBV 002565Andreas Vollenweider – White Winds
GBV 004354Angelika Milster – Ich Bin Wie Ich Bin
GBV 004279Angelo Branduardi – La Pulce D’Acqua
GBV 005802Animal Crackers – So Paint A Map On My Face
GBV 005816Anne Clark – Joined Up Writing
GBV 000813Anthrax – fistful of metal
GBV 004150Antonio Vivaldi – Les Concertos Pour Piccolo – Co
GBV 000528April Wine – The Nature Of The Beast
GBV 006304Arcadia  – So Red The Rose
GBV 006347Aretha Franklin – Who’s Zoomin‘ Who?
GBV 005799Arno & Andreas – Die Platte
GBV 005021Art Garfunkel – Breakaway
GBV 005141Art Tatum – Pure Genius
GBV 004832Arth Paul – Roth-Händle Präsentiert Händel
GBV 004674Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come – Journey
GBV 006019Artists United Against Apartheid – Sun City
GBV 004758Arts And Decay – Stone Talk
GBV 005620Ashra – New Age Of Earth
GBV 004748Asia – Astra
GBV 003157ASWAD – Showcase
GBV 004736Aswad – Too Wicked
GBV 005480Australian Crawl – Sons Of Beaches
GBV 000008Auvray Lydie – d accord
GBV 000012Away Team, The – national anthem
GBV 003605Aznavour, Charles – 16 Gouden Successen
GBV 002850Aznavour, Charles – The Old Fashioned Way
GBV 005717B.B. King – B.B. King Vol. 2
GBV 003565BABYFACE – Tender Lover
GBV 001312BACH – auf Silbermann- Orgeln
GBV 001278BACH – Brandenburgische Konzerte Nr. 2, 3, 4, I M
GBV 001067Bach – Erich Vollenwyder /  berühmte Orgelwerke
GBV 001106Bach – Karl Richter spielt Orgelwerke von Bach
GBV 001193Bach – Lorin Maazel / Messe H-Moll
GBV 001184Bach – Richter, S. / das wohltemperierte Klavier2
GBV 001167Bach – Von Karajan / Matthäus-Passion
GBV 004539Bach / Mozart – Haskil / Anda – Konzerte Für 2 Kl
GBV 003496BACH, HÄNDEL – Festkonzert
GBV 001318Bach, J.S. – M.C. Allain / das Orgelwerk
GBV 001319Bach, Telemann, Mozart – rheinische Chorgemeinsch
GBV 004950Back In Time – El Condor Pasa
GBV 004658Bad Company  – Burnin‘ Sky
GBV 004197Bad Company – Desolation Angels
GBV 005596Bailey, Frith, Fitzgerald, Reichel – Guitar Solo
GBV 004475Ballistic Kisses – Total Access
GBV 006284Bananarama – Deep Sea Skiving
GBV 002756BAP – Ahl Männer, Aalglatt
GBV 000964BAP – Für Usszeschnigge!
GBV 004343BAP – Rockt Andere Kölsche Leeder
GBV 000025BAP – Vun Drinne Noh Drusse
GBV 004092Barbra Streisand – Guilty
GBV 003454BARBRA STREISAND – Till I Loved You
GBV 004957Barclay James Harvest – Collection
GBV 002420Barclay James Harvest – Everyone Is Everybody Els
GBV 005198Barclay James Harvest – Mocking Bird – The Early
GBV 002201Barclay James Harvest – The Best Of Barclay Jame
GBV 004583Barclay James Harvest – The Best Of3Vol.3
GBV 005042Barry White – I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing
GBV 005024Barry White And Love Unlimited – Grand Gala
GBV 001029Bartok – Amati Ensemble Berlin / divertimento für
GBV 004453Bartók Béla – György Pauk / Péter Frankl –
GBV 001320Bartok, Bela – Streichquartette Nr.1 Op. 7 & Nr.2
GBV 006031Basement 5 – 1965 – 1980
GBV 006325Bassomatic – Set The Controls For The Heart Of T
GBV 001829Beaumont, Pierre – musette de Paris
GBV 000028Becht, Sidney – history of jazz
GBV 006143Bee Gees – 20 Greatest Hits
GBV 001668BEE GEES – Best
GBV 005015Bee Gees – Living Eyes
GBV 001670Bee Gees – spirits having flown
GBV 004638Beethoven –  Herbert von Karajan ?– Symphonie Nr.
GBV 001096Beethoven – Barenbaoim, D. / 3. Klavierkonzert
GBV 001311Beethoven – Clara Haskil / Klaviersonaten, der st
GBV 001107Beethoven – Cliburn, Reiner / „Emperor“ Concerto
GBV 001095Beethoven – Cluytens, A. / symphony No. 6 in F-Pa
GBV 001626Beethoven – die 5 Klavierkonzerte 4LP Box
GBV 004642Beethoven – Georg Solti  –  Symphony No. 9 In D M
GBV 004506Beethoven – Herbert von Karajan – Symphonien 1&2
GBV 001839Beethoven – Karajan Edition pastorale
GBV 001332Beethoven – klaviertrios Op. 97 und Op.11
GBV 004640Beethoven – Maurizio Pollini, Karl Böhm – Klavie
GBV 003810BEETHOVEN – Sinfonie Nr. 5 – Egmont – Coriolan –
GBV 004508Beethoven – Symphonie Nr. 6, Pastorale
GBV 004500Beethoven – Symphonies No 1 & No 2
GBV 001379Beethoven – the pastoral, sixth symphony
GBV 004522Beethoven / Böhm – Symphonie No. 6 „Pastorale“
GBV 004505Beethoven / Fricsay – Tripelkonzert
GBV 004533Beethoven / Jochum – Violinkonzert
GBV 004538Beethoven / Karajan – Fidelio – Grosser Querschni
GBV 004526Beethoven / Karl Böhm – Symphonie Nr. 7
GBV 004641Beethoven / Liszt, Cyprien Katsaris – Symphonie
GBV 004534Beethoven / Rudolf Kempe – Sinfonie Nr. 9(Quadro)
GBV 003523Belafonte, Harry – 24x Harry Belafonte
GBV 001436Belafonte, Harry – Harry Belafonte
GBV 002893Belafonte, Harry – The King Of Calypso
GBV 006344Bell Biv Devoe – Poison
GBV 002786BELLAMY BROTHERS – Let Your Love Flow
GBV 004680Benatar – Live From Earth
GBV 002501Bender, Pete Wyoming – Wenn Gefühle Sterben …
GBV 002639Benett, Tony – Sings His All-Time Hall Of Fame Hi
GBV 005859Benny Goodman – All-Time Greatest Hits
GBV 004549Berganza Singt Rossini
GBV 006209Berlin – Count Three And Pray
GBV 004037Bernie Marsden – And About Time Too
GBV 005079Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra – The Kaempfert T
GBV 000027Bertucci, Anne – cool hand
GBV 000058Bettie Ford – Singapore Sling
GBV 002265Big Country – The Seer
GBV 003503BIG PIG – Bonk
GBV 004712Billie Holiday With Lester Young – Lady Day & Pr
GBV 005699Billy Cobham,Khan,Johnson,Scott ?– Alivemutherfor
GBV 004656Billy Idol – Charmed Life
GBV 003154Billy Squier  – Enough Is Enough
GBV 004660Billy Squier – Don’t Say No
GBV 005666Bimi Ombale – Mbelengo Zouk & Inongo
GBV 000169Bittersüßes aus deutscher Feder – Dichterlesungen
GBV 003492BIZET – Giuseppe Patane / Carmen
GBV 001033Bizet, George – Ferenc Friscay / Carmen opernquer
GBV 003550Bizet, Georges – Carmen (Welt Der Oper)
GBV 002356Black, Roy – Roy Black
GBV 005270Blackfoot  – Marauder
GBV 005169Blackfoot  – Vertical Smiles
GBV 005692Blaze – 25 Years Later
GBV 001821Blue Yonder – blue yonder
GBV 003983Bo Hansson – Magician’s Hat
GBV 004868Bo Winberg & The Spotnicks – Today
GBV 001951Bob Geldorf – Deep in the heart of nowhere
GBV 000220Bob Marley & the Wailers – a tribute 2
GBV 001943Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band ?– Nine Tonigh
GBV 005088Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band – ‚Live‘ Bu
GBV 006122Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band – The Dista
GBV 005347Bob Welch – French Kiss
GBV 006118Bob Welch – Man Overboard
GBV 002812BOBBYSOCKS – Bobbysocks
GBV 005646Boccherini – The Sequoia String Quartet, Allan Vo
GBV 002324BoDeans – Outside Looking In
GBV 004489Bohannon – Insides Out
GBV 003084BOMB THE BASS – Unknown Territory
GBV 001643BONEY M. – Ocean Of Fantasy
GBV 006207Bonnie Bianco – True Love
GBV 006235Bonnie Tyler – Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire
GBV 003680Bonnin, Jasmine – Keine Angst
GBV 003763Bonnin, Jasmine – Zuhause
GBV 001582Boone, Pat – love letters
GBV 001583Boone, Pat – originals
GBV 002897Boone, Pat – The Best Of Pat Boone – 22 Original
GBV 003997Bots – Entrüstung
GBV 001372Brahms – Karl Böhm Ausgabe / Symphonie Nr.4. Trag
GBV 004548Brahms / Ashkenazy / Haitink – Klavierkonzert Nr.
GBV 004540Brahms / Klemperer – Sinfonie Nr.1 C-moll Op. 68
GBV 004541Brahms / Klemperer / Oistrach – Violinkonzert
GBV 004509Brahms, Herbert von Karajan – Doppelkonzert, Trag
GBV 005200Brand X  ?– Unorthodox Behaviour
GBV 004360Bread – The Best Of Bread
GBV 001351Brecht, Weill – Gisela May / Die 7 Todsünden der
GBV 002271Brel, Jacques – 3 Au Printemps
GBV 002298Brel, Jacques – 3 grand Jacques
GBV 002299Brel, Jacques – Jacques Brel
GBV 002301Brel, Jacques – Ne Me Quitte Pas
GBV 004723Brenda Lee – 10 Golden Years
GBV 004353Brian Hyland – Here’s To Our Love
GBV 005133Bright Lights, Big City (Original Motion Picture
GBV 002419Bright, Bette – Rhythm Breaks The Ice
GBV 001895Brown, U – train to zion
GBV 001358Bruckner, Anton – George Szell / Sinfonie Nr.3 d-
GBV 004196Bryan Adams – Cuts Like A Knife
GBV 004191Bryan Adams – Into The Fire
GBV 006144Bryan Ferry – Boys And Girls
GBV 002790Bryan Ferry- These Foolish Things
GBV 005759B-Side – Cairo Nights
GBV 003512BUCKS FIZZ – Are You Ready?
GBV 005604Bumbites – Bottoms Up!
GBV 002196Butler, Jonathan – Jonathan Butler
GBV 005337C.O.M.A.  – Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik
GBV 002391CAMEL – Breathless
GBV 005549Cameo – Machismo
GBV 005788Cameo – Word Up!
GBV 002176Camillo Felgen – Ferne Und Einsamkeit
GBV 005160Canned Heat – Kings Of The Boogie
GBV 004724Carl Mann – The Legendary Sun Performers
GBV 001114Carl Maria von Weber – Der Freischütz, Opernauszü
GBV 004733Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes
GBV 005912Carla Bley – Live!
GBV 005913Carla Bley – Night-glo
GBV 000103Carlisle Belinda – heaven on earth
GBV 003897Carolyne Mas – Modern Dreams
GBV 006331Caron Wheeler – UK Blak
GBV 001013Carpendale, Howard – mittendrin
GBV 000154Carrack, Paul – a different hat
GBV 001517Carrig – carrig
GBV 003577Carter, Jackie – Ruby Shoes
GBV 005065Cash Johnny – Big River
GBV 004898Cat Stevens – Back To Earth
GBV 004624Cat Stevens – The Beginning – Vol. 10
GBV 004122Cat Stevens – The World Of Cat Stevens
GBV 004909Cats Live –  Andrew Lloyd Webber
GBV 004702Caveman – Positive Reaction
GBV 003751CAVIAR – Come To L.A.
GBV 001741Celentano, Adriano – 20 greatest Hits
GBV 000849Chapman, Michael & Kemp, Rick – original owners
GBV 004351Charles Aznavour – The Original
GBV 005909Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah Um
GBV 002542CHEAP TRICK – Cheap Trick At Budokan
GBV 003968Cheap Trick – Dream Police
GBV 006245Cheap Trick – In Color
GBV 006268Cherrelle – High Priority
GBV 000098Chevalier Maurice – the best of
GBV 002312Chic – C’est Chic
GBV 006079Chic – Chic
GBV 005991Chic – Risqué
GBV 006146Chicago  – Chicago 16
GBV 000106Chicago – XI
GBV 006126Chicago Transit Authority- Same
GBV 006145Chick Corea – Secret Agent
GBV 006309Chico De Barge – Same
GBV 006065Chilly – Come To L.A.
GBV 001362Chopin – Rubinstein
GBV 001182Chopin – Rubinstein / f-moll-fantasie
GBV 001181Chopin – Rubinstein / polonaisen op.26,40,44,53
GBV 001142Chopin – Rubinstein, Artur / polonaisen1-6, die..
GBV 001345Chopin – Wszystkie, D. / Complete Works
GBV 001025Chopin, Frederic – in mir klingt ein lied
GBV 005523Chris And Cosey – Trance
GBV 004726Chris Barber – Special
GBV 004930Chris Barber – The Chris Barber Jubilee Album 2 (
GBV 004927Chris Barber, Kenny Ball, Mr. Acker Bilk – Hit Co
GBV 004876Chris Barber´s Jazzband – Barber´s Best
GBV 000019Chris de Burgh  – Best Moves
GBV 002560Chris de Burgh –  Flying Colours
GBV 001665Chris de Burgh – At The End Of A Perfect Day
GBV 001667Chris de Burgh – crusader
GBV 003317Chris de Burgh – Eastern Wind
GBV 000021Chris de Burgh – Far Beyond These Castle Walls
GBV 003971Chris Evans – Empty Spaces
GBV 005402Chris ‚N‘ Cosey And… – Sweet Surprise
GBV 005018Chris Rea – Herzklopfen
GBV 005659Chris Rea – On The Beach
GBV 005609Chris Rea – Tennis
GBV 005967Chris Rea – Wired To The Moon
GBV 003090Chris Rea- Water Sign
GBV 004338Christie – Christie
GBV 002413Christie, Tony – Time And Tears
GBV 002488CHROME – The Lyon Concert
GBV 002677CINDY & BERT –  Zwei Menschen Und Ein Weg
GBV 004091Clarence „Frogman“ Henry – The Legendary
GBV 006278Claudja Barry – I, Claudja
GBV 002049Clayderman – träumereien
GBV 002885Clayderman, Richard – 1
GBV 001035Clayderman, Richard – ballade pour adeline
GBV 002862Clayderman, Richard – Ballade Pour Adeline
GBV 000785Clayderman, Richard – ein Weihnachtstraum
GBV 002034Clayderman, Richard – Portrait
GBV 003655Clayderman, Richard – Träumereien 2 • Die Schönst
GBV 003213Clerc, Julien – Aime-Moi
GBV 003340Clerc, Julien – Julien Clerc (Enregistrement Publ
GBV 002147Climax Blues Band – Gold Plated
GBV 005531Clive Langer & The Boxes – Splash
GBV 005738Cock Robin – After Here Through Midland
GBV 003591COCO – Bad Old Days
GBV 001103Cohen, J. /  Musique Judeo  Baroque
GBV 003036Cole, Natalie – Inseparable
GBV 005926Coleman Hawkins  – I Grandi Del Jazz
GBV 005188Colourbox – Colourbox
GBV 006092Commodores – Greatest Hits
GBV 004721Commodores – Heroes
GBV 006094Commodores – Midnight Magic
GBV 006093Commodores – Natural High
GBV 001687Conniff, Ray – the best of 2
GBV 001688Conniff, Ray – the happy beat of
GBV 005660Cool Down Zone – New Direction
GBV 000104Correatown – Pleiades
GBV 000066Correcto – correcto
GBV 000061Cougar – patriot
GBV 001861County, Wayne & The Electric Chairs – Storm The G
GBV 006336Culture Club – Colour By Numbers
GBV 005877Curt Cress – Avanti
GBV 003552Cyndi Lauper  – She’s So Unusual
GBV 004661D.O.C. – Chaos Pop & Cosmic Boogie
GBV 005526Daevid Allen – The Death Of Rock & Other Entranc
GBV 005621Dalis Car – The Waking Hour
GBV 001180Daltons, Dzeims – the big organ of riga dom
GBV 005481Damon Edge – The Wind Is Talking
GBV 004479Dana – Love Songs & Fairytales
GBV 004574Daryl Hall & John Oates – Big Bam Boom
GBV 005037Daryl Hall & John Oates – Private Eyes
GBV 001165Das Festliche Hauskonzert
GBV 001108Das Goldene Operetten Archiv- die grossen stimmen
GBV 000781Das Große Wunschkonzert – anno dazumal Folge2
GBV 005044Das Salonorchester Cölln Spielt Caféhaus-Musik
GBV 004949Das Schnuckenack Reinhardt Quintett – Motive
GBV 002609Dassin, Joe – Das Sind Zwei Linke Schuh‘
GBV 002968Dauner, Wolfgang – Changes
GBV 006154Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – If Music Be
GBV 006151Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – Together
GBV 001650Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich Vol.2
GBV 002084Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich! – attention!
