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Stand 18.07.2020

Maxis 12″ Versand mit DHL 4 Euro, Singles 7 “ mit der deutschen Post 1,6 Euro.

GBS 00258812″1 World – Down On Love (Remix)
GBS 0011367″2 IN A ROOM – Wiggle It
GBS 00007212″49 ers – don´t you love me
GBS 0018517″49ers – Touch Me
GBS 00247812″5 Star – Can’t Wait Another Minute
GBS 00255212″808 State – CübikOlympic
GBS 00252212″808 State – In Yer Face (Remix)
GBS 00255412″A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Work It Ou
GBS 00118912″ABC Featuring Contessa Lady V – The Night You Mur
GBS 0005177″Abdul, Paula – (It’s Just) The Way That You Love
GBS 00035112″Abdul, Paula – Straight Up
GBS 00001212″About Group – you´re no good
GBS 0010147″Abraham, Paul – Die Blume Von Hawaii (Querschnitt
GBS 0022467″Adam & Eve – Hey Hey In Tampico
GBS 0022477″Adam & Eve – Man Kann Nicht Ohne Liebe Sein
GBS 00257812″Adamski – Killeremix
GBS 00034412″ADEVA – I Thank You
GBS 0014437″Adrian Wolf – Tag Für Tag Seh‘ Ich Dein Bild Vor
GBS 00070212″ADRIMA – Rainbowland (Follow Me) (Remixes)
GBS 00244312″Africali – Ayiko Bia
GBS 0015457″A-Ha – Manhattan Skyline
GBS 0005907″A-HA – The Sun Always Shines On T.V.
GBS 00248412″a-ha – The Sun Always Shines On T.V.
GBS 0015207″A-HA – Train Of Thought (Remix)
GBS 00111712″AIRBEAT ONE PROJECT – Airbeat One 2006
GBS 00042012″AKINYELE – Love Me For Free
GBS 00018912″Al B. Sure – if i´m not your lover  12″
GBS 0017397″Al Matthews – Fool
GBS 0015347″Albert Ditscheid – Hallo, Hallo Es Geht Wieder Lo
GBS 00258212″Alexander O’Neal – A Broken Heart Can Mend / Wha
GBS 00258312″Alexander O’Neal – Fake
GBS 00127612″Alexander O’Neal – Fake (Extended Version)
GBS 00255812″Alexander O’Neal – Fake 88
GBS 0005877″Alexander, Peter – Delilah, Wenn Wir Uns Mal Stre
GBS 0005897″Alexander, Peter – Irgendwo Brennt Für Jeden Ein
GBS 0022487″Alice – Messaggio
GBS 0018547″Alice – Summer On A Solitary Beach / Mal D’Africa
GBS 0004807″ALICE – Una Notte Speciale
GBS 0004827″ALPHAVILLE – Sounds Like A Melody
GBS 00256912″Alyson Williams – I Need Your Lovin‘ (Extended R
GBS 00063512″AMBIVALENT – Jackson EP
GBS 00063412″AMBIVALENT & ALEXI DELANO – Brooklyn Weekdays
GBS 0020107″American People – Welcome Back
GBS 0004447″Anders, Christian – Ich Lass‘ Dich Nicht Geh’n /
GBS 00245212″André Cymone – The Dance Electric
GBS 0014897″Andrea – I’m A Lover
GBS 0022457″Andrea & Pierre – Lady Blue
GBS 0021897″Andreas Martin – Du Kommst Nicht Zurück
GBS 0018197″Andreas Martin – Spuren, Die Der Wind Verweht
GBS 0017927″Andy Borg – Adios Amor
GBS 0022567″Andy Borg – In Deinem Zimmer Brennt Noch Licht
GBS 0022587″Andy Borg & Alexandra Sükar – Komm Setz Di Auf An
GBS 0005207″ANEKA – I Was Free
GBS 0005187″ANEKA – Little Lady
GBS 0005197″ANEKA – Ooh Shooby Doo Doo Lang
GBS 0015577″Angela Branca – Warum Hältst Du Mich Nicht Fest
GBS 0021987″Angelika Milster – Erinnerung
GBS 0009217″ANGIE – Peppermint Lump
GBS 0018457″Annabel Lamb – Riders On The Storm
GBS 0004497″ANNA-LENA – Morgen Hast Du Keine Sorgen / Glocken
GBS 0022957″Anne Marie David – Tu Te Reconnaitras
GBS 00016512″Apartheid Not – love africa
GBS 00117412″Aqualab & Davis – Allergiker
GBS 00117512″Aqualab & Davis – Killer Instinct
GBS 00248812″Arcadia  – Election Day (The Consensus Mix)
GBS 0004867″ARMSTRONG, LOUIS – What A Wonderful World
GBS 0021067″Art Sullivan & Kiki – L’amour À La Française
GBS 0022357″Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples – The Mes
GBS 0005357″ASIA – Heat Of The Moment
GBS 0004747″Astley, Rick – Together Forever
GBS 00066612″AYLA PRESENTS: YEL – Sun Is Coming Out
GBS 0020047″B. A. Robertson – Bang Bang
GBS 00112812″B. PROJECT – Theme From Rocky IV
GBS 00243112″B.B. & Q. Band – On The Beat (88 Bronx Mix) / 8
GBS 00169612″B.B. Jerome & The Bang Gang – Shock Rock
GBS 0019947″B.O.S. Feat. Angela Martin – Everybody’s Free (To
GBS 0022347″B·V·S·M·P – I Need You
GBS 0006657″BACCARA – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
GBS 00111612″BAD BOYS BLUE – Lover On The Line
GBS 00061512″Baker, Adrian / Park, Gidea – I Get Around/Lazin
GBS 00251912″Bam Boo – Same
GBS 00255012″Bananarama – Only Your Love
GBS 00257112″Bananarama – Preacher Man
GBS 0022577″Bananarama – Robert De Niro’s Waiting…
GBS 00254612″Bananarama – Robert De Niro’s Waiting…
GBS 00241512″Bananarama – Venus
GBS 0006527″BANANARAMA & FUN BOY THREE – Really Saying Someth
GBS 00248612″Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas?
GBS 00036312″BAND OF GOLD – This Is Our Time
GBS 0021527″Bange Konijnen – Ik Ben Verliefd Op Sandra Kim
GBS 0022287″Bangles – If She Knew What She Wants
GBS 0019727″Bangles – Manic Monday
GBS 0022037″BAP – Drei Wünsch Frei
GBS 00117912″Barthezz – Infected
GBS 0020677″Bata Illic – Komm Auf Das Schiff Meiner Träume
GBS 0010707″BAY CITY ROLLERS – Don’t Stop The Music / The Way
GBS 0006477″BAY CITY ROLLERS – Where Will I Be Now / Don´t Wo
GBS 0022537″Beagle Music Ltd. – Ice In The Sunshine
GBS 0015937″Bebe & Cece Winans – Celebrate New Life
GBS 0019447″Bee Gees – Secret Love
GBS 0020097″Bee Gees – The Only Love
GBS 0018497″Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven
GBS 0016707″Bee Gees – Tragedy
GBS 0006547″Behrens, Victor – Golden Gate / Spotlight
GBS 0009157″Belafonte, Shari + Chris Norman – I Want To Be Ne
GBS 0023037″Belinda Carlisle – Leave A Light On
GBS 0022197″Bellamy Brothers – Satin Sheets / I´m The Only Sa
GBS 0022767″Belle Epoque – Black Is Black
GBS 0016507″Belouis Some – Imagination
GBS 0014387″Benny – Bin Wieder Frei (Ça Plane Pour Moi)
GBS 0011397″Berghagen, Lars – Santa Barbara / Eva (…Du Mußt
GBS 0019637″Bernd – Gefühle Sterben Nie
GBS 0015487″Bernd Boy – Immer Wenn Der Winter Kommt
GBS 0022367″Bernhard Brink – Griechische Nacht
GBS 0018987″Bernhard Brink – Ich Kämpfe Um Dich
GBS 0014207″Bert Kämpfert Und Sein Orchester – Wunderland B
GBS 00115912″Bette Midler – My Knight In Black Leather
GBS 00060312″BIANCO, BONNIE  & PIERRE COSSO – Stay / No Tears
GBS 00041612″Bianco, Bonnie – My First Love
GBS 00035412″BIG FUN – Blame It On The Boogie
GBS 0015377″Bill Hurst – How Can You Tell The Kids
GBS 0017207″Bill Ramsey – American Dollar
GBS 0021247″Billy Idol – Sweet Sixteen
GBS 0014857″Billy Joel – An Innocent Man
GBS 0018437″Billy Joel – Keeping The Faith
GBS 0018787″Billy Ocean – Loverboy
GBS 0019877″Billy Ocean – There´ll Be Sad Songs
GBS 00122912″Billy Ocean – When The Going Gets Tough, The Toug
GBS 00245512″Bioscene – Let’s Go Back In Time
GBS 00059612″BIRDLAND – EP 3: Sleep With Me
GBS 0018737″Bizz Nizz – Don’t Miss The Partyline
GBS 0006557″BLACK – Everything’s Coming Up Roses
GBS 0008507″BLÄCK FÖÖSS – Baby I Love You / Loss M’r Jon
GBS 0018807″Bläck Fööss – Et Spanien-Leed / Damenwahl Em Stam
GBS 0008277″Bläck Fööss & Fründe – 1989 Em Millowitsch-Theate
GBS 0015787″Blizzard – Downtown Rock ’n‘ Roll Discotheque
GBS 0005337″BLONDIE – (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence,
GBS 0005297″BLONDIE – Heart Of Glass
GBS 0005347″BLONDIE – Sunday Girl
GBS 0013217″Blue Haze – Unchained Melody
GBS 00256812″Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain
GBS 0008497″BLUE SWEDE – Silly Milly
GBS 00146612″Blue System – My Bed Is Too Big
GBS 0006597″BLUE SYSTEM – Sorry Little Sarah / Big Boys Don´t
GBS 0022307″Bo Bo Zero – Crime Of Emotion
GBS 00241612″Bob Geldof – This Is The World Calling
GBS 0021927″Bobby McFerrin – Good Lovin‘
GBS 0022377″Bogart – Primaballerina
GBS 0019627″Bogart – Stop Lovin‘ You
GBS 0006627″Bohannon, Hamilton – South African Man
GBS 00069112″BOLLAND & BOLLAND – Tears Of Ice
GBS 0010927″Bolton, Michael – How Am I Supposed To Live Witho
GBS 00020312″Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis
GBS 00255712″Bomb The Bass – Say A Little Prayer
GBS 00003312″Bondy, Jean Paul – cold reformer
GBS 0005457″BONEY M. – Belfast / Plantation Boy
GBS 0005417″BONEY M. – Children Of Paradise / Gadda-Da-Vida
GBS 0005407″BONEY M. – Daddy Cool / No Woman No Cry
GBS 0005437″BONEY M. – Felicidad (Margherita) / Strange
GBS 00058012″BONEY M. – Gotta Go Home / El Lute
GBS 0022387″Boney M. – Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday
GBS 0005397″BONEY M. – I See A Boat On The River / My Friend
GBS 00058112″BONEY M. – Kalimba De Luna
GBS 0005427″BONEY M. – Malaika / Consuela Biaz
GBS 0005477″BONEY M. – Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord
GBS 0005467″BONEY M. – Rivers Of Babylon / Brown Girl In The
GBS 0022207″Boney M. And Bobby Farrell With The School-Rebels
GBS 0022557″Bonnie Bianco – My First Love
GBS 0006837″BONNIE PRINCE BILLY – The B-Sides For Time To Be
GBS 00001412″Boom Bip – Sacchrilege
GBS 00004012″Boy From Brazil – america
GBS 0020787″Boz Scaggs – What Can I Say / Harbor Lights
GBS 00018212″BRAVO & SANDMAN FEAT. RASCO – Aged & Laced / Audi
GBS 00116112″Breakfast Club – Right On Track
GBS 00258412″Brilliant – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
GBS 0022277″Bros – When Will I Be Famous?
GBS 00118712″Bros – When Will I Be Famous?
GBS 00037012″BROTHER BEYOND – The Harder I Try (Remix)
GBS 0016777″Brotherhood Of Man – Save Your Kisses For Me
GBS 00038212″Brown, Bobby – On Our Own
GBS 00033512″Brown, Elly – Don’t Hang Up
GBS 0007317″Brown, Findlay – Come Home / Broken Every Rule
GBS 00060012″Brown, Miguel & Kennedy, Grace –  Eurobeat Is Ene
GBS 0006517″Brown, Sam – Stop!
GBS 0023157″Bruce & Bongo – Hi Ho – Heigh Ho – Whistle While
GBS 0022157″Bruce Low – Die Legende Von Babylon (Rivers Of Ba
GBS 0006847″Brühl, Heidi – La Bambola / Master Jack
GBS 0016127″Brussels Sound Revolution – Qui…?
GBS 0006587″BUCKS FIZZ – Making Your Mind Up / Don´t Stop
GBS 0006637″BUCKS FIZZ – Piece Of The Action
GBS 0016787″Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Star
GBS 0006487″Büker, Bernward – Piraten Der Liebe / Keine Angst
GBS 00252412″By George – No Clause 28
GBS 0019927″BZN – Pearlydumm
GBS 0017917″BZN – Run Away Home
GBS 002367C Cat Trance – Dreams Of Leaving
GBS 0018967″C.C. Catch – Backseat Of Your Cadillac
GBS 0018627″Camouflage – Neighbours
GBS 00258012″Candy Flip – Strawberry Fields Forever
GBS 0009007″CARBON / SILICON – The Magic Suitcase
GBS 0015247″Carl Gross – Ja Nach Dem Zehnten Bierchen
GBS 0013787″Carlos Otero – Ein Heißer Kuß Und Tausend Kühle T
GBS 0023027″Carmel – Sally
GBS 00115612″Caroline Loeb – C’Est La Ouate
GBS 00061812″Casares, Amber – Rollercoaster
GBS 0004587″CASSIDY, SHAUN – That’s Rock ’n‘ Roll
GBS 0018817″Cassy – Aus / Oh Charly
GBS 00252312″Cat – Catwoman
GBS 0020527″Caterina Valente – Manuel
GBS 0014157″Catrin Sommer – Hawaiian Beach Party
GBS 00069812″CAULFIELD – Untitled
GBS 0018617″Ce Ce Peniston – Keep On Walkin‘
GBS 00067812″CEEJAY – 3AM
GBS 0015397″Cerrone – Je Suis Music / Music Of Life
GBS 002324Chakk – You / They Say
GBS 0010747″Charles, Tina – Rendezvous
GBS 00052512″CHARMS – I Can’t Let Go (Extended Version)
GBS 0017347″Chas & Dave – Gertcha!
GBS 00057912″Cheery, Janice – Flashlights
GBS 0008057″CHER – Just Like Jesse James
GBS 0013757″Chesney Hawkes – The One And Only
GBS 00251812″Chic  –  Good Times (Extended Remix ’88)
GBS 00244712″Chic – Chic Mystique
GBS 00248512″Chic – Jack Le Freak (Extended Remix ’87)
GBS 0022257″Chicago – Wishing You Were Here
GBS 0016097″Chicago / Hans Zimmer – Hearts In Trouble / Car B
GBS 0007107″CHIEF – Breaking Walls
GBS 0018677″Chris Barrow – Hey, It’s Popcorn Time Again
GBS 0015267″Chris de Burgh – Don’t Pay The Ferryman
GBS 0016527″Chris de Burgh – I Love The Night
GBS 0016747″Chris De Burgh – The Lady In Red
GBS 0017127″Chris Rea – Que Sera
GBS 0018097″Chris Roberts – Du Bist Mein Mädchen
GBS 0018657″Christian Anders – In Den Augen Der Andern / Das
GBS 00119012″Christian Bruhn – Surf-Fascination
GBS 0014097″Christian Franke – Ich Wünsch‘ Dir Die Hölle Auf
GBS 00042712″CHRISTIAN HOUND – Not Guilty!
GBS 0019907″Christopher Stone – Die Hölle Ist Schön
GBS 00114512″Cimarons – Big Girls Don’t Cry
GBS 0015497″Cindy & Bert – How Do You Do, My Darling / Wir D
GBS 0021697″Ciska Peters & Aristakes – Kom In Mijn Armen
GBS 00066912″CK & SUPREME DREAM TEAM – Dreamer
GBS 0018247″Claudia Condor – Friede Für Dies Land
GBS 0014087″Claudja Barry – (Boogie Woogie) Dancin‘ Shoes / B
GBS 0020207″Cliff Richard – Jesus
GBS 0020407″Cliff Richard – Some People
GBS 0020137″Cliff Richard – We Don’t Talk Anymore
GBS 0015907″Coast To Coast – (Do) The Hucklebuck
GBS 0007327″COCK ROBIN – The Biggest Fool Of All / Blood Of A
GBS 0019707″Cock Robin – The Promise You Made
GBS 00123812″Cock Robin – The Promise You Made
GBS 0020397″Cock Robin – Thought You Were On My Side
GBS 0018977″Cock Robin – When Your Heart Is Weak
GBS 00248912″Cock Robin – When Your Heart Is Weak (Dance Mix)
GBS 00042512″Cocker, Joe – Now That You´re Gone
GBS 0020927″Coco York & Dan Byrd – Sol Samba / I’ll Put You I
GBS 00021012″Code 61 – Drop The Deal
GBS 00069612″CODEBASE – Seek And Destroy EP
GBS 0010557″COLDCUT FEAT. JUNIOR REID – Stop This Crazy Thing
GBS 0010857″Collins, Phil – A Groovy Kind Of Love
GBS 00240912″Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up
GBS 0015097″Communards With Sarah Jane Morris – Don’t Leave M
GBS 00038512″CONFETTI´S – C?Day
GBS 00243612″Confetti’s – Circling Stars (Jingle Bells)
GBS 0020227″Conny & Jean – Leben Ohne Dich
GBS 00127712″Copy-Right – You Can Win If You Want
GBS 0021447″Corey Hart – Never Surrender
GBS 00059412″Cosso, Pierre – Face Your Life
GBS 00035912″Costa, Nancy – New York Times (Remixed Version)
GBS 0007257″CRESCENDO – Amazing Grace / Swinging Spiritual
GBS 00147312″Crescendo Royale – Master Dancer
GBS 0007237″Cross, Christopher – All Right
GBS 0007247″Cross, Christopher – Think Of Laura / Words Of Wi
GBS 00111412″Crosson, Ryan – Hopskotch / Gotham Road
GBS 0016117″Crypton – Hey-Ho (…Mach Mich Froh)
GBS 00247512″Cubic 22 – Night In Motion
GBS 0023067″Culture Club – Church Of The Poison Mind
GBS 0015067″Culture Club – Time (Clock Of The Heart)
GBS 00251712″Curve – Frozen
GBS 0023077″Cutting Crew – I’ve Been In Love Before
GBS 00251012″D. Twins – Falling (Remixes By D.J. Herbie)
GBS 00255112″D.N.A. Featuring Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner (Rem
GBS 00020512″D.W.H. – Blau, Blau, Blau Blüht Der Enzian
GBS 00070412″DA  BUZZ – Alive
GBS 0007367″DALBELLO – Gonna Get Close To You
GBS 0022887″Dalida – Er War Gerade 18 Jahr‘
GBS 0018207″Dan Hartman – Second Nature
GBS 00002212″Dance Disorder- zusammen
GBS 0013507″Danyel Gerard – Meine Stadt (Von Japan Nach Ameri
GBS 0022907″Dario – Diddi & Julie
GBS 0022937″Darts – It’s Raining
GBS 002362Das Barbaren Tanzorchester – Das Barbaren Tanzor
GBS 0015367″Dave Collins – Mona, Disco-Girl
GBS 0022757″Dave Edmunds – Something About You Baby
GBS 00242212″Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin – The Locomotion
GBS 00252112″David Bowie – Day-In Day-Out (Extended Dance Mix
GBS 0022247″David Cassidy – Romance (Let Your Heart Go)
GBS 0022827″David Essex – Gonna Make You A Star
GBS 0016647″David Hanselmann – Go Get The Cup
GBS 0021597″David Hasselhoff – Is Everybody Happy
GBS 002338Dawn After Dark – Crystal High / See-Rap E.P.