GBV 004740Dave Dudley – On The Road
GBV 004679David + David – Boomtown
GBV 004107David Hanselmann – Jeder Will Leben
GBV 004053David Lindley And El Rayo-X – Win This Record!
GBV 003886David Lindley – El Rayo-X
GBV 003095Davis, Skeeter & Bare, Bobby – The Best Of
GBV 005092De Bläck Fööss – Lück Wie Ich Un Du
GBV 004886De Bläck Fööss – Uns Johreszigge
GBV 005966De Bläck Fööss – Zweierlei Fööss
GBV 005055De Bläck Fööss?Merhan ´nen Deckel
GBV 003536DE STRANGERS – Goe Zot
GBV 003070DE WAGGELCHER – De Waggelcher
GBV 004627Deacon Blue – When The World Knows Your Name
GBV 006276Dead Or Alive – Youthquake
GBV 004277Dean Martin – My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
GBV 004255Dean Martin – Supergold
GBV 004236Dean Martin’s Greatest Hits! Volume 2
GBV 003031Dee, Joey – „Live“ – The Golden Years Of The 60s
GBV 003370Delpech, Michel – Michel Delpech
GBV 003039Delpech, Michel – Volume 2
GBV 004845Demis Roussos – Time
GBV 001664Dennis, PeterBig Band – back to the bands
GBV 004452Der Flotte Franz Und Sein Bierbrummer – Reserve H
GBV 005492Deuter – Aum
GBV 005369Deuter – Cicada
GBV 005319Deuter – Haleakala
GBV 003375DEUTSCHER, DRAFI – Gemischte Gefühle
GBV 002993DEUTSCHER, DRAFI – Star-Discothek
GBV 001965D-FEX – Stushness… the first lick
GBV 003120Diamond, Jim – Double Crossed
GBV 004716Diana Ross – Eaten Alive
GBV 003053Diana Ross – Swept Away
GBV 006086Diana Ross – Why Do Fools Fall In Love
GBV 005336Didier Lockwood – Live In Montreux
GBV 003904Die Chefs – Keine Emotionen Bitte!
GBV 000992Die Fledermaus, Der Zigeunerbaron
GBV 003096DIE FLIPPERS – Alles Liebe
GBV 002989DIE FLIPPERS – Ihre Grossen Erfolge
GBV 004462Die Flippers – Lotosblume
GBV 001338Die großen Tanz-Orchester 1930-1950
GBV 004327Dieter Hallervorden – Plem-Plem
GBV 005741Dillinger – Funky Punk / Rock To The Music
GBV 006195Dinah Washington – Memories
GBV 001931Dircksen, Rolf – amsel, drossel, fink und star
GBV 005860Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra – Dizzy Gilles
GBV 005682Django Reinhardt – Exclusiv
GBV 003774Doerk, Chris – Chris Doerk 2
GBV 000621Dokken – tooth and nail
GBV 002868Domingo, Placido – Die Schönste Stimme – Die Schö
GBV 003647Domingo, Placido & Die Wiener Sängerknaben
GBV 005853Don Cherry – Home Boy (Sister Out)
GBV 006240Don Johnson – Let It Roll
GBV 006085Donna Summer – Donna Summer
GBV 000121Donovan – golden hour of
GBV 005305Dormannu – Return Of Quebec
GBV 000292Dorsey, Jimmy and his Orchestra – so rare
GBV 001719Dorsey, Tommy – the beat of the big bands
GBV 001675Dorus – 12 nieuwe liedjes van
GBV 004666Double – Blue
GBV 002164Downing, Will – Will Downing
GBV 000282Driver & Driver – we are the world
GBV 004765Duke Ellington – Duke Ellington
GBV 005865Duke Ellington – Greatest Hits
GBV 005864Duke Ellington – Ray Brown – This One’s For Blan
GBV 005107Duke Ellington – The Duke Ellington Memorial Alb
GBV 003582Dumas, alexandre – Der Graf Von Monte Christo
GBV 003210Dunbar, Sly – Sly Wicked And Slick
GBV 001641Duran Duran – arena
GBV 006350Duran Duran – Big Thing
GBV 004593Duran Duran – Notorious
GBV 004444Dürener Kinder- und Jungendchor – Folklore Bunt G
GBV 000930Dutch Rhytm Combo – Venom
GBV 001275Dvorak – Ancerl, Chalabala / symphonische Dichtun
GBV 004801Dvorak / Brahms – Hungarian Dances / Slavonic Dan
GBV 001203Dvorak, Antonin – Neumann, V. / Tschechische Phil
GBV 001353Dvorak, Glasunov – N. Milstein / Violinkonzerte
GBV 001750Earth Wind & Fire – all´n all
GBV 006075Earth, Wind & Fire – I Am
GBV 002785Eberhard  Schoener – Video Magic
GBV 004738Eberhard Schoener – Meditation
GBV 003072Ebstein, Katja – So Wat Wie Ick Et Bin…
GBV 006138Eddy Grant – Can’t Get Enough
GBV 006199Eighth Wonder – Fearless
GBV 004442Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freiheit – Nationale Symb
GBV 004030Ekseption – Beggar Julia’s Time Trip
GBV 004009EKSEPTION – Ekseption
GBV 002571EKSEPTION – Ekseption ’78
GBV 004031Ekseption – Trinity
GBV 003562EKSEPTION – With Love From
GBV 005261Electric Light Orchestra – Collection
GBV 001336Elgar, Schiff, Marriner – Cello concerto Cockaign
GBV 002166Elliott, David – David Elliott
GBV 004557Eloy – Inside
GBV 003753Elton Elton – Ice On Fire
GBV 003405Elton John  – The Fox
GBV 004599Elton John – Love Songs
GBV 001949Elvis Presley  – Burning Love and hits from his M
GBV 000945Elvis Presley  – king creole
GBV 003119Elvis Presley  – Love Songs
GBV 002406Elvis Presley  – Memories Of Christmas
GBV 000915Elvis Presley  – songs for christmas
GBV 006016Elvis Presley – Golden Filmhits
GBV 001000Elvis Presley – In hollywood
GBV 004250Elvis Presley – Pictures Of Elvis
GBV 004269Elvis Presley – Separate Ways
GBV 003635Elvis Presley – sings The Wonderful World of C
GBV 003350ELVIS PRESLEY – The U.S. Male
GBV 003888Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Love Beach
GBV 004384Emmy von Rhoden – Der Trotzkopf
GBV 005476Eno – Another Green World
GBV 000288Eno, Brian – here comes the warm jets
GBV 004100Erika Pluhar – Die Liebeslieder Der Erika Pluhar
GBV 002117Ernst – für fried´und ruh´
GBV 002464Eros Ramazzotti – Musica È
GBV 000671Eros Ramazzotti – Nuovi Eroi
GBV 004083Erroll Garner – This Is Erroll Garner 2
GBV 001010Eurythmics – revenge
GBV 006279Eurythmics – Savage
GBV 001367Evergreens für´s Herz
GBV 004204Everly Brothers – Double Gold
GBV 000290Everly Brothers, The – the most beautiful songs o
GBV 003576EXILE – All There Is
GBV 004339Exodus – Damit Du Mich Hörst
GBV 006346Exposé – Exposure
GBV 002167Expose – What You Don’t Know
GBV 001818Eyeball – Eyeball
GBV 005104Farantouri Maria  – Live
GBV 003885Fashion – Fabrique
GBV 004235Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill
GBV 002369Fats Domino – Fantastic Fats
GBV 006223Fats Domino – Fantastic Fats 16 Super Tracks
GBV 000270Fats Domino – jambalaya
GBV 006214Fats Domino – Sleeping On The Job
GBV 002503Feliciano, Jose –  Fantastic Feliciano – The Voic
GBV 002595Feliciano, Jose – Memphis Menu
GBV 001301Festliche Musik aus dem Deutschordensschloss Bad
GBV 004447Fiede Kay – Stargala
GBV 003109Fisher, Matthew – Matthew Fisher
GBV 003905Flame Dream – Out In The Dark
GBV 005807Flame Dream – Supervision
GBV 005960Flash And The Pan – Nights In France
GBV 003245Flippers, Die – Nur Wer Die Sehnsucht Kennt
GBV 005415Float Up CP – Kill Me In The Morning
GBV 004625Floyd Cramer – Country Piano-City Strings
GBV 005185Food Band – Rhythm ‚N‘ Juice
GBV 004357Foreigner – Head Games
GBV 002793FORTUNE – Fortune
GBV 004891Four Tops – Portrait
GBV 001731Four Tops – reach out
GBV 004659F-R David – Words
GBV 002359FRACTURED – No Peace For The Wicked
GBV 002983Francis, Connie – Connie Francis, Staralbum
GBV 002871Francis, Steve – Moonshine
GBV 005845Francois Breant – Voyeur Extra-Lucide
GBV 005342Frankie Miller – Standing On The Edge
GBV 005720Frankie Paul – Warning
GBV 000173Franz Josef Degenhardt  – kommt an den tisch
GBV 002713Franz Josef Degenhardt  – Lullaby Zwischen Den Kr
GBV 002162Franz Josef Degenhardt  – Mutter Mathilde
GBV 004770Franz Josef Degenhardt – Der Wind Hat Sich Gedre
GBV 004769Franz Josef Degenhardt – Du Bist Anders Als Die
GBV 002168Franz Josef Degenhardt – väterchen franz
GBV 002313Franz Josef Degenhardt – Wenn Der Senator Erzähl
GBV 005905Freddie Hubbard – Outpost
GBV 005937Freddie Hubbard & Oscar Peterson – Face To Face
GBV 006310Freddie Jackson – Just Like The First Time
GBV 006089Freddie James – Get Up And Boogie
GBV 003384FREE FORM FIVE – Strangest Things
GBV 001836Fricsay – Kodaly, Z. / hary-janos-suite
GBV 006280Front 242 – Front By Front
GBV 002222FYC – The Raw & The Remix
GBV 001483G. I. Gurdjieff –  Journey To Inaccessible Places
GBV 003805Gabriel, Gunter – Das Ist Meine Art
GBV 002824Galil, Esther – Ma Liberté
GBV 003951Gandalf – Magic Theatre
GBV 006078Ganymed – Takes You Higher
GBV 005096Garfunkel – Angel Clare
GBV 001964Garrie and the Roosters – shake it down
GBV 005885Gary Burton – Works
GBV 003360GARY GLITTER – Always Yours
GBV 005410Gary Glitter – Remember Me This Way
GBV 000627Gary Moore – run for cover
GBV 003335Gary Moore – Wild Frontier
GBV 006250Gazebo – I Like Chopin
GBV 004011Gebrüder Engel – Magengesicht
GBV 004399Gebrüder Grimm / Hans Christian Andersen –
GBV 001091Gee Mr. Tracy – harmon! rhapsody!destiny!
GBV 003419Gene Pitney – Gene Pitney
GBV 004347Gene Pitney – Gene Pitney’s Big Sixteen
GBV 004057Gene Pitney – The Hit Album Of Gene Pitney
GBV 004600Gene Pitney – Town Without Pity
GBV 003112Gene Pitney – Walkin‘ In The Sun
GBV 006326General Kane – Wide Open
GBV 000467Genesis – duke
GBV 002139Genesis – Live
GBV 005856Genesis – Live  Rock Theatre
GBV 001395Genetay, Claude – Nationalmusei Kammarorkester
GBV 003765Georg Danzer  – Ein Wenig Hoffnung
GBV 003928Georg Danzer – Des Kaun Do No Ned Ollas Gwesn Sei
GBV 003925Georg Danzer – Liederbuch
GBV 003927Georg Danzer – Und So Weiter
GBV 003996Georg Danzer & Band – Jetzt Oder Nie
GBV 003974Georg Danzer & Band – Traurig Aber Wahr
GBV 004517Georg Friedrich Händel – Dettinger Te Deum
GBV 004639George Gershwi Rhapsody In Blue / West Side Stor
GBV 004001George Harrison – Gone Troppo
GBV 003288George Harrison – Somewhere In England
GBV 001309Gershwin, Addinsell, Bath – Boston Pops Orchestra
GBV 001346Gigli, Benjamino – Belcanto Italiano
GBV 003656Gigli, Benjamino – Singt Seine Schönsten Lieder
GBV 004747Gilbert Bécaud – Les Plus Grands Succes
GBV 005062Gilbert O´Sullivan – Himself
GBV 005076Gilbert O’Sullivan – I’m A Writer, Not A Fighter
GBV 003914Gillian Scalici – Hell, I Want More
GBV 005974Gino Vannelli – The Gist Of The Gemini
GBV 004496Giuseppe Verdi – Die Macht Des Schicksals
GBV 004495Giuseppe Verdi – Don Carlos
GBV 004499Giuseppe Verdi – Nabucco
GBV 001341Glahe, Will – spielt zum Tanz
GBV 005262Glass Tiger – Diamond Sun
GBV 006001Glass Tiger – The Thin Red Line
GBV 006149Glen Campbell – Glen Campbell’s Twenty Golden Gr
GBV 003356Glen Campbell – The Best Of Glen Campbell
GBV 005849Glen Goldsmith – What You See Is What You Get
GBV 003553Gloria Estefan  – Cuts Both Ways
GBV 002116Godley & Creme – the history mix Vol. 1
GBV 001284Golden Earring – To The Hilt
GBV 004871Golden Hour Of Chris Barber And His Jazz Band
GBV 000976Gonella, Nat – and his trumpet
GBV 005588Gong – Live Etc.
GBV 000297Goombay Dance Band – tropical dreams
GBV 004763Gordon Lightfoot – 2 Originals Of Gordon Lightfo
GBV 005746Gordon Lightfoot – Endless Wire
GBV 004664Gordon Lightfoot – The Very Best Of Gordon Light
GBV 005656Gordon Lightfoot – The Way I Feel
GBV 002321Gott, Karel – babicka
GBV 006256Grace Jones – Hurricane Dub
GBV 004988Grace Jones – Nightclubbing
GBV 004987Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm
GBV 001845Graham, Sugar – reggae for pleasure
GBV 003179Granata, Rocco – 20 Fantastic Italian Songs
GBV 004785Grand Daddy I.U. – Smooth Assassin
GBV 003167Greg Kihn Band – Kihnspiracy
GBV 004669Greg Kihn Band – Kihntagious
GBV 001330Greger, Max – Tanztag
GBV 002046Grosse Opern Chöre
GBV 000298Grossman, Stefan – guitar instrumentals
GBV 003947Guesch Patti & Encore – Nomades
GBV 000294Gumbo – voice
GBV 004216Gunter Gabriel – Meine Helden Und Andere Pechvöge
GBV 006050Günter Noris – Fröhliche Weihnacht überall
GBV 005591Günter Schickert – Samtvogel
GBV 003744Guthrie, Woody – 1940-1946
GBV 001361Güttler, Ludwig – Italienische Trompetenkonzerte
GBV 003549Haas, Sandra – … Und Dann Spiel’n Wir Der Dummh
GBV 004731Haircut One Hundred – Pelican West
GBV 002140Haley, Bill and his Comets – rock around the cloc
GBV 001464Händel, Marcello, Telemann – Oboenkonzerte
GBV 004136Hans Hartz – Gnadenlos!
GBV 006352Happy Mondays – Hallelujah
GBV 004917Harry Belafonte – Golden Records Vol. 2
GBV 004580Harry Belafonte – Seine 20 Grössten Hits – Origi
GBV 000159Hatherley – the deep blue
GBV 003330Hauff & Henkler – Die Grossen Erfolge
GBV 001477Hause, Alfred – goldene Tangos
GBV 005593Hawkwind – Live Seventy Nine
GBV 001466Haydn – Die Schöpfung, Auszüge
GBV 003617HAYDN – Josef Krips / Symphonie Nr.94 G-dur „mit
GBV 001222Haydn, J. – Müller-Brühl / ouvertüren, Sinfonien,
GBV 005236Heart – Heartwave  Live in Memphis 1985
GBV 005606Heaven 17 – Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho
GBV 004383Heikedine Körting – Die Drei Schweinchen – In Neu
GBV 002705HEINO – Fahrtenlieder-Album
GBV 005585Helios Creed – X-Rated Fairy Tales
GBV 004156Heller – Stimmenhören
GBV 002308HELLER, André – Nr. 1
GBV 003696HELLER, ANDRE – Stationen
GBV 001305Hellwig, Maria – Maria Hellwig
GBV 001476Hepp, Franz – Platzkonzert
GBV 003182Herbert Grönemeyer   – ?Chaos/Cosmic Chaos
GBV 004815Herbert Grönemeyer – Luxus
GBV 004443Herbert Von Karajan – Hifi Karajan 3
GBV 004469Herbert von Karajan – Tanz Der Stunden
GBV 005112Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea – An Evening With
GBV 005586Here & Now – All Over The Show
GBV 004673Here & Now – Been & Gone
GBV 004458Herman van Veen – Elf Lieder
GBV 004405Herman Van Veen – Inzwischen Alles Gute…
GBV 004346Herman van Veen – Liederbuch
GBV 003891Herman van Veen – Signale
GBV 004406Herman Van Veen – Wunder Was
GBV 003890Herman van Veen – Die Lieder – Zugabe
GBV 001298Herman, Woody – Woody´s greatest
GBV 004440Hermann Leopoldi – 15 Erfolgsnummern Aus Den Jahr
GBV 004470Hermann Prey – Stargala
GBV 002135Herr, Trude – ich sage was ich meine
GBV 000202Hesse, Hermann – der steppenwolf
GBV 004745Hildegard Knef – Da Ist Eine Zeit…
GBV 001704Hiltonaires – dolannes melodie
GBV 001814Hines, Earl – Tea for Two
GBV 003094Hinze, Chris – Bamboo Reggae
GBV 004668Hipsway – Same
GBV 003726Hirsch, Ludwig – 6 (Traurige Indianer – Unfreundl
GBV 003664Hirsch, Ludwig – Komm Großer Schwarzer Vogel
GBV 002137Hirsch, Ludwig – Liederbuch Ludwig Hirsch
GBV 001054Hoffmanns Erzählungen – Jacques Offenbach/grosser
GBV 005719Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit – Full
GBV 004110Holt & Mcintosh Inc. – Dance-Party International
GBV 000160Home Video – no certain nighrt or morning
GBV 001801Hooters – one way home
GBV 001815Hot Chocolate – 20 Greatest Hits
GBV 006091Hot Chocolate – Going Through The Motions
GBV 006090Hot Chocolate – Mystery
GBV 002732HOT CHOCOLATE – XIV Greatest Hits
GBV 006263Hothouse Flowers – People
GBV 006212Hot-Ice – Pall Mall Groove
GBV 000931How To Dress Well – Total Loss
GBV 004413Howard Carpendale – Mit Viel, Viel Herz
GBV 006254Hubert KaH – Tensongs
GBV 003982Hudson-Ford – Free Spirit
GBV 001144Hugo Strasser – die tanzplatte des Jahres ´82
GBV 006039Humperdinck – Hänsel Und Gretel
GBV 003767Humperdinck, Engelbert – Hänsel Und Gretel
GBV 000968Hylton, Jack and his orchestra
GBV 000967Hylton, Jack and his orchestra – a programme of l
GBV 000113Hylton, Jack and his Orchestra – ace of clubs
GBV 005874I Grandi Del  Jazz- Miles Davis
GBV 004047Ian Cussick – Hypertension
GBV 003847IAN DURY – New Boots And Panties!! Vinyl GOLD
GBV 006192Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Do It Yourself   GRE
GBV 006193Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Do It Yourself   Pin
GBV 006194Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Do It Yourself BROWN
GBV 005628Ian Lloyd – Never Been A Man
GBV 005988Ice-T – Power
GBV 005989Ice-T – The Iceberg (Freedom Of Speech… Just W
GBV 004006Ich Bin Kohl, Mein Herz Ist Rein.
GBV 005589Idiotsavant – Feindsender
GBV 000153Igelhoff, Peter und sein Ensemble – die alte well
GBV 003231Iglesias, Julio – 1100 Bel Air Place
GBV 004371Ike & Tina Trurner – The Great Album Of ..
GBV 003027Ike & Tina Turner – So Fine
GBV 003441IMMACULATE FOOLS – Another Man’s World
GBV 004188Ina Deter – Das Live-Album
GBV 005464Indoor Life – Indoor Life
GBV 006342Inga Humpe – Planet Oz
GBV 005290Inga Rumpf – Reality
GBV 005670Inner City – Paradise
GBV 004050Insisters – Moderne Zeiten
GBV 006076Instant Funk – Looks So Fine
GBV 004013Isaac Hayes – Groove-A-Thon
GBV 004887Iwan Rebroff – Beim Klang Der Balalaika
GBV 005633J.J. Fad – Supersonic – The Album
GBV 004647J.S. Bach -Nikolaus Harnoncourt – Brandenburgisc
GBV 004714Jackson Browne – Lives In The Balance
GBV 001813Jackson, Mahalia – sings America favorite hymns
GBV 003566Jackson, Mahalia – Special
GBV 002586Jackson, Mahalia – You’ll Never Walk Alone
GBV 005573Jad Wio – Colours In My Dream
GBV 005683James Brown – Gravity
GBV 005762James Brown – Love Over-Due
GBV 003850JAMES GANG – Live In Concert
GBV 002554James Last – Die Schönsten Polkas
GBV 003649James Last – Party + Spiel
GBV 002065James Last – Polka-Party
GBV 004239James Last – This Is James Last
GBV 002640James, Harry –  Live! Hollywood Palladium – Freed
GBV 001212Janacek – jenufa 2LP box
GBV 006282Janet Jackson – Control
GBV 001803Jango Edwards & Friends Roadshow – Clown Power
GBV 001453Janssens, Willms – Fest der Hoffnung
GBV 004735Jasper Van ‚t Hof’s Pili Pili – Be In Two Minds
GBV 004734Jasper Van ‚t Hof’s Pili Pili – Hoomba-Hoomba
GBV 005873Jazz Spezial I Grandi Incontri-  Miles Davis & Gi
GBV 003177JD McPherson – ?Let The Good Times Roll
GBV 005952Jean-Luc Ponty – Live
GBV 004586Jean-Michel Jarre – Musik Aus Zeit Und Raum
GBV 002939Jeman, Waechter, Bernstein – Im Wunderland Der Tr
GBV 002830Jennifer Rush – Heart Over Mind
GBV 000692Jennifer Rush – passion
GBV 006251Jesse Johnson – Every Shade Of Love
GBV 006283Jesse Johnson – Shockadelica
GBV 006286Jill Jones – Same
GBV 004932Jim Reeves – Forever
GBV 004945Jim Reeves – Jim Reeves‘ Golden Records
GBV 004732Jimmie Rodgers – Jimmie The Kid
GBV 001835Joan Armatrading – steppin´ out
GBV 004713Joan Armatrading – To The Limit
GBV 002017Joan Baez – a package of
GBV 002276Joan Baez – blessed are…
GBV 004693Joan Baez – Children Of The Eighties – Kinder De
GBV 002362Joan Baez – europa Tournee
GBV 004694Joan Baez – Greatest Hits
GBV 002029Joan Baez – Starparade
GBV 002022Joan Baez – the best of
GBV 006013Joan Baez – The Songbook
GBV 004781Jocelyn Brown & Oliver Cheatham – Turn On The Hi
GBV 004246Joe Cocker – Luxury You Can Afford
GBV 004026Joe Cocker – Night Calls
GBV 002701Joe Cocker – Sheffield Steel
GBV 006190Joe Jackson – I’m The Man
GBV 006104Joe Walsh – „But Seriously, Folks…“
GBV 006105Joe Walsh – So Far So Good
GBV 006106Joe Walsh – The Best Of Joe Walsh
GBV 005743Joe Walsh – You Can’t Argue With A Sick Mind
GBV 005892John Blake – Maiden Dance
GBV 004773John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band – Eddie
GBV 005884John Carter – Castles Of Ghana
GBV 004942John Denver – Die Superhits Von John Denver
GBV 004892John Denver – Dreamland Express
GBV 003051John Denver – John Denver
GBV 004493John Denver – Seine Großen Erfolge Vol. II
GBV 002667John Denver – The Best Of John Denver
GBV 002685John Denver – Voice Of America / Welt-Erfolge
GBV 005417John Trubee and The Ugly Janitors Of America –  B
GBV 004682John Waite – No Brakes
GBV 004547John Williams Spielt Bach Und Scarlatti
GBV 004601Johnny Adams – Walking On A Tightrope – The Song
GBV 004690Johnny And The Hurricanes – Johnny And The Hurri
GBV 001961Johnny and the Hurricans – red river rock
GBV 003570Jones, Howard – Human’s Lib
GBV 004826José Feliciano – A Spanish Portrait Of
GBV 004804José Feliciano – Fantastic Feliciano
GBV 005644Jose Peña  – Récital Flamenco
GBV 004451Joseph Schmidt – Heut Ist Der Schönste Tag In Mei
GBV 004064Joseph Schmidt – Joseph Schmidt – XIll
GBV 004565Joseph Schmidt – Joseph Schmidt XIV
GBV 002317Joseph, Clifton – Oral / Trans / Missions
GBV 005118Juan Y Juan – Hay Que Alegrar Al Corazon / Ahora
GBV 000825Jule Neigel Band – schatten an der wand
GBV 006009Jule Neigel Band – Wilde Welt
GBV 003304Juliane Werding – Jenseits Der Nacht
GBV 006218Juliane Werding – Zeit Für Engel
GBV 004879Juliette Greco – Ihre Grossen Chansons
GBV 000172Junior Boys – begone dull care
GBV 004068Jürgen Von Manger – Der Schwiegermutter-Mörder
GBV 003014KAISER, ROLAND – Dich Zu Lieben
GBV 003225KAJAGOOGOO – White Feathers
GBV 002364Kan, Wim – Oudejaarsavond 1973
GBV 002835KANSAS – Point Of Know Return
GBV 006211Kansas – Power
GBV 004516Karajan – Die Schönsten Klassischen Melodien
GBV 004149Karajan Und Die Berliner Philharmoniker – Hifi 2
GBV 004400Karen Wyman – Karen Wyman
GBV 004376Karl May – Winnetou 2.Folge (Blutsbrüder – Auf De
GBV 000204Kawamura, Samon – Unfold
GBV 002663KAY, COCKIE – From Cockie With Love
GBV 006189KC And The Sunshine Band – Do You Wanna Go Party
GBV 005984Kelvynator – Funk It Up
GBV 006119Ken Hensley – Eager To Please
GBV 004120Kenny Rogers – Eyes That See In The Dark
GBV 004098Kenny Rogers – Kenny
GBV 004941Kenny Rogers – Love Lifted Me
GBV 006171Kenny Rogers And The First Edition – Transition
GBV 003327KEVIN BORICH EXPRESS – Celebration!
GBV 004487Kid Creole And The Coconuts – Cre~Olé – The Best
GBV 003864Kid Creole And The Coconuts – Fresh Fruit In For
GBV 003991Kiev Stingl – Hart Wie Mozart
GBV 004043Kim Carnes – St Vincent’s Court
GBV 006206Kim Wilde – Close
GBV 003166Kim, Andy – Andy Kim’s Greatest Hits
GBV 000114King Kobra – ready to strike
GBV 005727King Kobra – Ready To Strike
GBV 003860King Size Dick – Bes He Hin Un Nit Wigger
GBV 005277Kingdom Come – Same
GBV 003876Kingsize Dick – Serviert Kölsche Spezialitäten
GBV 001989Kinski spricht Villon 2
GBV 005828Kip Hanrahan – A Few Short Notes From The End R
GBV 005936Kip Hanrahan – Vertical’s Currency
GBV 003165KISS – Killers
GBV 000981Kitt, Eartha – and her greatest songs
GBV 001373Klassik Edition Nr.1 – Barock – 8 LP BOX
GBV 001374Klassik Edition Nr.2 – Klassik1 – 8 LP BOX
GBV 001375Klassik Edition Nr.3 – Klassik2 – 8 LP BOX
GBV 001376Klassik Edition Nr.4 – Romantik1 – 8 LP BOX
GBV 001377Klassik Edition Nr.5 – Romantik2 – 8 LP BOX
GBV 002272KLAUS & KLAUS – An Der Nordseeküste
GBV 004937Komar Laszlo – Komar Laszlo
GBV 001793Kondo, Toshinori – ima, metal position
GBV 004348Konstantin Wecker – Eine Ganze Menge Leben
GBV 005706Konstruktivits – Black December
GBV 001467Konzert für Millionen
GBV 004718Kool & The Gang – Something Special
GBV 003539Korner, Alexis – Just Easy
GBV 002289Kraus, Peter – Unvergessene Hits
GBV 005463Krisma – Clandestine Anticipation
GBV 006005Kristiana Levy – Perfect Shave
GBV 003139Kristofferson, Kris – Help Me Make It Through The
GBV 005742Krokus – Hardware
GBV 005095Krüger Mike – Spiegelei
GBV 002686Krüger, Mike – Der Nippel
GBV 003682Krüger, Mike – Mein Gott, Walther
GBV 004389Kurt Lauterbach – Ein Schöner Mann Vom Lande –
GBV 003498Lanza, Mario – Das War Mario Lanza
GBV 002699Lanza, Mario – Unvergessen
GBV 001352Laszlo Kövari – Victor Vida-Wieder / Gesänge aus
GBV 001844Latimore – it ain´t where you been…
GBV 003224Laura Branigan  – Self Control
GBV 001865Lazlo, Viktor – viktor lazlo
GBV 001680Le Clou – bal
GBV 004737Lee „Scratch“ Perry – From The Secret Laboratory
GBV 000997Lehars, Franz – die lustige witwe
GBV 005671Leo Kottke – Balance
GBV 006127Leo Sayer – Living In A Fantasy
GBV 004774Leonard Cohen – Liebesträume (Leonard Cohen Sing
GBV 001099Leoncavallo – der bajazzo; Mascagni – cavalleria
GBV 001006Les Humphries Singers, The – the golden world of
GBV 005889Lester Bowie – The Great Pretender
GBV 005923Lester Young – I Grandi Del Jazz
GBV 005792Level 42 – The Early Tapes · July/Aug 1980
GBV 000366Li La Lo – masseltoffiade
GBV 004531Liebe Singt Ihr Zauberlied – Die Schönsten Operet
GBV 001455Lieder zum Mitsingen – in der Gemeinde für Konfir
GBV 005352Limahl – Colour All My Days
GBV 004604Lindisfarne – Live
GBV 003727Lindner, Patrick – Die Kleinen Dinge Des Lebens
GBV 005768Lipps, Inc. – Mouth To Mouth
GBV 006313Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam – Spanish Fly
GBV 004530Liszt – Piano Concerto No.1 In E Flat / Hungarian
GBV 001070Liszt – Ungarische Rhapsodien / Strauss – Ritter
GBV 005398Liz Green  – O, Devotion!