GBS 0017157″De 3Söck – Rebellen / Hey Fastelovend
GBS 0006537″De Burgh, Chris – High On Emotion
GBS 0007227″De Burgh, Chris – The Traveller
GBS 0021577″De Havenzangers – Oh Mona!
GBS 0017717″De Häzzjer – Ach Künnt Ich Doch Fleege
GBS 0013357″De Höhner – Unsre Bock Eß Meister
GBS 0019997″De Krageknöpp – E Kölsch, E Lecker Kölsch
GBS 0010487″DE KRAGEKNÖPP – Pippimann’s Boogie
GBS 0015357″De Marlets – Mademoiselle Ninette
GBS 0017387″De Strüüssjer – Hück Eß Kirmes Em Dörp
GBS 0022327″Deacon Blue – Four Bacharach & David Songs
GBS 0018167″Dead Or Alive – Lover Come Back To Me
GBS 0020037″Debbie – Who’s Gonna Love Me
GBS 0018887″Debbie Gibson – Electric Youth
GBS 00117712″Decomplex Deluxe #5
GBS 00117112″Decomplex Deluxe #6
GBS 0019587″Dee D. Jackson – Meteor Man
GBS 00253112″Deee-Lite – Power Of Love
GBS 0022987″Deejays United – Dance Computer Three
GBS 00006312″Del the Funky Homosapien – funk ´em
GBS 00062812″Delano, Alexi & Alejandro Sab – Slipping Through
GBS 002388Delegation – Where’s The Love (We Used To Know)
GBS 0019737″Demis Roussos – Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye
GBS 0018537″Demis Roussos – Lost In Love
GBS 0021497″Den Harrow – Mad Desire
GBS 0023097″Dennie Christian – Moustafa
GBS 0010247″Densow, Klaus – Ich Könnte Tausendmal Am Abend
GBS 0015707″Departure – Rendezvous And A Flirt With You (Fric
GBS 00254512″Depeche Mode – Master And Servant (Slavery Whip
GBS 00242112″Destination  – You And I
GBS 00118312″Detroit Spinners – Body Language
GBS 00018512″D-Flame – Stopp
GBS 00005212″Diamond Version – Mute/ R-N
GBS 0019337″Diana Ross – Chain Reaction
GBS 0019117″Diana Ross – Mirror Mirror
GBS 0020117″Diana Ross – Missing You
GBS 0020317″Diana Ross – My Old Piano
GBS 0012057″Diana Ross – Upside Down
GBS 0015667″Die 3 Colonias – Bier Und ´nen Appelkorn
GBS 0016597″Die 3 Colonias – Bier Und ’nen Appelkorn
GBS 0016187″Die 3 Colonias – Oh, Wie Tut Das Gut!
GBS 0020257″Die Blizzards – Ich bleib‘ dir treu
GBS 0020007″Die Eilemänner – Das Matterhorn
GBS 0015637″Die Eilemänner – Der Kater
GBS 0019777″Die Flippers – Mexico
GBS 0010577″DIE SCHNAPSDROSSELN – ‚S Ist Alles Scheisse
GBS 0021737″Die Zwei Böschräuber – De Mamm
GBS 0013277″Diether Krebs + Gundula – Ich Bin Der Martin, Ne.
GBS 00027312″Dillinger – Tribal War / War Dubbing
GBS 002346Dillinger– Cocaine In My Brain / Funky Punk
GBS 00067312″DINKY – Home On A Sunday
GBS 00068512″DINKY & JORGE GONZALEZ – No Sleep
GBS 002368Direct Hits – Speed Over Berlin
GBS 0016727″Disco People – No More
GBS 00024512″Diva Gray & Oyster – Hotel Paradise / Magic Carpe
GBS 00018112″DJ FK – Rock The Most
GBS 00018712″DJ Tomekk Featuring Das Bo – Eey Yo
GBS 00111512″DJ ZANY – Hectik / In My Mind
GBS 0020567″DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner
GBS 0016077″Dolly Dots – What A Night
GBS 0021167″Don Johnson – Tell It Like It Is
GBS 0014117″Don McLean – Crying
GBS 00239812″Donna Summer – Dim All The Lights
GBS 0018507″Donna Summer – Last Dance
GBS 00037412″Donovan, Jason – Every Day (I Love You More)
GBS 00041812″Donovan, Jason – Too Many Broken Hearts
GBS 0007177″DORIS D AND THE PINS – Jamaica / Pins
GBS 00024812″Dormannu – Powdered Lover
GBS 00027412″DORMANNU – The Dread
GBS 0016227″Dos Chicas – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
GBS 0017327″Double – The Captain Of Her Heart
GBS 0017067″Double Trouble & The Rebel MC – Just Keep Rockin‘
GBS 0012937″Dr. Hook – When You’re In Love With A Beautiful W
GBS 00023312″DREAD ZONE – Sounds From The House Of Dread, Drea
GBS 00118012″Drizzly Ten, An Own World Vol. 010.1
GBS 0021397″Dschinghis Khan – Hadschi Halef Omar
GBS 0012987″Dschinghis Khan – Himalaja
GBS 0021407″Dschinghis Khan – Moskau
GBS 0020027″Dschinghis Khan – Wir Sitzen Alle Im Selben Boot
GBS 00145812″Dub Specialists – History
GBS 002374Duetemmo  – Or So It Seems
GBS 0019157″Duncan Browne – The Wild Places
GBS 0010237″DUO CALIFORNIA – Wenn Die Sehnsucht Deinen Namen
GBS 0017477″Duran Duran – A View To A Kill (Im Angesicht Des
GBS 00040412″DURAN DURAN – The Wild Boys
GBS 0020457″Dusty Springfield – In Private
GBS 0007187″Duval, Frank – Give Me Your Love / Ogon
GBS 0011107″Duval, Frank – Living Like A Cry
GBS 000103Dwamena – Michael
GBS 0017427″Earth & Fire – Twenty Four Hours
GBS 0010737″Easton, Sheena – For Your Eyes Only
GBS 0007427″EBONY – The Locomotion / The Man I Love
GBS 00063712″ECHOLOGIST – Buzz Factory EP
GBS 0021257″Eddie Kendricks – Boogie Down
GBS 0021347″Eddy Huntington – U.S.S.R.
GBS 0018017″Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – Circle
GBS 0012857″Edina Pop – Carneval Brasil / Alarmstufe 1
GBS 0007527″EDITORS – Push Your Head Towards The Air
GBS 0019557″Edoardo Bennato – È Arrivato Un Bastimento / Sarà
GBS 0018407″Edward Simoni – Pan-Träume
GBS 0004537″EILEMANN TRIO – Was tun wir in Hongkong
GBS 00022712″EL DESTRUCTO – Chunkblower (12″)
GBS 00255612″Electra – Destiny (The Remix) / Autumn Love (Fut
GBS 00254912″Electribe 101 – You’re Walking
GBS 0014967″Electric Light Orchestra – Calling America
GBS 0015327″Elfriede Meyer – Ich Mag Kein Bodybuilding-Kraft
GBS 0019387″Elkie Brooks – No More The Fool
GBS 0015007″Ellen Foley – The Shuttered Palace (Sons Of Europ
GBS 0021217″Elton John – Kiss The Bride
GBS 0021117″Elton John – Sad Songs (Say So Much)
GBS 00247312″EMF – I Believe
GBS 00252712″EMF – Unbelievable
GBS 0013947″Emmylou Harris – How High The Moon
GBS 0022877″En Vogue –  My Lovin‘ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)
GBS 0021887″Ennio Morricone – Spiel Mir Das Lied Vom Tod
GBS 0018447″Erasure – Blue Savannah
GBS 00251212″Erasure – Chorus
GBS 0022847″Erasure – Crackers International
GBS 00249412″Erasure – Star
GBS 0007657″ERASURE – Who Needs Love Like That
GBS 0016017″Errol Ross – Shadows In The Night
GBS 0013517″Eruption Featuring Precious Wilson – I Can’t Stan
GBS 0017177″Erwin Schiechel – Lass Mich Nicht Allein
GBS 0007387″Eskens, Margot – Eine Reise In Die Vergangenheit
GBS 0022817″Europe – The Final Countdown
GBS 0022837″Eurythmics – Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty ? Four)
GBS 0022737″Eurythmics – There Must Be An Angel (Playing With
GBS 0008777″Everly, Phil – Louise
GBS 00017012″Executive Slacks – Our Lady
GBS 0010887″F.P.I. PROJECT – Rich In Paradise
GBS 002358Fad Gadget – One Man’s Meat (Remix)
GBS 00240612″Fairground Attraction – Perfect
GBS 00169312″Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
GBS 0022637″Falco – The Sound Of Musik.
GBS 0010157″Fall, Leo – Der Fidele Bauer (Querschnitt)
GBS 00067012″FALSE – Love Letters
GBS 0007597″Fältskog, Agnetha – The Last Time
GBS 0017957″Fantastique – Mama Told Me
GBS 00051512″Farnham, John – Nothing’s Gonna Stand In Our Way
GBS 00069412″FELTMANN TROMMELT – Healing
GBS 0022617″Fine Young Cannibals – Ever Fallen In Love
GBS 00039212″Fisher, Climie – Love Changes (Everything)
GBS 00014512″Flesh for Lulu – blue sisters swing
GBS 00023112″Flight Control – Speedbird 707 E.P.