GBV 006285Liz Torres – The Queen Is In The House
GBV 004902Locomotiv GT – Loksi
GBV 002357LOLITA –  Schlagererinnerungen Mit Lolita
GBV 004783London Posse – Gangster Chronicle
GBV 000213Long Lost, The – the long lost
GBV 003286Long, Robert – Hinter Dem Horizont
GBV 005959Loose Ends – So Where Are You?
GBV 004527Lortzing – Zar Und Zimmermann (Grosser Querschnit
GBV 001365Los Incas – flutes des Andes
GBV 002831Los Indios Tabajaras – Secret Love, All Times Fil
GBV 004897Los Paraguayos – Cu-cu-rru-cu-cu Ole
GBV 003959Lotte Lenya Singt Brecht Und Weill
GBV 005154Lou & Hollywood Bananas Meet The Ska All Stars: G
GBV 005470Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side – The Best Of L
GBV 003081Louis Armstrong  – Louis Armstrong
GBV 004874Louis Armstrong – Wonderful Louis
GBV 004603Louis Armstrong And The All Stars With The Sy Ol
GBV 003648Low, Bruce – Die Großen Erfolge
GBV 003892Luther Grosvenor – Under Open Skies
GBV 003770Mackenzie, Nick – Nick Mackenzie
GBV 001858Madness – Absolutely
GBV 003518MADONNA – I’m Breathless
GBV 005331Madonna – Like A Virgin
GBV 002469Madonna – Madonna
GBV 000380Madonna – True Blue
GBV 003226MADONNA – You Can Dance
GBV 000022Maggie’s Dream – Same
GBV 004672Magma , Christian Vander – Retrospective Vol. 3
GBV 004850Mahalia Jackson – Mahalia Jackson’s Greatest Hits
GBV 005686Mahalia Jackson – This Is The Worlds Greatest Go
GBV 001456Mahler, Brahms – Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen,
GBV 000378Malachai – return to the ugly side
GBV 005479Man – Golden Hour Of Man
GBV 000796Mancini, Henry – Die Dornenvögel
GBV 005824Manfred Mann – Collection: Manfred Mann
GBV 006112Manfred Mann – The Best Of
GBV 002816MANFRED MANN – The Best Of Manfred Mann
GBV 002016Manfred Mann´s Earth Band – nightingales & bomber
GBV 000374Manfred Mann´s Earth Band With Chris Thompson
GBV 002425Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – 1971 – 1973
GBV 004999Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Somewhere In Afrika
GBV 006107Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Watch
GBV 003404Manilow, Barry – Manilow Magic
GBV 004394Manolo Lohnes – Fantasia on Guitar
GBV 003616MANTOVANI – Mantovani’s Golden Hits
GBV 006330Mantronix – The Incredible Sound Machine
GBV 004051Marc Almond – The Stars We Are
GBV 004519Marc Antoine Charpentier – Te Deum, Grand Magnifi
GBV 003760Marcus, Jürgen – Jürgen Marcus
GBV 003813Mardones, Benny – Thank God For Girls
GBV 002994MAREK & VACEK – Supergold
GBV 004397Margot Werner – Stargala
GBV 005010Maria Bethania – Álibi
GBV 004730Maria Bethânia – Mel
GBV 004257Mariachi Aguilas De Chapala – Mariachi Aguilas De
GBV 005695Marie, Kelly – Feels Like I’m In Love
GBV 005399Mario Argandona – For my only one
GBV 004449Mario Lanza – In Memoriam
GBV 004589Marius Müller-Westernhagen – Lass Uns Leben / 13
GBV 003401MARSHALL HAIN – Free Ride
GBV 003715Martin , Marilyn – Marilyn Martin
GBV 001462Mascagni, Leoncavllo – Cavalleria rusticana, Baja
GBV 005766Masekela – Tomorrow
GBV 005385Material – Memory Serves
GBV 003309MATERIAL – One Down
GBV 002481Mathis, Johnny – The Johnny Mathis Collection
GBV 006335Mavis Staples – Time Waits For No One
GBV 003510MAXI PRIEST – Maxi
GBV 003624May, Karl – In Den Schluchten Des Balkan / Der Sc
GBV 002841May, Karl – Old Surehand 1
GBV 001763May, Karl – Old Surehand 2
GBV 003584May, Karl – Winnetou I 1. Folge
GBV 003583May, Karl – Winnetou I 2. Folge
GBV 003618May, Karl – Winnetou II 1. Folge
GBV 003585May, Karl – Winnetou II 2. Folge
GBV 003621May, Karl – Winnetou III 1.Folge
GBV 003622May, Karl – Winnetou III 2.Folge
GBV 003619May, Karl – Winnetou Und Old Shatterhand
GBV 006253Mazarati –Same
GBV 003111MAZE – We Are One
GBV 006311MC 900 Ft Jesus With DJ Zero – Hell With The Lid
GBV 005808MC Duke & DJ Leader 1 – Organised Rhyme
GBV 000387Mc Guinness, Eugene – the invitation to the voyag
GBV 006332MC Tunes – The North At Its Heights
GBV 000388McCombs, Cass – Dropping The Writ
GBV 006329Meat Beat Manifesto – 99%
GBV 004430Men At Work – Business As Usual
GBV 004793Mendelsohn / Chmura – Overtüren Mit Ein Sommernac
GBV 001799Mendelssohn – Kurt Masur / Symphonie NR.4+Nr5
GBV 001213Mendelssohn – Sawallisch, W. / Symphoies Nos.1&2
GBV 004152Mendelssohn – Symphonie No. 10 – Symphonie No 12
GBV 004792Mendelssohn / Abbado – Konzert Für Violine Und
GBV 004802Mendelssohn / Schumann / Muti – Symphony No. 4
GBV 003681MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY – Ein Sommernachtstraum
GBV 004518Mendelssohn-Bartholdy / Bruch –
GBV 001269Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Dvorak, Milstein – violink
GBV 003701Mercier Descloux, Lizzy – One For The Soul
GBV 004308Mezzoforte – Catching Up With Mezzoforte
GBV 003713MIAMI SOUND MACHINE – Primitive Love
GBV 003976Michael Garrison – In The Regions Of Sunreturn
GBV 006224Michael Morgan – Wie Fackeln Im Sturm
GBV 005957Michael Urbaniak Jazz Trio – My One And Only Lov
GBV 004099Michel Berger – Chansons Pour Une Fan
GBV 004432Michel Polnareff – Super Stars Télé – Michel Poln
GBV 005017Michel Sardou – Michel Sardou
GBV 002900Micioni, Peter – Peter Micioni
GBV 006012Mick Fleetwood – The Visitor
GBV 002136Midnight Star – Headlines
GBV 001906Mighty Caesars – Thee Caesars Of Trash
GBV 001923Mighty Caesars,Thee – „Don´t Give Any Dinner To H
GBV 006239Mighty Joe Young – Blues With A Touch Of Soul
GBV 000245Mike Oldfield – Discovery
GBV 003965Mike Oldfield – Exposed
GBV 000267Mike Oldfield – QE2
GBV 005120Mikis Theodorakis   – Theodorakis Dirige Theodora
GBV 002709MIKIS THEODORAKIS  – Mikis Theodorakis
GBV 001039Mikis Theodorakis  – mitten in deinem herzen, ath
GBV 001969Mikis Theodorakis  – My Holidays In Rodos
GBV 004537Mikis Theodorakis – A Taste Of Greece
GBV 004780Mikis Theodorakis – Greek Popular Music
GBV 005702Mikis Theodorakis – Songs
GBV 006018Millenium  – Dreams Of Amadeus
GBV 003075Miller, Glenn – Remember Glenn
GBV 001119Millöcker – der bettelstudent, querschnitt
GBV 001016Mills Brothers – london rhythm
GBV 004455Milva – Auf Den Flügeln Bunter Träume
GBV 000352Milva – das konzert
GBV 004116Milva – Ich Hab‘ Keine Angst
GBV 003515MILVA – Immer Mehr
GBV 004456Milva – Mut zum Risiko
GBV 005117Milva – Star Edition
GBV 004138Milva – Wenn Wir Uns Wiederseh’n
GBV 005546Minimal Compact – Deadly Weapons
GBV 003818Mink DeVille – Where Angels Fear To Tread
GBV 006349Mirage  – Mix ’87 (87 Hits Of ’87)
GBV 003534MIRAGE – Pump Up The…Jack Mix IV / Serious Mix
GBV 004954Mireille Mathieu – Stars In Gold
GBV 002791MIXED EMOTIONS – Just For You
GBV 003508MIXMAN – Iwah 4000 E.P.
GBV 003732Mizarolli, John – Message From The 5th Stone
GBV 006237Modern Talking – In The Middle Of Nowhere – The
GBV 003263MODERN TALKING – Ready For Romance – The 3rd Albu
GBV 003906Modest Mussorgsky – Bilder Einer Ausstellung
GBV 000383Modey Lemon – season of sweets
GBV 006287Monie Love – Down To Earth
GBV 002932Montenegro, Hugo – Broadway ‚N‘ Brass
GBV 001176Montovani Ole
GBV 005896Monty Alexander – Perception!
GBV 005447Morak – Morak’N Roll
GBV 004374Morgens Um Sieben Ist Die Welt Noch In Ordnung
GBV 004705Moses P.– Raining Rhymes
GBV 000631Mother´s Finest – Another Mother Further
GBV 000634Mother´s Finest – iron age
GBV 000632Mother´s Finest – Mother´s Finest
GBV 005106Mouskouri Nana    – Wenn Ich Träum’….
GBV 002518Mouskouri, Nana – Singt Die Schönsten Deutschen
GBV 005116Moustaki Georges – Moustaki
GBV 003637Moustaki, Georges – Déclaration
GBV 002706MOUSTAKI, Georges – Georges Moustaki
GBV 003728MOUSTAKI, Georges – Ma Solitude
GBV 001348Mozart  – Clara Haskil spielt Mozart, Klavierkonz
GBV 001334Mozart – Böhm, Karl / SYmphonien Nr. 38 d-dur Pra
GBV 001350Mozart – Karl Böhm / Symphonien Nr.21 A-dur, Nr.2
GBV 003204Mozart – Krönungsmesse, Missa Brevis, Ave Verum
GBV 004646Mozart – Nikolaus Harnoncourt – Symphonie No. 38
GBV 004636Mozart – Rudolf Serkin  Klavierkonzerte = Piano C
GBV 000991Mozart – serenade in D-Dur K.250
GBV 002041Mozart – zwei Klaviekonzerte
GBV 004543Mozart /  Barenboim – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik & Kr
GBV 004542Mozart /  Krips – Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail
GBV 004795Mozart / Giulini – Symphonie Nr. 40 Und Symphonie
GBV 004520Mozart / Neville Marriner – Overtüren
GBV 004650Mozart, Riccardo Muti – Così Fan Tutte
GBV 001217Mozart, W. A. – Barenboim, D. / sämtliche Klavier
GBV 001202Mozart, W. A. – die schönsten Melodien
GBV 002134Mozart, W.A. –  Die Zauberflöte (Excerpt / Opernq
GBV 001163Mozart, W.A. – klavierkonzert Nr.14 es-dur, diver
GBV 002876Mr. Acker Bilk – Mr. Acker Bilk
GBV 004929Mr. Acker Bilk And The Leon Young String Chorale
GBV 004123Mr. Acker Bilk! – Attention! Mr. Acker Bilk!
GBV 006255Mtume – Theater Of The Mind
GBV 003149MUD – Mud’s Greatest Hits
GBV 001535Murvin, Junior – Apartheid
GBV 003506MUSICAL YOUTH – Different Style
GBV 001146Musik Deutscher Zigeuner – Schnuckenjack Vol2
GBV 001169Musik Deutscher Zigeuner – Schnuckenjack Vol3
GBV 004635Mussorgsky / ProkofieffBilder Einer Ausstellung
GBV 006259Musto & Bones  – The Future Is Ours
GBV 004081My Mine – Stone
GBV 004665Mysterious Art – Mystic Mountains
GBV 003505N´Dour, Youssou – The Lion
GBV 004939Neil Diamond – His Greatest Hits
GBV 002111Neil Diamond – rainbow
GBV 006247Neil Diamond – Same
GBV 000268Neil Diamond – serenades
GBV 000203Nemesi – jurassico
GBV 004628Nena – ? (Fragezeichen)
GBV 003800Nero, Peter – Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gyps
GBV 003108Nevil, Robbie – Robbie Nevil
GBV 001541New Kids On The Block – Hangin‘ Tough
GBV 004864New Orleans Jazz Band – Sun Lane LTD, Hymns And A
GBV 002952Nice, The – The Best Of The Nice
GBV 006124Nick Straker Band – Future’s Above My Head
GBV 002800NICKI – Kleine Wunder
GBV 003773NICKI – Radio Bavaria
GBV 001513Nicks, Stevie – Rock A Little
GBV 001875Nicolai, Otto – Die lustigen weiber von windsor
GBV 004794Nicolaus Zwetnow – Balalajka
GBV 006216Nicole – Moderne Piraten
GBV 006215Nicole – So Wie Du
GBV 000393Nightjars, The – towards light
GBV 006002Nile Rodgers – B-movie Matinee
GBV 004685Nils Lofgren – Grin / 1+1
GBV 004684Nils Lofgren – Night Fades Away
GBV 002063Nils Lofgren – Nils
GBV 003065Nils Lofgren &Grin – Nils Lofgren & Grin
GBV 001143Nini Rosso – das grosse Wunschkonzert
GBV 004834Nino de Angelo – Jenseits Von Eden
GBV 006328Nitzer Ebb – Belief
GBV 000401Nomo – invisible cities
GBV 006258Nona Hendryx – Female Trouble
GBV 000812NRB:58 – no repetive beats
GBV 004670Nuala – Energie
GBV 005501Null And Void – Happiness And Contempt
GBV 003123O VEUX – Heat Of The Flesh
GBV 003532O´Sullivan, Gilbert – Himself
GBV 006087Odyssey  – I Got The Melody
GBV 000397Ofarim, Esther & Abi – die ofarim-story
GBV 003137Ofarim, Esther & Abi – Esther+Abi Ofarim
GBV 005716Old Merrytale Jazzband – Live In Der Fabrik/ Mee
GBV 006252One Way – One Way IX
GBV 001111Operetten Star Gala – 3. Folge
GBV 001109Operetten Star-Gala – 2. Folge
GBV 005748Oran ‚Juice‘ Jones – Juice
GBV 002727Orbison, Roy – All-Time Greatest Hits
GBV 001308Orchestra Holli Hepp and the Happy Sound Singers
GBV 003750Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Architecture
GBV 002392Orchids, The – The Orchids
GBV 001470Orgelmusik der Romantik – die junge Künstlergener
GBV 002934ORIGINAL NAABATAL DUO – Patrona Bavariae
GBV 005940Oscar Peterson – Tracks
GBV 006308OST – (Music From) Do The Right Thing
GBV 002588OST – All This And World War II
GBV 003038OST – Annie Get Your Gun – Annie Schiess Los!