GBS 0014067″Florian Haidt – Ich Will, Wenn Ich Wüßte, Daß Ich
GBS 00021212″Foetus Art Terrorism – Calamity Crush
GBS 0007567″Fogli, Riccardo – Storie Di Tutti I Giorni
GBS 00056712″FORECAST – Happy Days (Hip Hip Hooray)
GBS 0018697″Foreigner – I Don’t Want To Live Without You
GBS 0022667″Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is
GBS 0007637″FOUR TOPS – Indestructible
GBS 0022807″Fox The Fox – Precious Little Diamond
GBS 0019897″FPI Project – Everybody (All Over The World)
GBS 0021847″Francesco Napoli – Balla..Balla! – Italian Hit Co
GBS 00121312″Francesco Napoli – Balla..Balla! Vol. 2 – Italia
GBS 0018637″Frank Duval & Orchestra – Angel Of Mine
GBS 0014217″Frank Duval & Orchestra – Mystic Love
GBS 0012977″Frank Rothe – Ich Seh‘ Einen Engel Weinen
GBS 0019917″Frank Ryan – You You
GBS 0018127″Fred Sonnenschein Und Seine Freunde – Ja, Wenn Wi
GBS 0016047″Freddie Jackson – Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times
GBS 0018077″Freddie Mandera – Mambo (De Guantánamo) / Send Me
GBS 0022097″Freddie Mercury – I Was Born To Love You
GBS 0022687″Freddy – Die Barke Einsamkeit (Adios Muchachos Ad
GBS 0008517″FREE – 4 Track Solid EP
GBS 0022627″Freeez – I.O.U
GBS 000105Fresh & Fly – don´t stop
GBS 0019527″Freur – Riders In The Night
GBS 0017617″Friedrich Hlawatsch – Schuhlied / Kind Im Bauch
GBS 0019417″Fritz Randow – Lach Mal Wieder
GBS 0022647″Fun Fun – Colour My Love
GBS 00234912″Fun Fun – Happy Station (Scratch Version)
GBS 00037712″FUZZBOX – Self!
GBS 0004817″G.G. ANDERSON – Mama Lorraine
GBS 0014447″Gaby Baginsky – Sag Mir, Wo Du Wohnst
GBS 00030812″Gall, France – Ella Elle L’A
GBS 0010327″Garcia, Digno – La Felicidad / Yo Te Quiero
GBS 000254Gaye Bykers On Acid – Everythangs Groovy
GBS 0014367″GEA – Fins & Fans – Getting Environmental
GBS 00003212″General Electrics Feat. Lateef The… – facing th
GBS 0007687″GENESIS – No Reply At All / Naminanu
GBS 0007747″GENESIS – Paperlate / You Might Recall
GBS 00004912″GE-OLOGY – Let Me / Babygirl
GBS 0014247″Georg Kreisler – Das Beste Aus Kreisler’s Digest
GBS 0016467″George Baker – Sing For The Day
GBS 0022067″George Michael – A Different Corner
GBS 00250512″George Michael – Monkey
GBS 00246912″George Michael – Praying For Time
GBS 0019577″Gerd Strobel – Am Rudekirchener Kapellchen
GBS 0015947″Gerry Rafferty & Joe Egan – Everything Will Turn
GBS 0021757″Gianna Nannini – Profumo
GBS 0016147″Gianni Bella – Dolce Uragano / Fondersi
GBS 00030112″GIBSON BROTHERS –  Mariana / All I Ever Want Is Y
GBS 00027112″Gibson Brothers – Megamix
GBS 0022717″Gibson Brothers – Party Tonight
GBS 0008347″GIBSON BROTHERS – Que Sera Mi Vida (If You Shoul
GBS 0021907″Gilbert Montagné – Just For Tonight
GBS 0007807″Gildo, Rex – Memories / In Meinen Augen Kann Jede
GBS 0018997″Ginger – Blind Date
GBS 0020077″Gitano Boys – Anna Maria
GBS 0020067″Glass Tiger – My Song
GBS 0021937″Glenn Medeiros – Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love F
GBS 0022677″Gloria Gaynor – Casanova Brown
GBS 0007787″Göddertz, Jack – Du Kannst Mich Mal / Seid Gut Zu
GBS 002372Godfathers – Love Is Dead (Valentine Day Massacr
GBS 0013567″Godley & Creme – An Englishman In New York
GBS 0015877″Godley And Creme – Golden Boy
GBS 0016547″Goombay Dance Band – Goombay Dance Band
GBS 0016537″Goombay Dance Band – Rain
GBS 0021357″Greg Kihn – Island / Remember
GBS 0007757″Griffith, Roni – Desire / I Want Your Lovin‘
GBS 0007767″Grönemeyer, Hebert – Kinder An Die Macht / Lächel
GBS 00068712″Guesch, Patti – Etienne (Dance Mix)
GBS 0014057″Gunter Gans Und Seine „Original“ Schniedelwutze ?
GBS 00245312″Guru Josh – Whose Law (Is It Anyway)?
GBS 0021147″Guru Josh – Whose Law (Is It Anyway?)
GBS 0009457″HAJO – Romeo
GBS 00249712″Halo James – Could Have Told You So
GBS 0007987″Hamilton, Lesley – You Gotta Move / Summer Lullab
GBS 0007857″Hammond, Albert – Everything I Want To Do / Woman
GBS 0017777″Hank B. Memphis – I Love You Baby
GBS 0021607″Hanne Haller – Mein Lieber Mann
GBS 0021457″Hanne Haller – Samstag Abend
GBS 0019097″Hannes Schöner – Nun Sag Schon Adieu
GBS 0016697″Hans Lötzsch – Bierkasten-Marsch
GBS 00246512″Happy Mondays – Judge Fudge
GBS 00248012″Happy Mondays – Step On / Lazyitis
GBS 0021627″Harpo – Motorcycle Mama
GBS 0008017″Harris, Emmylou – Mister Sandman / Ashes By Now
GBS 0008007″Harrison, George – Got My Mind Set On You /
GBS 0021617″Heaven 17 – Trouble
GBS 0017547″Heidi Brühl – Kalt Oder Heiß
GBS 0015437″Heidi Stroh – Was Hab Ich Mit Der Liebe Gemacht
GBS 0007867″HEINO – Blau Blüht Der Enzian / Irgendwann Sind A
GBS 0013627″Heino – Enzian (Acid Mix)
GBS 0013717″Heino – So’n Kleiner Garten Vor Der Stadt
GBS 0015547″Heino & Hannelore – Ich Will Dich Nie Mehr Weinen
GBS 0017307″Helen Schneider – Shadows Of The Night
GBS 0004947″HELLO – Good Old USA
GBS 0013937″Hello – Let It Rock
GBS 0014537″Hello – Shine On Silver Light
GBS 0021317″Hello – Star Studded Sham
GBS 0016557″Helmut Frey – Nicht Ein Wort Davon Ist Wahr
GBS 00056912″Hendrix, Nona – Transformation / Design For Livin
GBS 0015597″Henner Hoier – Ich Hör‘ Musik
GBS 0021487″Henner Hoier – Tina
GBS 00051312″HENRY & LOUIS – Deliverance
GBS 0013147″Henry Valentino + Uschi – Wenn Du Mich Fragst, Ic
GBS 00254212″Herb Alpert – Diamonds
GBS 0018387″Herr Vom Driesch – Ein Engel Wie Du Darf Nicht We
GBS 0007977″HIPNOSIS – Pulstar / End Title (Blade Runner)
GBS 0019567″Hiroko Murata – Valentino
GBS 0008387″HITHOUSE – Jack To The Sound Of The Underground
GBS 0018707″Hoffmann & Hoffmann – Rücksicht
GBS 0007847″Hofmann, Peter – The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymor
GBS 00023012″Hogan,Annie – Annie Hogan Plays „Kickabye“
GBS 0019177″Höhner – Aqua Di Colonia
GBS 0016577″Höhner – Kein Meer Mehr Da
GBS 0016567″Höhner – Kölsche Klüngel
GBS 0013347″Höhner – Pizza Wundaba
GBS 0019857″Höhner – Wenn´s Dir Gut Geht
GBS 0017887″Hollywood Beyond – What’s The Colour Of Money?
GBS 0007897″Holm, Michael – Allein Mit Dir / Zuviel Rauch In
GBS 00000212″Homewreckers – it´s about time
GBS 00059712″HOT CHOCOLATE – You Sexy Thing (Extended Replay M
GBS 0016497″Howard Carpendale – Morgen Früh Wirst Du Geh’n
GBS 0016327″Howard Carpendale – Nachts, Wenn Alles Schläft
GBS 0018957″Howard Carpendale – Tür An Tür Mit Alice
GBS 0023017″Howard Carpendale – Wie Frei Willst Du Sein?