GBV 000856OST – Bilitis
GBV 002228OST – Carmen
GBV 003903OST – Eric Clapton – Homeboy
GBV 003902OST – Eric Clapton – Rush
GBV 004093OST – Eric Serra – Subway
GBV 004073OST – Fame
GBV 001501OST – FAR CRY 3 , blood dragon
GBV 004819OST – Feuer Und Eis, Fire And Ice
GBV 004588OST – Giorgio Moroder – Cat People
GBV 004425OST – Golden T.V. Themes
GBV 004356OST – Isaac Hayes – Tough Guys
GBV 006297OST – John Williams  ?– E.T. The Extra-Terrestria
GBV 004076OST – La Boum 2
GBV 006029OST – Laurie Anderson – Home Of The Brave
GBV 003734OST – Made In USA • Motion Picture Soundtrack
GBV 006248OST – Maurice Jarre – Doctor Zhivago
GBV 004074OST – Miami Vice II
GBV 000794OST – My Fair Lady
GBV 002956OST – Orfeo Negro
GBV 006025OST – Pat Metheny Group – The Falcon And The Sn
GBV 004284OST – Patrick Williams – The One And Only
GBV 006024OST – Samuel Goldwyn –  Porgy And Bess
GBV 000798OST – Saturday Night Fever
GBV 004821OST – The Woman In Red
GBV 004836OST – Two Of A Kind
GBV 004072OST – Vladimir Cosma – La Boum
GBV 000476OST – Xanadu  (Electric Light Orchestra / Olivia
GBV 006032OST– New Jack City (Music From The Motion Picture
GBV 003160OTTO – (Die Zweite)
GBV 003161OTTO – Der Ostfriesische Götterbote
GBV 004404OTTO – Ottocolor
GBV 005833Outlaws – Los Hombres Malo
GBV 005156Outloud – Out Loud
GBV 005851Outside – Almost In
GBV 004878P. Mobil – Mobilizmo
GBV 000225P.G. Six – slightly sorry
GBV 004784P.M. Dawn – Of The Heart, Of The Soul And Of The
GBV 005643Paco Peña – Flamenco Festival
GBV 001150Pallenberg, Max – Discophilia
GBV 002245Pallett, Owen –  Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
GBV 004677Panic In Slumberland – Solitaire…Forever!
GBV 001842Panja – Gas – Surinam
GBV 006170Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband – Greatest Hits
GBV 001894Papa oscars Dixielanders – nobody knows the troub
GBV 002866PAPER LACE – The Best Of Paper Lace
GBV 003999Pappnas – Narrenrock
GBV 004000Pappnas – Narrenrock 2
GBV 000443Parker, Graham and the Rumour – the parkerilla
GBV 006070Passport – Garden Of Eden
GBV 006069Passport – Oceanliner
GBV 005557Pat Benatar – Tropico
GBV 001585Pat Boone – Das Beste Von Pat Boone
GBV 004888Pat Boone – The Famous Songs Of Pat Boone
GBV 005647Pat Travers Band – Heat In The Street
GBV 003781Patrick Hernandez – Born To Be Alive
GBV 005770Patti LaBelle – I’m In Love Again
GBV 003171Paul Anka – American Superstars
GBV 003228Paul Anka – Headlines
GBV 004096Paul Anka – The Lonely Boy
GBV 004134Paul Barbarin & His Jazz Band / Punch Miller’s
GBV 005904Paul Bley – Tango Palace
GBV 005680Paul Desmond – Masters Of Jazz Vol. 13
GBV 003252Paul McCartney – Flowers In The Dirt
GBV 003754Paul McCartney And Wings – Band On The Run
GBV 003202Paul McCartney- Tug Of War
GBV 003456Paul Simon – Graceland
GBV 004572Paul Young – The Secret Of Association
GBV 004414Pe Werner – Kribbeln Im Bauch
GBV 004742Percy Faith – Percy Faith’s Greatest Hits
GBV 001869Pet Shop Boys – please
GBV 005274Pete Townshend – Another Scoop
GBV 002292Peter Bender’s Skiffle Group – The Original Skiff
GBV 005728Peter Frampton – I’m In You
GBV 002199Peter Griffin – Hurricane Is Coming
GBV 002896Peter Griffin – Step By Step
GBV 004265Peter Maffay – Die Story
GBV 004267Peter Maffay – Live ’82
GBV 005639Peter Michael Hamel – Nada
GBV 005372Peter Principle – Sedimental Journey
GBV 005603Peyr – As Above…
GBV 002383Pezband – Cover To Cover
GBV 002057Pharaohs – real things
GBV 000543Phil Collins – face value
GBV 005496Phil Manzanera – K-Scope
GBV 005515Phil Manzanera / 801 – Listen Now
GBV 001567Philharmonic Brass – gabrielli, bach, vivaldi, ra
GBV 004648Philharmonische Cellisten Köln – Originalkomposi
GBV 003420Phillips, Anthony – Private Parts And Pieces
GBV 001329Piano Party –   welterfolge vol.1
GBV 001368Piano Piano – 28 zärtliche Melodien
GBV 005114Piazzolla Astor& Gerry Mulligan – Tango Nuevo
GBV 005587Pierre Moerlen’s Gong – Downwind
GBV 003987Pigbag – Dr Heckle And Mr Jive
GBV 005977Pigbag – Same
GBV 001909PIL – live in Tokyo
GBV 004958Pink Floyd – Relics
GBV 004153Placido Domingo – Die Collection Seiner Großen Me
GBV 004295Plain Sailing – Dangerous Times
GBV 004746Planet P Project – Planet P Project
GBV 003410Plant, Robert – Shaken ‚N‘ Stirred
GBV 003758Polnareff, Michel – Moi
GBV 003418POOH – Viva
GBV 003514Power, Al Bano & Romina – Che Angelo Sei
GBV 003777Preston, Billy & Syreeta – Billy Preston & Syreet
GBV 001486Pretenders – The singles
GBV 002037Prey, Hermann – schaut her ich bin´s
GBV 006281Prince And The New Power Generation – Cream (Rem
GBV 005366Prince And The Revolution – Around The World In
GBV 004181Prince And The Revolution – Parade
GBV 005601Prince Of The Blood – Contact High
GBV 006230Private Lives – Prejudice And Pride
GBV 001996Procol Harum – grand hotel
GBV 004918Procol Harum – The Best Of Procol Harum
GBV 001153Prokofieff, Serge & Bizet, Georges – kl. Symphoni
GBV 001822Promises – real to real
GBV 004592Propaganda – A Secret Wish
GBV 002194Psychic TV / La Loora – Berlin Atonal Vol. 2
GBV 000414Public Image LTD. second edition
GBV 001105Puccini – Erede, A. / La Bohème
GBV 002036Puccini – La Boheme
GBV 001629Puccini – La Boheme   2LP Box
GBV 001276Puccini – Madame Butterfly
GBV 001049Puccini – Turandot / auszüge
GBV 004800Puccini / Karajan / Price – Tosca 2LP Box
GBV 001028Puccini, Giacomo – 10 Opernstars/ 10 Puccinihits
GBV 004358Puhdys – Far From Home
GBV 004301Puhdys – Heiß Wie Schnee
GBV 002647PUHDYS – Puhdys 2
GBV 000854Pursey, James T. – imagination camouflage
GBV 001877Quasi – american gong
GBV 000182Rabbits – lower forms
GBV 004771Rainhard Fendrich – Kein Schöner Land
GBV 004843Rainy City Stompers – Rainy City Stompers
GBV 002026Rasa – coming into full bloom
GBV 005998Rausch – The Indi(A) Collection
GBV 002160Rauschen, Karin – über sieben meere
GBV 003491RAVEL, DEBUSSY – Bolero, L’Après-Midi D’Un Faune
GBV 005887Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Sam Most ?– A Ray Bro
GBV 005684Ray Charles – Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
GBV 004159Ray Conniff, His Orchestra & Chorus – Love Is A M
GBV 001118Raymond, F. + Schröder, F. – maske in blau + hoch
GBV 005992Rebel MC – Black Meaning Good
GBV 006341Rebel MC – Rebel Music
GBV 003764Reeves, Jim – We Thank Thee
GBV 003144Reid, Junior – Visa
GBV 002374REINDEERS, THE – Hysterical Home
GBV 004890Reiner Karge – Auf Eine Zigarettenlänge
GBV 000273Reinhard Fendrich  – a winzig klaner tropfen zeit
GBV 006227Reinhard Mey – Keine Ruhige Minute
GBV 005663Reinhard Mey – Live
GBV 004119Reinhard Mey – Mein Achtel Lorbeerblatt
GBV 004581Relax – Relaxed Samma
GBV 003989René Bardet, Poesie & Musik – „Vielleicht Weil
GBV 004058Renée – The Future None Can See
GBV 002986REX GILDO – Die Großen Erfolge
GBV 004827Ricchi E Poveri – …E Penso A Te
GBV 003395RICCHI E POVERI – Made In Italy
GBV 003074Rich, Charlie – 2 Record Set
GBV 003259Rich, Charlie – She Loved Everybody But Me
GBV 006128Richard Cliff – I’m No Hero
GBV 000406Richard Cliff+ The Shadows – Famous popgroups
GBV 003173Richard, Cliff – Always Guaranteed
GBV 003244Richard, Cliff – Cliff’s Greatest
GBV 002463Richard, Cliff – Wired For Sound
GBV 004978Rick Springfield – Hard To Hold – Soundtrack Reco
GBV 003429RINGSGWANDL – Trulla! Trulla!
GBV 003934Rip Rig + Panic – I Am Cold
GBV 005284Robert Fripp – God Save The Queen / Under Heavy
GBV 004154Robert Stolz – Im Zauberreich Der Wiener Walzerkö
GBV 005997Robin Gibb – How Old Are You?
GBV 004415Rockin‘ Jimmy & The Brothers Of The Night
GBV 004739Rockin‘ Jimmy & The Brothers Of The Night- Same
GBV 005929Rod Mason – Live (The Last Concert)
GBV 005289Rod Stewart – A Night On The Town
GBV 006117Rod Stewart – Blondes Have More Fun
GBV 000438Rod Stewart – Foolish Behaviour
GBV 006111Rod Stewart – Foot Loose & Fancy Free
GBV 006109Rod Stewart – Rod Stewart
GBV 004644Rodrigo- Concierto De Aranjuez & Concierto Andalu
GBV 005721Roger Chapman – Techno-Prisoners
GBV 004169Roger Chapman – The Shadow Knows
GBV 003988Roger Chapman And The Shortlist – Live In Hamburg
GBV 003883Roger Chapman – Chappo
GBV 003233Rogers, David – I’m Gonna Love You Right Out Of T
GBV 003135ROLAND W. – Monja – Mein Leben
GBV 004378Rolf Kauka – Fix Und Foxi und Ihre Abenteuer
GBV 003130Rome, Sydne – Sydne Rome
GBV 002794ROMEROS – Ein Gitarrenfestival Mit Den Romeros
GBV 002853RONDO´ VENEZIANO – Rondo‘ Veneziano
GBV 004434Ronny – Seine Grössten Erfolge
GBV 006157Rory Gallagher – Blueprint
GBV 002728Rory Gallagher, – Live! In Europe
GBV 004054Rose Laurens – Rose Laurens
GBV 001162Rossi, Tino – Les roses blanches, la fete des fle
GBV 000989Rossini – Der Barbier Von Sevilla
GBV 004799Rossini – William Tell
GBV 001124Roswaenge – glanzrollen der dreissiger jahre
GBV 001123Roswaenge – singt arien
GBV 001327Rothenberger, A. & Prey, H. – heute abend
GBV 004663Rough  – First Cut
GBV 005140Roxy Music ?– Manifesto
GBV 004933Roy Black – Ich Denk‘ An Dich
GBV 004219Roy Orbison – The Exciting Roy Orbison
GBV 006186Roy Wood – Boulders
GBV 006036Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  – Plays The Queen C
GBV 002628RUBETTES – Little Darling
GBV 001465Rubinstein, Artur – der pianist unseres Jahrhunde
GBV 002042Rudolf Schock – ihr stillen süssen Fraun
GBV 004689Rudolf Schock – Rudolf Schock
GBV 004622Russ Morgan And His Orchestra – Medleys In The M
GBV 004148Saint-Preux – Bandes Et Musiques Originales
GBV 001384Saison in Salzburg – hochzeitsnacht im paradies
GBV 004410Sally Oldfield – Femme
GBV 005835Salt ‚N‘ Pepa – A Blitz Of Salt ‚N‘ Pepa Hits
GBV 005665Samande – Djoussou Kassi
GBV 004426Samantha Fox – I Wanna Have Some Fun
GBV 005961Sammy Hagar  – Same
GBV 005637Sammy Hagar – Street Machine
GBV 000049Sands, J. – the breaks 2
GBV 003551Sanson, Veronique – Veronique Sanson
GBV 006233Santa Esmeralda Starring Leroy Gomez – Don’t Let
GBV 000744Santana – GREATEST HITS
GBV 005162Santana – Top Groups Of Pop Music: Santana
GBV 000740Santana – zebop!
GBV 002714SANTILLAN, FACIO – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
GBV 003789SANTILLAN, FACIO – El Condor Pasa
GBV 001955Saragossa Band – Saragossa
GBV 005947Sarah Vaughan – Songs Of The Beatles
GBV 000681Savage Rose, The – travelin´
GBV 002282Scattered Order – Escape Via Cessnock
GBV 002852Schilling, Peter – Fehler Im System
GBV 003142Schlusnus, Heinrich – grosse Stimmen Des Jahrhund
GBV 002150Schlusnus, Heinrich – lieder von schubert und sch
GBV 002951SCHMETTERLINGE – Die Letzte Welt
GBV 005110Schmetterlinge – Herbstreise – Lieder Zur Lage
GBV 001481Schmotz, Paul – im Gänsemarsch, fröhliches Akkord
GBV 001450Schneider, Franz – Frohe Weihnacht
GBV 001995Schneider, robi – when melody meets rhythm
GBV 001674Schneider, Willy – goldene erinnerungen
GBV 004875Schnuckenack Reinhardt – The Man I Love (Das Neue
GBV 003238Schöbel, Frank & Chris Doerk – Songs Für Dich
GBV 001808Schöntges, Jürgen – Bilder Lieder
GBV 003126Schreier, Peter – O Sole Mio
GBV 003138Schreier, Peter – Peter Schreier Singt Volksliede
GBV 001068Schubert – Forellenquintett, Haydn – der scherz
GBV 001630Schubert – Sämtliche Sinfonien 5LP Box
GBV 003184Schubert – SUK-TRIO – Klaviertrio Nr. 1 • Notturn
GBV 004151Schubert – Unvollendete, Rosamiunde Ouvertüre
GBV 004535Schubert / Consortium Classicum, Dieter Klöcker –
GBV 004544Schubert / Menuhin – Klaviertrio Nr.1 B-dur D.898
GBV 002157Schubert, Svjatoslav Richter – Fantasia C-Dur D 7
GBV 004521Schumann – Symphonie No. 2 / Manfred-Ouvertüre
GBV 004504Schumann – Symphony No.1 & Symphony No.4
GBV 001279Schumann, Bloch – Rostropowitsch, Bernstein Cello
GBV 005935Scott Hamilton And Buddy Tate – Scott’s Buddy
GBV 002567Sergant, Kamiel – Keizer Karnaval Kamiel Sergant
GBV 005582Severed Heads – Goodbye Tonsils
GBV 002294Sevilla, Carmen – Carmen de España
GBV 004698Shabba Ranks – As Raw As Ever
GBV 006200Shakatak – Live!
GBV 006228Shakatak – Night Birds
GBV 000918Sham 69 – volunteer
GBV 002398Sha-na-na – Shanana
GBV 000201Shareholder, Tom – havanna> asmara, via colonia
GBV 005343She Splinters Mortar – Jaguar
GBV 002478Shigihara, Paul And Charlie Mariano And Tim Wells
GBV 002358Shirley Bassey  –  I Am What I Am
GBV 000029Shirley Bassey   – What Now My Love
GBV 001832Shirley Bassey  – I Vapricorn
GBV 001514Shock Headed Peters – the kissing of gods VG++
GBV 005296Shock Headed Peters – the kissing of gods VG+++
GBV 004297Showaddywaddy – Bright Lights
GBV 004687Showaddywaddy – Greatest Hits 1974 – 1976
GBV 002657SHOWADDYWADDY – Greatest Hits 1976 – 1978
GBV 005600Shriekback – Care
GBV 004472Shriekback – Go Bang!
GBV 005607Shriekback – Go Bang!
GBV 005243Shriekback – Lined Up • My Spine
GBV 000472Shuko & F. Of Audiotreats – Cookies & Cream
GBV 003613Siepi, Cesare – Cesare Siepi
GBV 004727Sigi Schwab & Percussion Academia – Rondo A Tre
GBV 001220Silbermann-Orgel im Dom zu Freiberg
GBV 002798SILENCERS – A Blues For Buddha
GBV 002050Silvester, Victor – dancing to
GBV 006197Simon & Garfunkel –  Collection
GBV 005161Sir Henry – H2O
GBV 002726SKELETIAL FAMILY – Burning Oil
GBV 004234Skiffleband John Smith – Original Skiffle
GBV 004893Skorpió – Zene Tíz Húrra És Egy Dobosra
GBV 003961Sky – Sky
GBV 006123Sky – Sky 3
GBV 002842SKY 4 – Forthcoming
GBV 006340Skyy –  From The Left Side
GBV 006177Slade – Whatever Happened To
GBV 001849Sledge, Percy – greatest hits of
GBV 003325Sledge, Percy – Star-Collection
GBV 003780Sledge, Percy – Star-Collection Vol.2
GBV 004779Slickaphonics – Wow Bag
GBV 006339Sly & Robbie – Rhythm Killers
GBV 005053Sly & Robbie – Silent Assassin
GBV 005056Small Faces – ?In Memorian
GBV 001208Smetana – Pilar Lorengar / die verkaufte braut
GBV 005126Smith Bessie – Bessie Smith 10 LP Box
GBV 000811SNAP! – the late show
GBV 005128Sneo  Eric – Let’s Go Techno
GBV 006121Sniff ’n‘ The Tears – Love Action
GBV 005389Snowy Red – Treat Me / Euroshima (Wardance)
GBV 001137Söderström, Elisabeth & Meyer, Kerstin – kodaly..
GBV 005396Soft Cell – Soul Inside
GBV 005784Solution  – Fully Interlocking
GBV 001369Sommer Hitparade 77 – 20 Stars 20 Originalhits
GBV 004398Sonny James – The Sensational Sonny James
GBV 005848Soul II Soul – Club Classics Vol. One
GBV 005685Soul II Soul – Vol. II – 1990 A New Decade
GBV 000863Souls On Fire – collars up!
GBV 003755SPACELAB – Synthesizer Superhits
GBV 001660Spandau Ballet – True
GBV 001617Spejbl & Hurvínek – Ganz Gross…
GBV 003468Spencer, Kenneth – Erinnerungen An Eine Große Sti
GBV 004755Spider Murphy Gang – Scharf Wia Peperoni
GBV 001130Spider Murphy Gang – tutti frutti
GBV 000442Spliff – 85555
GBV 004869Spotnicks – Something Like Country
GBV 003447SPRINT – Sprint
GBV 001554Squeeze – sweets from a stranger
GBV 006066Stanley Clarke – Journey To Love
GBV 006067Stanley Clarke – Modern Man
GBV 006068Stanley Clarke – Rocks, Pebbles And Sand
GBV 003779Star, Bonito – A Touch Of Class
GBV 004828Stardust – This Is Stardust
GBV 001370Stars (Ariola)
GBV 004757Starship – Knee Deep In The Hoopla
GBV 003268STATUS QUO – Ain’t Complaining
GBV 004220Status Quo – In My Chair
GBV 002592STATUS QUO – The Collection
GBV 001919Stauffer, Teddy – die grossen tanz-orchester 1930
GBV 002933Steiner, Tommy – Frei Sein Für Die Träume
GBV 003719Stephan Sulke – Stephan Sulke 4
GBV 004657Stephan Sulke – Stephan Sulke 5
GBV 005858Stephane Grappelli – Same
GBV 004090Stephanie – Stephanie
GBV 006257Stephanie Mills – If I Were Your Woman
GBV 006277Steve Arrington – The Jammin‘ National Anthem
GBV 005711Steve Hackett ?– Voyage Of The Acolyte
GBV 005459Steve Hillage – L
GBV 005569Steve Hillage – Motivation Radio
GBV 000635Steve Miller Band, The – book of dreams
GBV 004225Steve Winwood – Arc Of A Diver
GBV 001805Stevens, Shakin´ – Shakin´
GBV 004559Stevie Wonder  – Talking Book  Picture Disc
GBV 002376Stevie Wonder – In Square Circle
GBV 006096Stevie Wonder – Journey Through The Secret Life
GBV 003630Stevie Wonder – Looking Back
GBV 000436Still Flyin´ – on a bedroom wall
GBV 001364Stimmung, Tanz und gute Laune
GBV 004066Strange Advance – Worlds Away
GBV 001503Stranglers, The – the gospel according to the men
GBV 000780Stratmanns, Else – Goldene
GBV 000194Strauß Johann – Wiener Blut
GBV 001623Strauss, J. – die fledermaus 3LP Box
GBV 001113Strauß, J. – Stolz / die Fledermaus, grosser Quer
GBV 001112Strauß, J. – Stolz,R. / der Zigeunerbaron
GBV 003581Strauss, Johann – Karajan / Die Fledermaus
GBV 003614Strauss, Richard – Der Rosenkavalier
GBV 001141Strawinsky – concerto in D, Danses Concertantes
GBV 000678Sturm, Nicolas – nicolas sturm
GBV 002522Stuttgarter Hymnus-Chorknaben -Deutsche Weihnacht
GBV 000445Subway – rien ne se voit
GBV 005227Sudden Afternoon – Dancing Shadows
GBV 005423Suns Of Arqa – Seven
GBV 003944Super Session – Tournee
GBV 000718Supermax – fly with me
GBV 001613Supermax – World Of Today
GBV 001328Suppe – Goehr, Walter / berühmte Ouvertüren
GBV 004782Surkus – M.I.N.D. (Musical Inspiration Natural D
GBV 004102Sutherland, Joan – Porträt Einer Stimme
GBV 005559Suzanne Vega – Solitude Standing
GBV 006135Sydne Rome – Sydne Rome
GBV 003527T´PAU – The Promise
GBV 005541Talking Heads – Remain In Light
GBV 002180Tanita Tikaram  – Ancient Heart
GBV 005152Tanita Tikaram – The Sweet Keeper
GBV 001041Tauber Richard – ein star unter sternen
GBV 001059Tauber, Richard – singt arien
GBV 001040Tauber, Richard – this was
GBV 006267Tawatha – Welcome To My Dream
GBV 004645Tchaikovsky – Erich Kunzel – Cossack Dance
GBV 004720T-Connection – T-Connection
GBV 004766Ted Herold – Rock ’N’ Roll For President
GBV 006165Ted Nugent – 2 Originals Of Ted Nugent
GBV 006166Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever
GBV 006167Ted Nugent – Free-For-All
GBV 006168Ted Nugent – State Of Shock
GBV 005564Ted Nugent – Ted Nugent
GBV 006169Ted Nugent – Weekend Warriors
GBV 001053Telemann, Georg Philipp – sinfonia f, ouverture c
GBV 001459Telemann, Torelli, Richter – Trompetenkonzerte
GBV 005994Terence Trent D’Arby’s Neither Fish Nor Flesh: A
GBV 000875Terry & Gerry – from lubbock to clintwood east
GBV 002210Tex Ritter – Songs Of The Golden West
GBV 001733The Alan Parsons Project – Eve
GBV 000902The Alan Parsons Project – Pyramid
GBV 003717The Alan Parsons Project – The Turn Of A Friendl
GBV 002417The Art Of Noise – In Visible Silence
GBV 004428The B-52’s – Cosmic Thing
GBV 006327The B-52’s – Whammy!
GBV 004925The Bachelors – The Best Of The Bachelors
GBV 003152THE BEATLES – The Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan
GBV 003472THE BEATNIGS – The Beatnigs
GBV 003371THE BLUES BAND – Ready
GBV 004015The Bus Boys – American Worker
GBV 005750The Byrds – Greatest Hits
GBV 002269The Cannibals – The Rest Of …
GBV 005148The Cars – Door To Door
GBV 005857The Cateran – Little Circles
GBV 006306The Chills – Submarine Bells
GBV 005681The Chris Hinze And Sigi Schwab Duo – Live At Th
GBV 002807The Clyde Shelton Singers – Mamy Blue
GBV 005530The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – The Crazy Worl
GBV 005142The Creepers – Miserable Sinners
GBV 002185The Donkey Ramblers – Der Wilde Westen
GBV 000831The Donkey Show – bali island
GBV 004866The Dutch Swing College Band & Teddy Wilson
GBV 000800The Equals – Equals‘ Greatest Hits
GBV 002863THE EVERLY BROTHERS – Star-Collection
GBV 005379The Fall – Extricate
GBV 006337The Family – Same
GBV 000226The Fantastic Sound Of The Pasadena Roof Orchestr
GBV 004776The Farm – Spartacus
GBV 004683The Fixx – Phantoms
GBV 005455The Flamin‘ Groovies – One Night Stand
GBV 005314The Flaming Lips – Same
GBV 004778The Flying Lizards – Top Ten
GBV 004704The Gap Band – Gap Band 8
GBV 006095The Gap Band – The Gap Band II
GBV 006156The Guess Who – The Best Of The Guess Who
GBV 002955THE HAZY OSTERWALD-SEXTET – Hazy-Jet, Around The
GBV 005075The Hollies – Words And Music By Bob Dylan
GBV 003952The Honeymoon Killers – Les Tueurs De La Lune De
GBV 003461THE HOUSE OF LOVE – The House Of Love
GBV 006301The Human League – Crash
GBV 004743The Inner Circle – Everything Is Great
GBV 002474The Inner Circle – New Age Music
GBV 002075THE J. GEILS BAND – Blow Your Face Out, Live
GBV 003858THE J. GEILS BAND – Showtime!
GBV 004701The Kane Gang – Miracle
GBV 004464The Les Humphries Singers – Rock My Soul
GBV 005561The Lime Spiders – Weirdo Libido
GBV 004725The Lords – Poor Boy
GBV 003209THE LOVIN´SPOONFUL – The Lovin‘ Spoonful
GBV 003407THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER – Mecca For Moderns
GBV 005986The Masqueraders – Love Anonymous
GBV 003470THE MIAMI VICE – Tribute To K.C. & The Sunshine B
GBV 005172The Michael Schenker Group – Rock Will Never Die
GBV 004775The Michael Zager Band – Let’s All Chant
GBV 003207THE MONKEES – Pool It!
GBV 005971The Monkees – Same
GBV 006210The Moody Blues – Octave
GBV 003046THE MOTORS – Approved By The Motors
GBV 003277THE NICE – Motive
GBV 002671THE NITROS – Nightshades
GBV 003873The Original Animals – Before We Were So Rudely I
GBV 001657The Other Ones – Learning To Walk
GBV 005182The Palmer Band – What’s In Front Of You
GBV 005091The Partridge Family – Notebook
GBV 005090The Partridge Family – The Partridge Family At Ho
GBV 004695The Platters – Attention!
GBV 002439The Platters – Super Hits Of The Platters
GBV 004696The Platters – The Best Of The Platters
GBV 003738THE RAMBLERS – Streetheat
GBV 002764THE RATTLES – Attention! The Rattles!
GBV 006172The Rattles – The Witch
GBV 002672The Rattlesnake Men – Sahara Tour ’88
GBV 005537The Reds – Stronger Silence
GBV 005293The Reds – The Reds
GBV 005427The Residents – Commercial Album
GBV 005309The Residents – Meet The Residents
GBV 005474The Residents – Ralph Before ’84: Volume I
GBV 006084The Ritchie Family – American Generation
GBV 002582THE ROCK-A-Fellas – Rock´N Roll Happening 69
GBV 005780The Rolling Stones – Big Hits Volume 2
GBV 006270The S.O.S. Band – Sands Of Time
GBV 006083The S.O.S. Band – Too
GBV 004671The Screaming Blue Messiahs – Twin Cadillac Vale
GBV 003284THE SEARCHERS – Second Take
GBV 005413The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Attention!
GBV 004607The Shadows – Dance With The Shadows
GBV 002748The Shadows – The Shadows, Vol. 3
GBV 005985The Sindecut – Changing The Scenery
GBV 005672The Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin‘
GBV 002477The Spotnicks – Portrait Of The Spotnicks
GBV 002636THE SPOTNICKS – Spotnicks’s Best
GBV 004653The Supremes – The Supremes Produced And Arrange
GBV 000440The Sweet Vandals – love it
GBV 002541The Team –  Rock Beat Soul
GBV 004084The Teens – The Teens
GBV 004708The Temptations – Masterpiece
GBV 006081The Temptations – Motown Special The Temptations
GBV 003229THE THOMSON ORCHESTRA – Romantic Dancing
GBV 005950The Tony Rice Unit – Mar West
GBV 002448The Tourists – Reality Effect
GBV 006180The Tremeloes – The Golden Era Of Pop Music
GBV 005635The Tubes – Outside Inside
GBV 005954The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble – United Live Opus
GBV 005059The ventures – The very Best of
GBV 003998The Walker Brothers – Greatest Hits
GBV 005979The Wild Boyz – It Had To Be Done
GBV 005418The Woodentops – Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway
GBV 006000The Yardbirds – Legend Of The Yardbirds Vol. 2
GBV 005241The Yardbirds – Shapes Of Things
GBV 002881The Yardbirds- Legend Of The Yardbirds Vol. 1
GBV 005910Thelonious Monk – Greatest Hits
GBV 005494Þeyr – The Fourth Reich
GBV 005612Thinkman – The Formula
GBV 005963Third Kind Of Blue – Same
GBV 002519Thomanerchor – Weihnachts-Singen Des Thomanerchor
GBV 006179Three Dog Night –  Golden Bisquits
GBV 005071Three Dog Night – Cyan
GBV 005508Tim Blake – Crystal Machine
GBV 004018Tim Rose – Love, A Kind Of Hate Story
GBV 004761Time Bandits – Fiction
GBV 005982Titiyo – Titiyo
GBV 001775Toan, Danny – big foot
GBV 000676Tokyo Sex Destruction – 5th avenue south
GBV 000672Tokyo Sex Destruction – the big red box for the s
GBV 005995Tone-Loc – Cool Hand Loc
GBV 004114Tony Christie – Las Vegas
GBV 004396Tony Christie – With Loving Feeling
GBV 004707Tony Cook & The Party People – Cookin‘
GBV 004700Tony! Toni! Toné! – The Revival
GBV 002879TOOTS & SVEND – Toots & Svend
GBV 004585Tough Talk – Opus One
GBV 003783Tozzi, Umberto – Hurrah!