GBS 0016717″Howard Jones – Hide & Seek
GBS 0019617″Howard Jones – Life In One Day
GBS 00146912″Howard Jones – New Song
GBS 0021367″Hubert Kah Mit Kapelle – Einmal Nur Mit Erika…
GBS 0007817″HUCKLEBUCK – Paper Plane / No One’s Missing Me
GBS 0007877″Hudson Al & The Partner – You Can do It /  I Don´
GBS 0021327″Huey Lewis And The News – Walking On A Thin Line
GBS 00117312″Huggotron – Tron EP
GBS 0017267″Human League – The Lebanon
GBS 0008027″HUMAN RADIO – All My Life / Come Back
GBS 00256612″Humanoid – Slam
GBS 0013167″Humpe Humpe – Geschrien Im Schlaf
GBS 0014407″I Santo California – Ti Perdono Amore Mio / Che G
GBS 0014547″Ian Cussick – The Meaning
GBS 0019787″Ibo – Bungalow In Santa Nirgendwo
GBS 0008367″ICE MC – Easy
GBS 0021227″Imagination – Changes
GBS 0021307″Imagination – Just An Illusion
GBS 0017707″Ingolf Janson – Badischer Wein
GBS 0014317″Ingolf Janson – Lover Man, So Hast Du Mich Genann
GBS 00020112″Inner Circle – discipline child, nosed please
GBS 00257512″Inner City – Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin‘
GBS 0017507″Innocence – Let’s Push It
GBS 00241812″Innocence – Natural Thing
GBS 00252012″Intastella – Dream Some Paradise
GBS 002382INXS – What You Need
GBS 0016317″Ireen Sheer – Das Lied Der Schönen Helena (Pythag
GBS 0012897″Ireen Sheer – Xanadu
GBS 0016157″Irene Cara – Breakdance
GBS 002364Irmin Schmidt – You Make Me…Nervous
GBS 0021297″Ivan – Baila
GBS 00117812″J. Daniel – To Eden (Remix 2000)
GBS 00253612″Jack – E – Makossa – The Opera House
GBS 0018357″Jack Jersey – Blue Brown Eyed Lady
GBS 0014267″Jacques Legrand – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
GBS 00041912″JAM TRONIK – Another Day In Paradise (The Sidney
GBS 0008697″JAMES LLOYD – Get Ready For My Love
GBS 0010757″Jan hammer- Crockett’s Theme
GBS 00256412″Janet Jackson – Alright
GBS 00256012″Janet Jackson – Black Cat
GBS 00252912″Janet Jackson – Come Back To Me / Alright
GBS 00244412″Janet Jackson – Escapade
GBS 00256312″Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do (Without You)
GBS 00256112″Janet Jackson – Nasty (Cool Summer Mix) Parts 1
GBS 00254012″Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation
GBS 00255912″Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principle
GBS 00256212″Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You (Dance Remix
GBS 0011997″Jawoll – Taxi
GBS 0014127″Jean-Claude Borelly – Above the Clouds
GBS 0014327″Jeanette – Soy Rebelde
GBS 0013747″Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy – Indian Love Ca
GBS 00123412″Jellybean – Jingo (The Definitive Mixes)
GBS 00123112″Jellybean Featuring Elisa Fiorillo – Who Found Wh
GBS 0020427″Jennifer Rush – The Power Of Love – Orchestral Re
GBS 0021187″Jermaine Jackson – Do What You Do
GBS 0021197″Jermaine Jackson, Pia Zadora – When The Rain Begi
GBS 0018067″Jermaine Stewart – Don’t Talk Dirty To Me
GBS 0018057″Jermaine Stewart – Get Lucky
GBS 00256512″Jesus Jones – Right Here, Right Now (The Twelve
GBS 00112312″Jett, Joan – Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) /
GBS 00249112″Jill Jones – Mia Bocca
GBS 0022897″Jim Diamond – I Should Have Known Better
GBS 00128012″Jimmy Somerville Featuring June Miles Kingston –
GBS 0021777″Jo Leen – Niki The Racer
GBS 0013927″Joce And The Kazoo Band – Kazoo Kazoo
GBS 0019597″Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love
GBS 0022227″Joe Bataan – Rap-O Clap-O
GBS 0019287″Joe Public – I Miss You
GBS 0020517″Johanna Von Koczian – Der Kater Läßt Das Mausen N
GBS 0017847″John Buck And The Chi Chi’s – Kibaba
GBS 0021507″John Law – Good-Night Hamburg
GBS 0019607″John Parr / Joe Esposito – Always On My Mind / Ta
GBS 0019107″John Paul Young – Lost In Your Love
GBS 0014107″John Sebastian – Welcome Back Kotter
GBS 0018567″John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John – You’re The
GBS 0019817″John Waite – Missing You
GBS 0008227″John, Elton – Crocodile Rock / Daniel
GBS 0008077″John, Elton – Return To Paradise
GBS 0020657″Johnnie Taylor – Cheaper To Keep Her
GBS 0019757″Johnny Logan – Hold Me Now
GBS 0022147″Johnny Logan – I’m Not In Love
GBS 0020017″Johnny Logan – Save Me
GBS 0015977″Johnny Wakelin – In Zaire / You Got The Bug
GBS 00067112″Johnson, Brett – Un-Quantize Mindz E.P.
GBS 00038712″Johnson, Don – Tell It Like It Is
GBS 00035512″Johnson, Holly – Americanos
GBS 00014812″Johnson, Holly – Love Train
GBS 0008187″Jones, Grace – Slave To The Rhythm
GBS 0008127″Jones, Howard – New Song
GBS 0015127″Jonny Hill – Mutter Ich Lasse Dich Grüßen
GBS 0013707″José Feliciano – Che Sara‘ / There’s No One About
GBS 0019767″José Luis Campoy Y Sus Andaluces – Flamenco… Y
GBS 0021137″Joy Unlimited – Go Easy Go Bahn
GBS 0017297″Joyce Sims – Come Into My Life
GBS 00062612″JPLS – Program
GBS 000101Judgement Night – Faith no more & boo yaa tribe
GBS 0015837″Juli & Julie – Amore Mio Perdonami
GBS 0021087″Juliane Werding – Geh Nicht In Die Stadt (Heut Na
GBS 0021037″Juliane Werding – Stimmen Im Wind
GBS 0016027″Julien Clerc – Partir
GBS 0017797″Julio Iglesias – Aimer La Vie
GBS 0018867″Julio Iglesias – Amor
GBS 0014337″Julio Iglesias – Good-Bye My Love
GBS 0013367″Juluka – Scatterlings Of Africa
GBS 0011417″JUMP COMPANY- Double Jump
GBS 0017287″Jürgen von Manger – Das Wunder Der Liebe / Der Si
GBS 0013887″Jürgen Wentorf – Du Alter Geizhals
GBS 0007887″Kah, Hubert – Rosemarie / Du Bist So Schön
GBS 0021557″Kajagoogoo – Turn Your Back On Me
GBS 0017827″Karin Laenen – I’m Gonna Be Strong
GBS 0020967″Kate Yanai – Bacardi Feeling
GBS 0023127″Kay Cee Bang – Let The Good Times Roll
GBS 00111912″KAZINO – Around My Dream (Label Fehler)
GBS 0008727″KEITH – Hold That Gun
GBS 0022297″Kelly Brown – Dass Du Mich Liebst Das Weiss Ich
GBS 0006447″Kelly, Dave – Return To Sender / Dawn Surprise
GBS 0020127″Kenny Rogers – Coward Of The County
GBS 0008827″Kent, Peter & Luisa Fernandez – Solo Por Ti
GBS 00249612″Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
GBS 0018777″Kim Wilde – Rage To Love
GBS 00248312″King – Won’t You Hold My Hand Now (Youth Mix)
GBS 002341King Crimson – Sleepless
GBS 0004597″KING, RICKY – Verde
GBS 0021267″Kingsize Dick – Kölle Am Rhing (New York, New Yor
GBS 0020247″Klaus & Klaus – Da Steht Ein Pferd Auf’m Flur
GBS 0017007″Klaus & Klaus – Der Eiermann
GBS 0016137″Klaus Dahlen – Horst, Kurt
GBS 0013387″Klaus Densow – Geboren, Um Dich Zu Lieben
GBS 0022917″Klaus Densow – Mütter Haltet Eure Töchter Fest
GBS 0013897″Klaus Lage Band – 1000 Und 1 Nacht (Zoom!)
GBS 00069012″KLAUS LAGE BAND – Nie Wieder Kind
GBS 0008817″KOOL & THE GANG – Cherish
GBS 00040312″KOOL & THE GANG – Cherish (US-Remix) / Fresh (US-
GBS 00122012″Kool & The Gang – Cherish / Fresh – Misled Medley
GBS 00056412″KOOL & THE GANG – Fresh / Home Is Where The Heart
GBS 0011447″KOOL & THE GANG – Joanna
GBS 0021427″Kool & The Gang – Ladies‘ Night
GBS 00030912″KOOL & THE GANG – Stone Love (Club Mix)
GBS 00019412″Koolade Featuring Masta Ace / Strick – Survival
GBS 0008797″Kramer, Su – The Woman He Loves
GBS 0021687″Kris Peters – This One’s For You1
GBS 0015387″Kristiana Levy – Bad Thing
GBS 0017657″Kristiana Levy – Sunny Day
GBS 0022397″Kristina Bach – Irgendwann … Hand In Hand
GBS 00242412″Krush – House Arrest
GBS 0017837″Krystina & Ralf – In Deinen Flammen Brennt Mein H
GBS 0016217″Kurt Freischläger – Mer Han Ne Kleine Mann Em Ohr
GBS 0010937″KYLIE AND JASON – Especially For You
GBS 00168112″Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky
GBS 00114912″Laid Back – Sunshine Reggae
GBS 0008757″Laine, Cherry – Catch The Cat
GBS 0008767″LAMB, ANNABEL – The Ghost Of You
GBS 0008647″Lanzetti, Bernardo – Twilight Mystery
GBS 0014277″Lars Berghagen – Santa Barbara / Eva (…Du Mußt
GBS 0018597″Latino Party – Tequila
GBS 00003412″Lau, Eric presents dudley and friends
GBS 0008657″Lauer, Martin – Roll ‚em Over
GBS 00028112″Lauper, Cyndi – Hole In My Heart
GBS 002379Laurie Anderson – Language Is A Virus From Outer
GBS 0008627″Leandros, Vicky – Karussell D’Amour
GBS 0008747″Lear, Amanda – Fabulous Lover, Love Me
GBS 00023512″Leila K – Open Sesame
GBS 0013247″Leinemann – In Hamburg Sind Die Nächte Lang
GBS 0020597″Lena Valaitis – Die Kleinen Sünden Und Die Kleine
GBS 0020557″Lena Valaitis – Mein Schweigen War Nur Spiel
GBS 0020587″Lena Valaitis – Rio Bravo
GBS 0021387″Lenny Kuhr – Nou Tot Gauw
GBS 0008707″Lenorman, Gerard – La Clairière De L’enfance
GBS 0016797″Lesley Hamilton – No Hollywood Movie
GBS 0021537″Level 42 – Lessons In Love
GBS 00013112″Level 42 – Running in the family, platinum editio
GBS 0010897″LIL LOUIS – French Kiss
GBS 0016587″Limahl – The NeverEnding Story
GBS 00040212″LIME – Say You Love Me
GBS 0014307″Lino Moreno – Mandy
GBS 00026412″LIO – Fallait Pas Commencer (Club Remix)
GBS 0013017″Lionel Richie – My Love
GBS 00147412″Lionel Richie – Say You, Say Me
GBS 00246812″Living In A Box  – Same
GBS 0010917″LIVING IN A BOX – Scales Of Justice
GBS 00037112″LIVING IN A BOX – So The Story Goes
GBS 00246712″Liz Torres – A Touch Of Love
GBS 0010687″Lodge, June and Princ Mohammed –
GBS 0019247″Londonbeat – A Better Love
GBS 0022137″Londonbeat – I’ve Been Thinking About You
GBS 0013547″Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers – Do You Remember
GBS 0021517″Looney Tunes – Just As Long As I Got You
GBS 0015047″Loredana Bertè – Non Sono Una Signora / Radio
GBS 0016367″Lori Spee – Familiar Ground / Problem Child
GBS 0019677″Los Lobos – La Bamba
GBS 0016377″Lotti Krekel – Horst Muys – Ne Besuch Em Zoo / In
GBS 0015917″Lou Rawls – At Last
GBS 002332Love And Rockets – Kundalini Express
GBS 0018037″Luisa Fernandez & Peter Kent – Illusion (Ilusión)
GBS 0008677″L-VIRA – Talkin ‚Bout Rambo
GBS 0013847″Lynn Anderson – Rose Garden / You’re My Man
GBS 00012712″Lyres – (W/STIV)
GBS 00123012″M.C.Miker „G“ & Deejay Sven – Holiday Rap
GBS 00249312″M|A|R|R|S – Pump Up The Volume
GBS 00055212″MACKA B – Buppie Culture
GBS 00239512″MADONNA –  Like A Prayer
GBS 00250812″Madonna – Express Yourself
GBS 00253412″Madonna – Justify My Love (William Orbit Remix)
GBS 0017247″Magna Charta – Hymn
GBS 00056812″MAI TAI – History (Special Dance Mix)
GBS 0015727″Mal – Mighty Mighty And Roly Poly
GBS 0019667″Mandolins Of Love – Sehnsuchtsserenade
GBS 0022087″Mandy – Boys And Girls
GBS 0013917″Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – I (Who Have Nothing)
GBS 0009057″Manilow, Barry – Let’s Hang On / Don’t Fall In Lo
GBS 0017137″Mantronix – Take Your Time
GBS 0016347″Marc & Dave – Ole, Fijn Op Vakantie
GBS 0016667″Marc & Dave – Wie Wil D’r Nog Een Pizza?