GBV 000186Trailer Trash Tracys – ester
GBV 005787TRB – Power In The Darkness
GBV 002922TREVOR COLEMAN GROUP – First Impressions
GBV 005268Tri Yann – La Découverte Ou L’Ignorance
GBV 003200TRIBESMAN – Street Level
GBV 005814Tribute  – New Views
GBV 004429Trio Rio – Trio Rio
GBV 005705Trio Rio – Voodoo Nights
GBV 004741Truck Stop – Die Cowboys
GBV 003013TRUCK STOP – Truck Stop  (Weiße Serie)
GBV 006182Truck-Stop – Truck Stop
GBV 000364Trullie, Lissy – lissy trullie
GBV 001058Tschaikowsky – Leningrader Philhar./symphomie nr5
GBV 001055Tschaikowsky – streichserenade / souvenir de flor
GBV 000666Tundra, Max – parallax error beheads you
GBV 002813TUXEDO JUNCTION – Tuxedo Junction
GBV 005321Tuxedomoon – Time To Lose – Blind
GBV 003524TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING – Where The Wild Buffalo
GBV 006275Twin Hype- Same
GBV 000498Twisted Sister – you can´t stop rock ´n´ roll
GBV 004710Tyrone Davis – Without You In My Life
GBV 002361U.K. SUBS – Gross-Out USA
GBV 005146UB40 – UB40
GBV 003306Udo Jürgens  – Silberstreifen
GBV 004133Udo Jürgens – Meine Schönsten Lieder
GBV 004606Udo Jürgens – Portrait In Musik
GBV 003387Udo Jürgens – Treibjagd
GBV 003019Udo Jürgens – Udo Jürgens
GBV 004145Udo Jürgens – Willkommen In Meinem Leben
GBV 004629Udo Jürgens – Zeig Mir Den Platz An Der Sonne
GBV 005701Udo Lindenberg Und Das Panik-Orchester – Panisch
GBV 003242UKW – UltraKurzWelle
GBV 003367ULTRAVOX – Vienna
GBV 004532Und Es Blitzen Die Sterne
GBV 002108Under Two Flags – Masks – The Day After Dub E.P
GBV 006103Uriah Heep – Conquest
GBV 006098Uriah Heep – Equator
GBV 004304Uriah Heep – Fallen Angel
GBV 006097Uriah Heep – Head First
GBV 004305Uriah Heep – High And Mighty
GBV 005014Ute Lemper – Life Is A Cabaret
GBV 002450UTOPIA – Adventures In Utopia
GBV 004034Utopia – Utopia        LP + Single
GBV 002803VA – …Ich Lieb‘ Dich
GBV 003662VA – 10 Jahre Schlagerparade 1941-1950
GBV 003661VA – 10 Jahre Schlagerparade 1951-1960
GBV 002433VA – 15 Number 1 Hits (Original Hits Vol. 10)
GBV 002341VA – 16 Top Hits – Juli/August 1987
GBV 001603VA – 20 Country greats
GBV 003677VA – 20 Original Top Hits
GBV 001696VA – 20 Original Top Hits  ´77
GBV 001390VA – 32 Musical Welterfolge
GBV 001980VA – 40 Country Masterpiece
GBV 006185VA – 40 Original Top Hits 1974
GBV 006027VA – A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Cor
GBV 002969VA – A Jazz Piano Anthology From Ragtime To Free
GBV 002213VA – A Real Cool Time Distorted Sounds From The N
GBV 006288VA – Acido Amigo
GBV 002521VA – Advent- und Weihnachtsmusik
10762VA – Ambient House – The Compilation By DFC
GBV 002232VA – American Evergreens – The Golden Years Of Mu
GBV 002843VA – Attention
GBV 006044VA – Beat, Twist & Rock’N’Roll Vol. 2
GBV 005567VA – Big Hits Of Mid-America Volume Three
GBV 006351VA – Black Breakers (Maxi Versions)
GBV 006043VA – Black Gold – The Greatest Hits Of Black Musi
GBV 001381VA – Black Music
GBV 002809VA – Blödelball Im Hühnerstall
GBV 000876VA – Bonanza Saloon
GBV 006028VA – British Electric Foundation – Music Of Qual
GBV 002688VA – Can’t Stop Dancin‘ 1
GBV 002689VA – Can’t Stop Dancin‘ 2
GBV 006298VA – Chart Runners Part 1
GBV 006271VA – Chicago Trax Megamix
GBV 004492VA – Ciao Amore – Unvergessliches Italien
GBV 006324VA – Club It 90 – Volume One
GBV 002783VA – Club Top 13, International Nov/Dez ´82
GBV 005121VA – Cole Porter – True Love
GBV 006030VA – Cool Energy
GBV 000939VA – Countdown on Christmas
GBV 001981VA – country festival, vol. 2
GBV 002982VA – Dance 91 Best Of Deep Heat
GBV 005826VA – Dance Classics The Ballads
GBV 005313VA – Darker Skratcher
GBV 003132VA – Deutsche Hitparade – Brandneu
GBV 002937VA – Diamonds Of Rock & Pop
GBV 000739VA – Die 20 großen Stimmungsknüller
GBV 003645VA – Die Bekanntesten Schlager Aller Zeiten
GBV 002574VA – Die Giftgrüne Superplatte
GBV 006305VA – Die Neue Ronny’s Pop Show
GBV 002515VA – Die Schönsten Lieder Der Weihnachtszeit
GBV 003187VA – Die Seemannskiste, Von Wind und Meer, Schif
GBV 002551VA – Die UFO Hit-Parade (Stars & Superhits)
GBV 004033VA – Disco U.S.
GBV 003580VA – Do Yourself A Favour – Essential Music For P
GBV 002233VA – Don’t Stop The Music
GBV 001857VA – Doo wop
GBV 000760VA – einander lieben
GBV 001393VA – eintönig klingt hell das Glöckchen
GBV 005425VA – Endless Journey Phase Three
GBV 000809VA – England´s top pops
GBV 006057VA – Enter The Rap Zone!
GBV 001394VA – europa hitparade no. 23
GBV 003169VA – Fascination – 20 Songs Die Die Welt Eroberte
GBV 004448VA – Ferien-Schlager-Festival
GBV 000789VA – Festliche Oper
GBV 006035VA – Fine Time (Winter Love Songs)
GBV 004501VA – Flieg, Gedanke Beliebte Opernchöre
GBV 002839VA – Folk ´78
GBV 003188VA – Folk Songs Of The World
GBV 002526VA – Fröhliche Weihnacht Überall
GBV 006318VA – Garage Trax 1 – The Sound Of New York Garage
GBV 005375VA – Go West – Great Truckin‘ Country Hits
GBV 005595VA – Golden Hits Forever
GBV 003004VA – Golden Oldies
GBV 001598VA – Golden Top Ten memories
GBV 001935VA – Goldene Heimatklänge – 4LP Box
GBV 002033VA – Goldene Stimme- Großer Gala-Abend der Oper
GBV 002373VA – Gone 1: Colour Dreams
GBV 005482VA – Gone 2 „Basement Walls“
GBV 001729VA – greatest hits of 1972
GBV 004562VA – Greenpeace Rainbow Warriors
GBV 002490VA – Greensleeves Sampler 2
GBV 003127VA – Happy Reggae
GBV 006062VA – Happy Reggae
GBV 001418VA – Hardcore Sex Rated
GBV 003599VA – He Am Rhing…
GBV 002253VA – Heart Rock – Rock Für’s Herz
GBV 005793VA – Heavy Metal Special
GBV 002891VA – Heino Und Die Lustigen Musikanten
GBV 006299VA – High Life
GBV 004402VA – Highlight On Rock ’n Roll
GBV 006054VA – Hi-Phat Diet – A Wild Pitch Compilation
GBV 001398VA – Hit & Run
GBV 003579VA – Hit Container 2
GBV 006046VA – Hit Mix 88
GBV 002234VA – Hithaus Mit Freunden
GBV 002235VA – Hithaus: Goldene Evergreens – 20 Instrumenta
GBV 002236VA – Hits Aktuell
GBV 003533VA – Hits Made By The Supergroups
GBV 002938VA – Hits Mit Witz
GBV 001698VA – Hör zu – sing mit Party 5
GBV 006022VA – Hörproben Aus Dem P.P. Kelen Musikprog
GBV 003578VA – Hot Ladies Of Rock
GBV 006051VA – Hyperactive! The 12″ Dance Album
GBV 005576VA – Indie Top 20 Volume III – War Of Indep
GBV 006020VA – International Million Sellers
GBV 002750VA – Island People
GBV 002555VA – Italo Hit Festival
GBV 004943VA – Italo Pop Hits 3
GBV 006290VA – Jackmaster 4
GBV 006296VA – Jackmaster Phuture Trax
GBV 006041VA – Jewels Of Cajun Music, Swamp
GBV 003612VA – John Lee Hooker / Brownie McGhee And
GBV 003185VA – Kölsche Evergreens 11-15 (5LPBox)
GBV 002183VA – Kölsche Evergreens 5 – Menschen Wie Du Und
GBV 002249VA – K-TEL´s Country Comfort
GBV 005465VA – L.A. In: A Collection Of Los Angeles
GBV 003540VA – La Storia Del Jazz
GBV 001547VA – Larry Präsentiert, hit tornado90/91
GBV 003707VA – Le Disque D’Or Du Raï Volume 1
GBV 002583VA – Let The Good Times Roll
GBV 005371VA – Let’s Have Some Fun And Dance
GBV 003749VA – Levi’s Rock-Festival
GBV 001478VA – lieder unserer zeit in licht und schatten
GBV 001537VA – Lion Roots Vol.1 in Dub
GBV 003643VA – Little Richard / Chubby Checker
GBV 003641VA – Little Richard / Jimmy Reed / Solomon King /
GBV 002584VA – Live At The Rockhouse
GBV 005193VA – London Beat
GBV 003791VA – Love Crazy Meets Talawa
GBV 005562VA – Magazine 60
GBV 004568VA – Master Beats Vol. 1
GBV 005468VA – Max’s Kansas City Presents: New Wave e
GBV 001596VA – Memphis country
GBV 006241VA – Miami Vice (Music From The Television Serie
GBV 002587VA – Modesty Blaise Vol. 1
GBV 003640VA – Mungo Jerry / Johnny & The Hurricanes /
GBV 002035VA – Musik macht freude
GBV 000938VA – Nag Nag Nag
GBV 003642VA – Neil Sedaka / Freddy Cannon / Timi Yuro /
GBV 003478VA – Night Of The Guitar Live !
GBV 001388VA – ohne hemd und ohne höschen
GBV 002102VA – One Pound Ninety-Nine – A Music Sampler Of
GBV 006353VA – Order To Dance III
GBV 006322VA – Paradise Regained: The Garage Sound Of Deepe
GBV 002475VA – Pete York – Super Drumming Volume 1
GBV 006048VA – Phil Spector Echoes Of The 60’s
GBV 002310VA – Philly Sound – The Fantastic Sound Of Philad
GBV 005513VA – Pillows & Prayers
GBV 006320VA – Pioneers Of The Hypnotic Groove
GBV 002047VA – Pop History 5 Lp Box
GBV 006052VA – Pop History 5 Lp Schuber
GBV 006037VA – Pop Will Eat Itself – Cure For Sanity
GBV 003602VA – Pop World
GBV 005843VA – Product 2378
GBV 003037VA – Propaganda – No Wave II
GBV 001401VA – ragga ragga ragga Vol7
GBV 002497VA – Rave On
GBV 006345VA – Rave On
GBV 006184VA – Rebel Rouser
GBV 005462VA – Recorder Three
GBV 006061VA – Reggae – The Sound Of Jamaica
GBV 002434VA – Reggae Explosion
GBV 006040VA – Remember The 60’s (Volume 1)
GBV 002031VA – rendezvous der stars, ewig junge operette
GBV 002032VA – rendezvous der stars, ewig junger Franz Leha
GBV 004829VA – Riders Of The Pop Charts Part 2
GBV 001762VA – Rio Rhythmus Carneval
GBV 003639VA – Ritchie Valens / The Angels / The Five Satin
GBV 001129VA – Rock against racism
GBV 005553VA – Rock ’n Roll Fever Volume II
GBV 003001VA – Rock Superstars Vol.1
GBV 003775VA – Rock The City
GBV 005127VA – Rock’s Greatest Hits (4xLP, Comp + Box)
GBV 002207VA – RootsMan Showcase 94
GBV 002945VA – Schlagerrückblick ´72
GBV 002192VA – Screaming For A Better Future
GBV 006321VA – Serious 1
GBV 005454VA – Sharp Cuts – New Music From American B
GBV 002268VA – Short Circuit – Live At The Electric Circus
GBV 004040VA – Siemens / Hits Der 60er Jahre
GBV 001504VA – smash Hits
GBV 003178VA – So In Love
GBV 001744VA – Sommer Smash Hits
GBV 006034VA – Soul In Darkness
GBV 006273VA – Soulbeat 1
GBV 006315VA – Soulbeat 5
GBV 006314VA – Soulbeat 7
GBV 002570VA – Steely & Clevie Present Soundboy Clash
GBV 004928VA – Stereo Extrem
GBV 001073VA – Street Music / no heroes, no legends
GBV 006295VA – Street Sounds Edition 20
GBV 006316VA – Street Sounds Hip Hop Electro 14
GBV 002712VA – Sweden In Music: A Musical Journey To The La
GBV 004121VA – Tanz Mit Dem Herzen
GBV 004322VA – Tanzbar
GBV 004468VA – Tanzen Und Träumen
GBV 003776VA – That’s Rock’n’Roll
GBV 003315VA – That’s Soul
GBV 006045VA – The Beat Goes On
GBV 002702VA – The Best Of Country & West Vol. 3
GBV 002250VA – The Best Of Country And West – Vol. 2
GBV 002505VA – The Best Of Irish Folk Groups Vol.2
GBV 006047VA – The Best Of The Newport Folk Festivals
GBV 006017VA – The California Sound Of The 60’s
GBV 005658VA – The Contemporary Guitar Sampler
GBV 005486VA – The Decca Originals 1960-1964
GBV 005124VA – The Friday Rock Show
GBV 004952VA – The Great Country Festival
GBV 002368VA – The Greatest Rock & Roll Hits
GBV 005550VA – The Harvest Bag
GBV 000763VA – the history of northwest rock Vol.1
GBV 002204VA – The Immediate Singles Collection
GBV 004129VA – The Kings Of Romance Volume
GBV 005933VA – The Montreux Collection
GBV 006300VA – The Official Techno Club Compilation Volume
GBV 003609VA – The Olympics / The Marcels / The Shirelles
GBV 003644VA – The Platters / Jerry Lee Lewis
GBV 003943VA – The Reunion Jazz Band – Jazz Against Polio
GBV 003246VA – The Search For The Best 3
GBV 002610VA – The Search For The Best 4
GBV 005724VA – The Sound Of Cooltempo
GBV 006264VA – This Is Electronic Body Music
GBV 005442VA – This Is Hot
GBV 005307VA – This Is Hot Too
GBV 004027VA – Tränenlieder Aus Der Küche
GBV 001014VA – träume der sehnsucht
GBV 001701VA – Traumland der Melodie 24 große instrumental
GBV 003535VA – TWENTY HIT OLDIES, 20 Original Hits
GBV 003035VA – U.S. Greats
GBV 005554VA – Underground
GBV 002212VA – Unto Brigg Fair
GBV 001472VA – Unvergänglicher Humor
GBV 006292VA – Up Front 10
GBV 006291VA – Up Front 7
GBV 006294VA – Up Front 8
GBV 006293VA – Up Front 9
GBV 006272VA – Upfront 4
GBV 006289VA – Upfront 5
GBV 006343VA – Urban Acid
GBV 006262VA – Urban House
GBV 001891VA – viva umkhonto!
GBV 006026VA – Warparty Brand New Dance Hits
GBV 002523VA – Weihnachten Zuhause
GBV 004931VA – Welcome The Rock People
GBV 002043VA – wim und wum präsentieren prominenz aus 3 x 9
GBV 006323VA – Wir Warten Auf Die Lindenstraße
GBV 006042VA – World Hits 1st Edition
GBV 001756VA – Zwischen tag und traum, Folge 3
GBV 006236Vanessa Paradis – Variations Sur Le Même T’Aime
GBV 002306VELVET ELVIS – Velvet Elvis
GBV 001631Verdi – La Forza del destino 4LP Box
GBV 003497Verdi – Welt Der Oper – Rigoletto
GBV 000990Verdi, Giuseppe – La Traviata
GBV 002773VERDUN – The American Dream
GBV 003342Vergat, Vic – Down To The Bone
GBV 006033Vienna Symphony Orchestra – Orchestral Rock
GBV 000808Vietnam Veterans, The – green peas
GBV 001354Vieuxtemps, Henry – Lawrence Foster/Violinkonzert
GBV 003667VINCENZO – Welcome To Zanarkand
GBV 006338Visage – Same
GBV 003417VITAMIN Z – Rites Of Passage
GBV 001752Viva Mexiko – super stereo sound
GBV 001363Vivaldi – la straganza op.4 vol.2, concerti nos.