GBS 0004777″MARC ALMOND FEAT. GENE PITNEY – Something´s Gott
GBS 0019367″Marc De Ville – Walking Alone In The Rain
GBS 0020577″Maria Verano – Having Fun
GBS 0022727″Marianne Faithfull – Broken English
GBS 0011347″Marie, Kelly – Love Trial
GBS 0011337″Marie, Kelly – Love’s Got A Hold On You / Heartbe
GBS 00038312″Marie, Kelly – Loving Just For Fun / Fill Me With
GBS 0016387″Marie-Luise Nikuta – Colonia Feiert Feste (Kölle
GBS 0019207″Marie-Luise Nikuta – DAS KVB-Lied
GBS 0017187″Marie-Luise Nikuta – Die Fünfte Jahreszeit
GBS 0016407″Marie-Luise Nikuta – Sinfonie En Doll
GBS 00061012″MARIETTA – Fire And Ice (12″ Special Ski Dance Mi
GBS 0015887″Marilyn – Amapola
GBS 0022447″Mario Argandona – Sudamerica
GBS 0014227″Mario Lehner – Bist Du Sauer,…?
GBS 0017867″Markus Rüger – Meine Erste Grosse Liebe
GBS 0021057″Markus Wendorf – In Catania Blüh’n Jetzt Schon Di
GBS 0016987″Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch – On The House Tip
GBS 0009017″Marshall, Tony – Tätärätätätätä
GBS 0021097″Marti Webb – Take That Look Off Your Face
GBS 0019047″Marti Webb – Your Ears Should Be Burning Now
GBS 00006512″Martika – i feel the earth move
GBS 0009077″MARTIKA – More Than You Know
GBS 00147612″Martinelli – Cenerentola (Cinderella)
GBS 00147812″Masquerade – Guardian Angel »Original Version«
GBS 00250412″Massive Attack – Massive Attack E.P.
GBS 0010527″Mathieu, Mireille – Roma, Roma, Roma / Mon Père (
GBS 0022777″Matia Bazar – Ti Sento
GBS 00046912″MATT JOHN / AUDION – Trampolin
GBS 0016737″Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride
GBS 0021007″Matthew Wilder – The Kid’s American / Ladder Of L
GBS 0017747″Matthias Reim – Ich Hab‘ Geträumt Von Dir
GBS 0020387″Matthias Reim – Verdammt, Ich Lieb‘ Dich
GBS 0021967″Max-Him – Lady Fantasy
GBS 0004567″MC LEAN, PENNY – Devil Eyes
GBS 00247612″MC Magic Max – You Make Me Funky
GBS 00255512″MC Tunes Versus 808 State – The Only Rhyme That
GBS 0008297″McCartney, Paul – No More Lonely Nights
GBS 00025012″McCookerybook, Helen & Plato Page – Leavin´you ba
GBS 00058212″McFerrin, Bobby – Don’t Worry, Be Happy
GBS 002337MDMA  – Eyes Wide Open
GBS 0019187″Meat Loaf – Modern Girl
GBS 0015337″Medium Terzett – Die Brille
GBS 0022127″Medium Terzett – Ich Hab‘ Kein Geld / Das A Und O
GBS 0021877″Mel & Kim – Showing Out
GBS 00061912″Meldau, Max – Shutdown
GBS 0018237″Melissa – Hanky Panky With Joe
GBS 0021977″Melissa – Hanky Panky With Joe
GBS 00014912″Melon – funkasia
GBS 0022017″Men At Work – Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive
GBS 0022117″Men At Work – Who Can It Be Now?
GBS 00057012″MERCY MERCY – It Must Be Heaven
GBS 0015777″Meri – Lastavica / Budi Dobra Prema Njemu
GBS 00017312″Method Man, KRS-1, Prodigy & Kam – Bulworth
GBS 00056512″MIAMI SOUND MACHINE – Dr. Beat (Long Version)
GBS 0017567″Michael Morgan – Kleine Wunder
GBS 0018827″Michael Morgan – Nimm Mein Herz
GBS 0018947″Michael Oldfield – Heaven’s Open
GBS 0020907″Michael Stein – Die Sonne Scheint Für Mich Nicht
GBS 0020897″Michael Stein – Du Gehörst Zu Ihm
GBS 0020887″Michael Stein – Ich Hab‘ Dich Lieb
GBS 0013697″Michael Theodore – Granada
GBS 0008917″Michael, George – I Want Your Sex
GBS 0004577″MICKY – Bye, bye Frauelein
GBS 0015297″Midnight Blue – A Project With Louise Tucker
GBS 00169412″Midnight Star – Operator
GBS 0020417″Miguel Rios – A Song Of Joy
GBS 00116812″Mikael Stavöstrand – Spaceflake EP
GBS 0019027″Mike + The Mechanics – The Living Years
GBS 0018717″Mike Mareen – Agent Of Liberty
GBS 0021717″Mike Oldfield – Moonlight Shadow
GBS 0021707″Mike Oldfield – Pictures In The Dark
GBS 0019197″Milk And Honey – Halleluya
GBS 0019687″Milli Vanilli – Girl I’m Gonna Miss You
GBS 00248212″Millie Scott – Automatic
GBS 0009127″Millowitsch, Willy – ’s War Immer So
GBS 0010277″Mills, Frank – Music Box Dancer
GBS 00247912″Mirage  – Pump Up The…Jack Mix IV
GBS 00254812″Mirage  – Serious Mix II
GBS 00052412″MIRAGE – Push The Beat
GBS 0022107″Mi-Sex – People
GBS 0009047″Missiego, Betty – Su Canción
GBS 0022057″Mixed Emotions – You Want Love (You Gotta Come Ba
GBS 00001112″Mocky – Catch a moment, In time
GBS 00122412″Modern Romance – Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey
GBS 00030612″MODERN TALKING – Cheri, Cheri Lady
GBS 0010567″MODERN TALKING – Jet Airliner
GBS 00251512″Moodswings Featuring Chrissie Hynde – Spiritual
GBS 00024712″MORODER, GIORGIO – Baby Blue / If You Weren’t Afr
GBS 00029312″Moroder, Giorgio & Paul Engemann – Reach Out
GBS 00122612″Morris Day – Fishnet
GBS 002389Moses P. – Twilight Zone
GBS 0022047″Mother’s Finest – Don’t Wanna Come Back
GBS 00169012″Moti Special – Don’t Be So Shy (Extended Version)
GBS 0010657″Mouskouri, Nana – Aber Die Liebe Bleibt
GBS 0015677″Mr. Acker Bilk – Pretty Boy, Imperial Echoes
GBS 0015697″Mr. Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazzband – Alway
GBS 0019697″Mr. Mister – Broken Wings
GBS 0021957″Münchener Freiheit – Es Gibt Kein Nächstes Mal
GBS 0018147″Münchener Freiheit – Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick
GBS 0008887″MÜNCHENER FREIHEIT – So Lang‘ Man Träume Noch Leb
GBS 0021917″Murphy, Murphy & Murphy – We’re Gonna Have Fun
GBS 00032212″Murphy, Peter – Final Solution
GBS 0013667″Murray McLauchlan – If The Wind Could Blow My Tro
GBS 00057512″MUSICAL YOUTH – Pass The Dutchie
GBS 00258612″My Bloody Valentine – Glider E.P. Remixes
GBS 00251112″My Jealous God – Everything About You (Remix)
GBS 0016627″Nana Mouskouri – Weiße Rosen Aus Athen
GBS 0020987″Nancy Wood – Turn Your Love Light On
GBS 0021827″Narada Michael Walden – Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
GBS 0014027″Natasha – Iko-Iko
GBS 0021867″Nena – 99 Luftballons
GBS 0010987″NENA – Leuchtturm / Kino
GBS 0010997″NENA – Rette Mich
GBS 00257412″Neutron 9000 – Love’s Got A Feeling
GBS 0018857″New Edition – Candy Girl
GBS 0021837″New Kids On The Block – Tonight
GBS 0009177″Newton-John, Olivia And Cliff Richard – Suddenly
GBS 0021437″Nick Kamen – I Promised Myself
GBS 0021807″Nick Straker Band – Leaving On The Midnight Train
GBS 0017377″Nicole – Don’t You Want My Love
GBS 0019067″Nicole – Ich Hab‘ Dich Doch Lieb
GBS 0021767″Nicole – Jeder Zaun, Jede Mauer Wird Aus Blumen S
GBS 0021857″Nicole – Laß Mich Nicht Allein
GBS 0014827″Nigel Hopkins – Hoch In Den Bergen
GBS 00249212″Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath #3
GBS 0018847″Nik Kershaw – Wide Boy
GBS 0010977″NIKO – Am Weißen Strand Von Helgoland
GBS 0016297″Nina & Mike – Der Stern Von Montego
GBS 0018287″Nini Rosso – Il Silenzio – Abschiedsmelodie / Der
GBS 0012027″Nino de Angelo – Atemlos
GBS 00127812″Nino de Angelo – Baby Jane
GBS 00146212″Nino de Angelo – Flieger
GBS 0019147″Nino De Angelo – Ich Sterbe Nicht Nochmal
GBS 0022977″Nino de Angelo – Sara‘ La Nostalgia
GBS 00026112″Nocturnal Emissions – No Sacrifice / Uprising
GBS 00006812″Noise Boyz – no way back
GBS 00241112″Nomad Featuring MC Mikee Freedom – (I Wanna Give
GBS 00242312″Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait (Vocal/Long „Dutch Mix“)
GBS 0017357″Nux – Cool Cousin Cocaine
GBS 0014137″NV – It´s Alright
GBS 0018177″O.K. – Okay!
GBS 00242912″O.K. – Okay!
GBS 0013867″O.R.S. (Orlando Riva Sound) – Fire On The Water /
GBS 0013047″O.R.S. (Orlando Riva Sound) – O.T.T. (Over The To
GBS 002393O´Neal, Alexander – The Official Bootleg Megamix
GBS 00029212″Ocean, Billy – American Hearts
GBS 0022337″O’Chi Brown – A Whiter Shade Of Pale
GBS 0021727″Odyssey – Happy Together
GBS 0006437″Oldfield, Mike – To France
GBS 0017757″Ole Ole – Love Crusaders
GBS 0012837″Oliver Grimm – Oh, Little Mary
GBS 0012927″Olivia Molina – Das Lied
GBS 0021797″Olivia Newton-John – Physical
GBS 00055412″OMD – (Forever) Live And Die
GBS 00244112″OMD – Talking Loud And Clear (Extended Version)
GBS 00001512″oOoOO – our loving
GBS 0019867″Opus – Flyin‘ High (Original Live Version)
GBS 0010417″ORCHESTER TEDDY STAUBER – Sylter Sünderlein
GBS 0017597″Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Pandora’s Box
GBS 0013087″Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Telegraph
GBS 002326Ottawan – Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) (Special
GBS 0016687″P. Lion – Dream
GBS 0017997″P.M. Sampson & Double Key – We Love To Love
GBS 00038112″P.M. SAMPSON AND DOUBLE KEY – We Love To Love
GBS 00060712″PANAME SOUND – Joy & Pain (Les Joies, Les Peines)
GBS 002353Panic In Slumberland – Dream Dancing (In Front O
GBS 00042112″Paolo, Franky – Que Pasa? Manana!
GBS 0009237″Paradis, Vanessa – Marilyn & John
GBS 0018417″Paso Doble – Fantasie
GBS 0015227″Pat Benatar – Painted Desert
GBS 00148012″Pat Benatar – We Belong
GBS 0018227″Patto – Black And White
GBS 0015137″Paul And Linda McCartney – Smile Away / Eat At Ho
GBS 0019257″Paul McCartney – Coming Up
GBS 0021947″Paul McCartney – No More Lonely Nights
GBS 0016447″Paul Roberts – Railroad To The Sea
GBS 0020937″Paul Young – Come Back And Stay (Single Remix Ver
GBS 0020947″Paul Young – I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
GBS 0020957″Paul Young – Tomb Of Memories
GBS 0009257″Paul, Bernie – Be Cool (Someone Like You)
GBS 0009277″Paul, Bernie – Everybody’s Rockin‘
GBS 0009267″Paul, Bernie – In Dreams
GBS 0009197″Paul, Bernie – Night After Night
GBS 0018397″Paveier – Alles Okay (… Am Baggersee)
GBS 0017167″Paveier – Du Und Ich
GBS 0016277″Paveier – Gran Canaria
GBS 0016167″Paveier – Heut‘ Brennt Mein Iglu
GBS 0018377″Paveier – Nie Mehr Wieder Ganz Allein
GBS 002327Pebbles – Girlfriend (Dance Remix)
GBS 002336Pebbles – Mercedes Boy
GBS 0016757″Penny McLean – Lady Bump
GBS 00122712″Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind
GBS 0017647″Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind
GBS 00258512″Pet Shop Boys – DJ Culturemix
GBS 002390Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin
GBS 00057712″PET SHOP BOYS – Mega Mix
GBS 00253912″Pet Shop Boys – So Hard (The KLF Versus Pet Shop
GBS 0017907″Peter Brown – Crank It Up (Funk Town)
GBS 0017057″Peter Cornelius – Es Wird Immer Sei‘ Wie’s Immer
GBS 0021547″Peter Kent – For Your Love Part 1 & 2
GBS 0021287″Peter Kent – It’s A Real Good Feeling
GBS 0017817″Peter Smulders – Vanessa
GBS 0013097″Peter, Sue And Marc – Cindy
GBS 0010457″Petrel, Peter – Ich Bin Wieder Mal Auf ’nem Ganz
GBS 0017407″Phil Carmen – On My Way In L.A.
GBS 00240712″Phil Collins  –  Another Day In Paradise
GBS 0023047″Phil Collins – You Can’t Hurry Love
GBS 00250612″Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub – Lifelong Boardw
GBS 00018012″PHREAKIE´S – F.L.O.E.
GBS 0019137″Pia Zadora – Let’s Dance Tonight
GBS 0018937″Pia Zadora – Little Bit Of Heaven
GBS 0014357″Pickup – Life In The Streets
GBS 00008712″Pil – bad life / question mark
GBS 00235612″PiL – This Is Not A Love Song
GBS 0008577″PINK PROJECT – Disco Project
GBS 00122212″Pitchrider – One Step To Paradise
GBS 00023912″Planets – Mars Is Blue, Venus Is Green
GBS 00031212″PLASTIQUE – If You Go You Break My Heart
GBS 00258712″Pleasure – Please (Oakenfold Mixes)
GBS 00112612″Poindexter, Buster And His Banshees Of Blue – Hot
GBS 0009327″POP LEVI – Never Never Love
GBS 00025510″Pop Levi – Sugar Assault Me Now
GBS 0007947″POP TOPS – Suzanne Suzanne / Happiness Ville
GBS 00060512″PRESET – Monkey Shop
GBS 00054910″Presley, Elvis – (Now And Then There’s) A Fool Su
GBS 002384Pressure Drop – You’re Mine
GBS 0009297″Preston, Isetta – A Soldier Died
GBS 0009287″Price, Alan – Changes
GBS 00251612″Primal Scream – Come Together
GBS 00254712″Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun
GBS 00245812″Primal Scream Featuring Denise Johnson – Don’t F
GBS 00124012″Prince – 1999 / Little Red Corvette
GBS 00245012″Prince – Batdance
GBS 00246212″Prince – Batdance  ( The Batmix)
GBS 00253012″Prince – New Power Generation
GBS 00246312″Prince – Sign „O“ The Times
GBS 00254312″Prince – Thieves In The Temple (Remix)
GBS 00244912″Prince – U Got The Look
GBS 00247012″Prince And The New Power Generation – Sexy MF
GBS 00247412″Prince And The Revolution – Anotherloverholenyoh
GBS 00236612″Prince And The Revolution – Kiss
GBS 00257312″Prince And The Revolution – Let’s Go Crazy / Tak
GBS 00246112″Prince And The Revolution – Mountains (Extended
GBS 00253312″Prince With Sheena Easton – The Arms Of Orion
GBS 0021657″Profit – Legends
GBS 00245712″Propaganda – Wishful Thinking
GBS 0005047″PSAPP – The Monster Song
GBS 002342Psychic T.V. Featuring Jack The Tab – Tune In
GBS 002352Psychic TV – Tune In (Turn On The Acid House)
GBS 0022517″Purple Schulz – Verliebte Jungs
GBS 0015757″R.I.G.A.N. Clan – Fun, Fun, Fun
GBS 00116612″R.J.’s Latest Arrival – Rhythm Method
GBS 0018317″Racey – Lay Your Love On Me / I Believed You
GBS 0020157″Racey – Some Girls
GBS 0010397″RACEY – Such A Night / There’s A Party Going On
GBS 00110712″RADIO FASHION – You Got What You Deserve
GBS 0015507″Raggio Di Luna (Moon Ray) – Comanchero
GBS 0022217″Rainer Bärensprung – Stolze Federn
GBS 00247712″Ramming Speed – When You Walk In The Room ( Blue
GBS 0015687″Randy Newman And Paul Simon – The Blues
GBS 0013227″Raphael – Halleluja / Natascha
GBS 0019747″Raymond – Schwenn – Maske In Blau – Querschnitt
GBS 0020057″Real Life – Catch Me I’m Falling
GBS 0020147″Real Life – Send Me An Angel
GBS 00116212″Rebbie Jackson – Reaction
GBS 0017607″Red Arrow – Tschaikowsky’s Revenge
GBS 0020447″Red Baron – Gimme Love
GBS 00240112″Redhead Kingpin And The F.B.I. – Do The Right Th
GBS 00240012″Redhead Kingpin And The F.B.I. – Do The Right Th
GBS 0015427″Reinhard Starke – Das Eifellied
GBS 0010827″Remmler, Stephan Feat. Status Quo – Drei Weisse B
GBS 0017017″Renate Fuchs – Ich Wör Jän Primaballerina
GBS 0020347″Rendezvous – Copacabana Bei Nacht
GBS 0020337″Rendezvous – Eviva Rosita
GBS 0015117″Respect – Love Drives On
GBS 00016012″Ria Hamiltonm – A Whiter Shade Of Pale
GBS 0020357″Ricchi & Poveri – Se M’Innamoro
GBS 002369Richard Strange And The Engine Room  – Damascus