GBV 001343Vivaldi – Venezianische Konzerte und Sonaten
GBV 001622Vivaldi, A. _ venezianische konzerte und sonaten
GBV 001355Vivaldi, Antonio – Venezianische konzerte
GBV 005946Vocal Summit, Lauren Newton, ..– Sorrow Is Not Fo
GBV 001411Voice Of Authority – very big in america right no
GBV 001120Von Suppe,F. + Millöcker, C. – boccaccio + caspar
GBV 005505Voodoo Child – Acid Tales And Mermaids
GBV 004513Wagner – Szenen aus Parsifal – Bayreuth 70
GBV 004529Wagner – Tannhäuser (Großer Querschnitt)
GBV 001069Wagner – Tannhäuser, Ausschnitte
GBV 004515Wagner – Vorspiele: Lohengrin / Meistersinger /
GBV 004536Wagner / Kempe – Die Meistersinger Von Nürnberg (
GBV 004379Waldemar Bonsels – Die Biene Maja, Teil 1
GBV 005812Wall Of Voodoo – Happy Planet
GBV 005993Was (Not Was) – Are You Okay?
GBV 005011Watsonian Institute – E.D.P. Extra Disco Percepti
GBV 004812Wayra – Maja Andina
GBV 001475Weiss, Otto, Günter, Walt – cocktail a la carte
GBV 005764Wendy & Lisa – Eroica
GBV 005763Wendy & Lisa – Fruit At The Bottom
GBV 005765Wendy And Lisa – Wendy And Lisa
GBV 001382Werner, Margot – häng dich bei mir ein
GBV 004597Westernhagen – Same
GBV 001396Wham – Fantastic
GBV 003658Whitehead, Annie – Mix Up
GBV 002129Whitney Houston – Whitney Houston
GBV 002315WHITTAKER, ROGER – In Concert
GBV 002343Whittaker, Roger – The Best Of Roger Whittaker 3
GBV 006334Whodini – Back In Black
GBV 001357Widmann – die Großen Tanz-orchester 1930-1950
GBV 004377Wilhelm Busch – Lausbuben Geschichten: Max Und
GBV 004380Wilhelm Hauff / Eberhard Alexander-Burgh – Der
GBV 005734William Ackerman – Past Light
GBV 003303WILLIAMS, HANK JR. – The Country Store Collection
GBV 002660Wilma Flintstone Tells The Story Of Bambi In Stor
GBV 002931Wilson, Teddy – Teddy Wilson And His All-Stars
GBV 002445WINGS – Wings Greatest
GBV 002004Winterstein, Prinzo & Betzi – sweet guitar
GBV 001454Wir sagen euch an den lieben Advent
GBV 004085Wishbone Ash – Wishbone Ash
GBV 004631Wolf Maahn & Die Deserteure – Bisse Und Küsse
GBV 001359Wolkenstein, von Oswald – lieder songs chansons,
GBV 005661Woody Guthrie – In Memoriam
GBV 003525WORKING WEEK – Black & Gold
GBV 005282Working Week – Same
GBV 001438Wrathchild – The Biz Suxx But We Don’t Care
GBV 001344Wunderlich, Fritz – In Memoriam
GBV 005897Wynton Marsalis – J Mood
GBV 005900Wynton Marsalis – Same
GBV 001953X – Ain´t love grand
GBV 000729XRabit + DMG$ – hedllo world
GBV 006053Yamaguchi Goro – Musique Zen Et Musique Ancienne
GBV 003911Yoko Ono – It’s Alright (I See Rainbows)
GBV 005490YOU – You Are Coming
GBV 005837Young MC – Brainstorm
GBV 003756Yuro, Timi – Hurt
GBV 005087Zamfir Gheorghe  – Le Monde Secret De Gheorghe
GBV 005119Zamfir Gheorghe – Gheorghe Zamfir A Paris – Volu
GBV 003100Zamfir, Gheorghe – Wereldsuccessen – Zijn 24 Mooi
GBV 003392Zander, Frank – FBI – Frank’s Beknackte Ideen
GBV 004137Zarah Leander – Star Unter Sternen –
GBV 005435Zazou Bikaye – Mr. Manager
GBV 005583Zed  – Visions Of Dune
GBV 005687Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers – One Bright
GBV 004768Zupfgeigenhansel – Es Wollt Ein Bauer Früh Aufst
GBV 001718Adeva – adeva!  LP+ 12″
GBV 003480Al Stewart  And Shot In The Dark – 24 Carrots
GBV 004340Alice – Falsi Allarmi
GBV 002415Andreas Vollenweider – …Behind The Gardens –
GBV 000768Anthony Ventura un sein Orchester – Je t´aime
GBV 002768BAP – Zwesche Salzjebäck Un Bier
GBV 001646Barclay James Harvest – Gone To Earth
GBV 002775Barclay James Harvest – Octoberon
GBV 002766Batt, Mike – Waves
GBV 001769Bee Gees – E S P
GBV 001422Belafonte, Harry – 18 romantic songs
GBV 002262Big Fun – A Pocketful Of Dreams
GBV 000161Boca 45 – Vertigo Sounds
GBV 000023Bon Homme – bon homme
GBV 000036Boney M. – Love For Sale
GBV 002355Borg, Andy – Adios Amor
GBV 001042Brahms – Artur Rubinstein / 2 Klavierkonzerte
GBV 003390Branduardi, Angelo – Highdown Fair
GBV 002091Cabaret Voltaire – the crack down
GBV 003896Carolyne Mas – Mas Hysteria
GBV 000570Cat Stevens – Greatest Hits
GBV 002579Cat Stevens – The View From The Top
GBV 004298Chris Rea – Dancing With Strangers
GBV 001739Christopher Cross – Christopher Cross
GBV 002394Classix Nouveaux – Night People
GBV 000105Coretto, Peter + Verstärker – bandentreffen
GBV 003908Culture Club – Kissing To Be Clever
GBV 004079David Lee Roth – Eat ‚Em And Smile
GBV 003089De Bläck Fööss – Links Eröm – Rächs Eröm
GBV 004055de Bläck Fööss – Live
GBV 003052De Bläck Fööss – Wenn Et Jöck… Dann Weed Et Zic
GBV 004914Donovan – Catch The Wind
GBV 002810Duval, Frank & Orchestra – Angel Of Mine
GBV 002572EKSEPTION – Ekseptional Classics – The Best Of Ek
GBV 002211Ekseption, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Eksepti
GBV 001655Elton John – a single man
GBV 001948Elvis Presley  – I got lucky
GBV 004268Elvis Presley – Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies
GBV 002787Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Pictures At An Exhibitio
GBV 002465Eros Ramazzotti – Cuori Agitati
GBV 000333Eros Ramazzotti – In Certi Momenti
GBV 004807Esther & Abi Ofarim – Melodie Einer Nacht
GBV 002171Franz Josef Degenhardt  – live
GBV 002703Franz Josef Degenhardt – Spiel nicht mit den Sch
GBV 000063Fritz Brause – Shilly Shally
GBV 003093Georg  Danzer – Feine Leute
GBV 004014Georg Danzer – Direkt
GBV 003926Georg Danzer – Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm
GBV 001734George Baker Selection – paloma blanca
GBV 000162Green Concorde – down the corridorto the
GBV 003884Guesch Patti – Labyrinthe
GBV 002314Hannes Wader – Plattdeutsche Lieder
GBV 000993Haydn, J. – Cellokonzert C-Dur
GBV 002675Herbert Grönemeyer  – Ö
GBV 004408Herman van Veen – Die Anziehungskraft Der Erde
GBV 000152Hofmann, Peter – rock classics
GBV 002602Jennifer Rush – Jennifer Rush
GBV 002569Joan Armatrading – Show Some Emotion
GBV 002401Joan Baez – Joan Baez
GBV 001695Joe Cocker  – Cocker
GBV 005067Johnny Cash – Country Gold
GBV 004703Johnny Gill  – Same
GBV 003453Kaas, Patricia – Scène De Vie
GBV 003493KARAJAN – Hifi Karajan 4
GBV 005183Katrina And The Waves – Katrina And The Waves
GBV 004042Kim Carnes – Voyeur
GBV 004349Konstantin Wecker – Genug Ist Nicht Genug
GBV 001930Kreuder, Peter – portrait in musik
GBV 001676Lamb, Annabel – justice
GBV 001685Lear, Amanda – sweet revenge
GBV 000886Lehar, Franz – das land des lächelns
GBV 003163Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling
GBV 003117Lisa Stansfield – Affection
GBV 000212LMNO – economic food chain music
GBV 002416Madonna – Who’s That Girl
GBV 003088Maffay, Peter – Steppenwolf
GBV 002614Manfred Mann – Attention! Manfred Mann!
GBV 003766Marius MüllerWesternhagen – Stinker
GBV 002466Mc Crae, George – Rock Your Baby
GBV 004307Mezzoforte – Surprise, Surprise
GBV 003483Mick Jagger – She’s The Boss
GBV 003636MILVA – Von Tag Zu Tag
GBV 002621MILVA – Was Ich Denke
GBV 003253MIXED EMOTIONS – Deep From The Heart
GBV 003212MODERN TALKING – Romantic Warriors – The 5th Albu
GBV 000371Muallem – frankie splits
GBV 002126Neil Diamond – greatest hits
GBV 001648Neil Diamond – Jonathan Livingston Seagull
GBV 002200Neil Diamond – World Hits
GBV 000222New Idea Society – you are awake or asleep
GBV 003248Norman, Chris – Some Hearts Are Diamonds
GBV 002758O´Sullivan, Gilbert – Frobisher Drive
GBV 003261Olivia Newton  – Physical
GBV 003574OST – Buster
GBV 000797OST – Cats (Deutsche Origi
GBV 002468OST – Flashdance – Original Soundtrack From The M
GBV 003798OST – Haare (Hair) – Die Deutsche Originalaufnahm
GBV 002738OTTO – Live Im Audimax
GBV 000405Rasa – swinging
GBV 002721REO SPEEDWAGON – Hi Infidelity
GBV 003432Richard, Cliff – Move It
GBV 002854Richard, Cliff – Seine Grossen Erfolge
GBV 004977Rick Springfield – Rock Of Life
GBV 004823Robert Long – Über Kurz Oder Lang
GBV 000819Rod Stewart – Body Wishes
GBV 005228Saga  – Images At Twilight
GBV 003364SAILOR – Trouble
GBV 005566Sakhile – Same
GBV 004336Secret Service – Oh Susie
GBV 000677Shareholder, Tom – wanna dance/ cool jerk/ ishaga
GBV 004750Sheila E. – In Romance 1600
GBV 005847Sheila E. – Same
GBV 001635Sky² – sky²
GBV 000446Sluts of Trust – we are all sluts of trust
GBV 002855SMOKIE – Bright Lights And Back Alleys
GBV 003216SMOKIE – The Montreux Album
GBV 003025SMOKIE – The Other Side Of The Road
GBV 003507SO – Horseshoe In The Glove
GBV 001786Spider Murphy Gang – Dolce vita
GBV 000190Spiral Stairs – the real feel
GBV 003603Stars On 45 Longplay Album (Volume II)
GBV 003270STATUS QUO – Just Supposin’…
GBV 003725Stephan Sulke   – Stephan Sulke 6
GBV 000187Stephan Sulke – live
GBV 003629SUPERTRAMP – „…Famous Last Words…“
GBV 006132Tears For Fears – The Hurting
GBV 001798The Alan Parsons Project – tales of mystery and
GBV 005255The B-52’s – Mesopotamia
GBV 003372THE BLUES BAND – Itchy Feet
GBV 002259The Equals  – Best Of The Equals
GBV 002405The Equals – Equals‘ Greatest Hits Pop Club
GBV 002741The Les Humphries Singers – The World Of The Les
GBV 004164The Moody Blues – Long Distance Voyager
GBV 003278THE NICE – The Nice
GBV 001823The Rattles – greatest hits
GBV 002631THE SPOTNICKS – Pop Giants, Vol. 8
GBV 005976The Who – Pop Giants, Vol. 3
GBV 002563Tina Turner – Break Every Rule
GBV 000496Toto – Toto
GBV 004587Tubes – The Completion Backward Principle
GBV 002960U2 – Wide Awake In America
GBV 004824Ulla Meinecke – Der Stolz Italienischer Frauen
GBV 003186VA – 10 Jahre Kölsche Evergreens
GBV 002243VA – Die Grosse Country & Western Hitparade
GBV 002148VA – Lambada
GBV 002789VA – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
GBV 000757VA – Think Loud Is Droppin Mirrors
GBV 001302VA – Weihnachten der Stars
GBV 004386Volker Lechtenbrink – Leben So Wie Ich Es Mag
GBV 005730Wings  – Wings At The Speed Of Sound
GBV 002590WINGS – Back To The Egg
GBV 005137Witt Joachim –  Silberblick
GBV 003918Wolfgang Niedecken & Complizen – Schlagzeiten
GBV 001175Working Week – working nights
GBV 005613Anne Clark – The Sitting Room
GBV 001232BAP – …Affjetaut…
GBV 001647Barclay James Harvest – Turn Of The Tide
GBV 000412Big Pooh – sleepers
GBV 000024Boy from Brazil – pointless shoe´04
GBV 001653Cat Stevens – Mona Bone Jakon
GBV 000020Chris de Burgh  – Man On The Line
GBV 000065De Bläck Fööss – bei uns doheim
GBV 003354De Bläck Fööss – D’r Rhing Erop D’r Rhing Eraf
GBV 000124Drahtseilakt – fall oder tanz
GBV 002181Elvis Presley – A Portrait In Music
GBV 000163Green Concorde – ten cities
GBV 001246Herman Van Veen – Heute Abend
GBV 000164Hiltmeyer. Inc – sendling 70
GBV 000156Intense – the bohemian pimp project
GBV 000313Jackson, Mahalia – Welcome To Europe
GBV 002769John Denver – Seine Großen Erfolge
GBV 001725Juliane Werding – Sehnsucht Ist Unheilbar
GBV 002404Kim  Carnes- Mistaken Identity
GBV 001131Lionel Richie – Can´t Slow Down
GBV 000827Matt Bianco – Whose Side Are You On
GBV 000217Miniere, Jerome – petit cosmonaute
GBV 002690OST – Haare (Hair)
GBV 003223OTTO – (Das Vierte Programm)
GBV 003464RAUSCH – Glad
GBV 003295WINGS – London Town
GBV 000047Barclay James Harvest – Ring Of Changes
GBV 003610BOTS – Aufstehn
GBV 002710Harry Belafonte – Golden Records – Die Grossen E
GBV 000158Holton´s Opulent – the problem of knowledge
GBV 002615J.J. Cale – Troubadour
GBV 002752Joe Cocker – Civilized Man
GBV 000218Manhead – manhead
GBV 000357Motion Picture – motion picture
GBV 002003Moustaki, Georges – Georges Moustaki
GBV 000171OST – Joschka und Herr Fischer
GBV 002788Richard, Cliff – Rock ‚N‘ Roll Juvenile
GBV 000937Sylvie Marks & Hal9000* – Krazeee
GBV 001827Waggershausen, Stefan – hallo engel
GBV 000140Ethos – ethos
GBV 002509Maffay, Peter – Revanche
GBV 001742Moyet, Alison – „ALF“
GBV 003714Paul Young – No Parlez
GBV 002114Chris de Burgh, Chris – The Getaway
GBV 000422Jennifer Rush – movin´