GBS 002361Richard Strange And The Engine Room – The Lion’s
GBS 0009437″Richard, Cliff – A Little In Love
GBS 0009347″Richard, Cliff – Carrie
GBS 0009367″Richard, Cliff – Daddy’s Home
GBS 00042612″Richard, Cliff – I Just Don’t Have The Heart
GBS 00036712″Richard, Cliff – Lean On You
GBS 00033012″Richie, Lionel – Penny Lover
GBS 00126712″Rick Astley – She Wants To Dance With Me
GBS 00115212″Rick Astley – She Wants To Dance With Me
GBS 00121612″Rick Astley – When I Fall In Love / My Arms Keep
GBS 00123312″Rick Astley – Whenever You Need Somebody
GBS 0014567″Rick Dees And His Cast Of Idiots – Disco Duck Par
GBS 0017857″Rick James – Dance Wit‘ Me
GBS 0017977″Rita Hovink – Antonio
GBS 0019497″Rita Pavone – Arrivederci Hans / Da Sag‘ Ich Nich
GBS 00117012″RMF – Spray
GBS 0011977″Rob ‚N‘ Raz Featuring Leila K – Got To Get
GBS 00240312″Rob ‚N‘ Raz Featuring Leila K – Got To Get
GBS 0021647″Robert Palmer – Johnny And Mary
GBS 0020167″Robert Palmer – You Are In My System
GBS 0016197″Roberto Blanco – Las Vegas
GBS 0009397″Robertson, B.A. – Flight 19
GBS 0019057″Robin Gibb – Another Lonely Night in New York
GBS 0019427″Rocco Granata – Ciao Ciao Bambina (Dance Version
GBS 00249012″Rochelle – My Magic Man
GBS 0014997″Rockettes – Baby Come Back
GBS 0013967″Rocky Sharpe And The Replays – Never Be Anyone El
GBS 0020087″Rod Stewart – Sailing
GBS 0014877″Rodgau Monotones – Ei, Karl (Männer Ohne Nerven)
GBS 0015307″Rodgau Monotones – Gigantisch
GBS 0017677″Roger Chapman & The Shortlist – Hyenas Only Laugh
GBS 0021417″Roland Kaiser – Dich Zu Lieben(Remix)
GBS 0018267″Roland Kaiser – Lieb‘ Mich Ein Letztes Mal
GBS 0013997″Rolf Und Seine Freunde – Wir wollen Sonne
GBS 00232012″Rolling Stones – Undercover Of The Night (Extend
GBS 0013987″Rolly Joker – Hugo
GBS 0019277″Romantic Flamingos – Hasta Manana
GBS 0018797″Romeo – Marina
GBS 00125112″Romeo’s Daughter – Don’t Break My Heart
GBS 0017767″Rosanna Rocci – My Family
GBS 0022527″Rose Laurens – Africa (Voodoo Master)
GBS 0019167″Rosetta Stone – If You Could See Me Now (Loving A
GBS 0009417″ROSS – Chain Reaction
GBS 0019797″Roxette – Dangerous
GBS 0015927″Roxette – It Must Have Been Love
GBS 0009407″ROXETTE – Joyride
GBS 0019957″Roxette – The Big L.
GBS 00250312″Roxette – The Look (Head-Drum-Mix)
GBS 0022437″Roy Black – Die Grossen Vier Von Roy Black
GBS 00002412″Rubella Ballet – Arctic Flowers
GBS 0020277″Rubettes – Foe Dee Oh Dee
GBS 00112412″Rush, Jennifer – If You’re Ever Gonna Lose My
GBS 00125412″Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita
GBS 00000812″Ryan, Frank – you you
GBS 00020012″S`XPRESS – Hey Music Lover
GBS 0019017″Sabrina – …Und Du Willst Gehn
GBS 0020477″Sabrina – Boys
GBS 0009507″SABRINA – My Chico
GBS 0016177″Sacha Distel – Deine Stimme Am Telefon (Endstatio
GBS 0009637″SADE – Is It A Crime?
GBS 00252512″Saint Etienne – Kiss And Make Up (Remix)
GBS 0019267″Salt ‚N‘ Pepa – Start Me Up
GBS 0020807″Salt ‚N‘ Pepa – You Showed Me
GBS 0022797″Samantha Fox – Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)
GBS 002343Samantha Fox – Love House
GBS 0022657″Samantha Fox – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now
GBS 00126812″Samantha Fox – The Samantha Fox Gift Pack
GBS 00243312″Samantha Fox – Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (Blue
GBS 00057812″SAMATHA  FOX- I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The N
GBS 0009887″SANDRA – Midnight Man
GBS 0012967″Sandra & Andres – What Do I Do (Als Het Um De Lie
GBS 0021377″Sandra Kim – Malagueña
GBS 0009837″SANTA ESMERALDA – The House Of The Rising Sun +
GBS 0020467″Santabarbara – Charly
GBS 0009647″SANTANA – Hold On
GBS 0017577″Santo Domingo – Playa Del Ingles
GBS 0009807″Sauer, Wolfgang – Ich Komm‘ Nie Ohne Blumenstraus
GBS 0009577″Savalas, Telly – Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
GBS 0010127″Schachtner, Heinz – Verdammt In Alle Ewigkeit
GBS 0020487″Schneider With The Kick – Hot Summer Nites
GBS 0015417″Schöneberger Sängerknaben – Uns’re Stadt Hört
GBS 0012097″Schrott Nach 8 – Zuppa Romana
GBS 002380Scorpions – Rhythm Of Love
GBS 0015037″Scorpions – Wind Of Change
GBS 0018257″Scotch – Delirio Mind
GBS 00125012″Scotch – Delirio Mind (New Version)
GBS 0020187″Scotch – Disco Band
GBS 0018107″Scotch – Mirage
GBS 00014712″Seal – Future club EP. The nellee Hooper remix
GBS 0009817″SECRET WISH – Wonder Why
GBS 0019307″Selena – Timebomb
GBS 0016257″Sepp Wiesmann – Heut´ Geh Ich Net In Die Disco
GBS 002387SepPuKu – Dekompositiones
GBS 00243012″Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened
GBS 00253512″S’Express – Nothing To Lose (Remix)
GBS 00007412″S-Express – superfly guy
GBS 00248112″S’Express – Superfly Guy
GBS 0010547″S-EXPRESS – Theme From S-Express
GBS 00040912″SHABBA RANKS – Shine Eye Gal
GBS 00057112″SHAKATAK – Down On The Street (Dance Mix)
GBS 0017237″Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done
GBS 0020837″Shakatak – Invitations
GBS 0016437″Shakin‘ Stevens – A Letter To You
GBS 0019127″Shakin‘ Stevens – Breaking Up My Heart
GBS 0013797″Shakin‘ Stevens – Come See About Me
GBS 00012612″Sham 69 – rip and tear
GBS 0008947″Shareholder, Tom – Moving In Conjunction
GBS 00019012″Shawnna Featuring Smoke – Damn 12″
GBS 0018477″Sheena Easton – A Little Tenderness
GBS 00113112″SHEILA B. DEVOTION – Singin’ In The Rain
GBS 00249812″Sheila E.  –  The Glamorous Life
GBS 0020917″Showaddywaddy – When
GBS 002329Shriekback – Get Down Tonight
GBS 002334Shriekback – Tench
GBS 0017277″Silver Pozzoli – Step By Step
GBS 0009687″Silvester, Erik – Marie, Heut‘ Feiern Wir Ein
GBS 0020757″Silvio – I’m Your Son South America
GBS 0018007″Simply Red – A New Flame
GBS 00026812″SINITTA – Right Back Where We Started From
GBS 00145712″Sinitta – Toy Boy
GBS 0020877″Sinitta – Toy Boy
GBS 00002612″Siouxsie And The Banshees – Peek-A-Boo
GBS 00025112″Sirens Of 7th Avenue – Shine On
GBS 00125612″Sister Sledge – Lost In Music
GBS 00256712″Six Sed Red – Shake It Right
GBS 0017087″Sjef Duchateau / James Mill Band – Es Echte Mestr
GBS 00244812″Skinny Puppy – Censor
GBS 0004617″SLIK – The Kid’s a Punk
GBS 0018927″Sly Fox – Let’s Go All The Way
GBS 0008467″SMOKIE – Hold On Tight
GBS 0009897″SMOKIE – I’ll Meet You At Midnight
GBS 0020857″Smokie – Needles And Pins
GBS 0008537″SMOKIE – Run To Me
GBS 0010607″SMOKIE – San Francisco Bay
GBS 00112212″Smooth, Joe – Can’t Fake The Feeling
GBS 00245612″Snap! – Mary Had A Little Boy (Remix)
GBS 0020867″Son Caribe – La Colegiala / Alay Cuy Cuy
GBS 0018137″Sonia – End Of The World
GBS 0016977″Sonja Becker – Dä Fasteleer Halde Meer En Ihre
GBS 0011967″Soul II Soul – A Dreams A Dream
GBS 00039712″SOULSISTER – The Way To Your Heart
GBS 00022812″South East Section – Thought I’d Forget (To Be Re
GBS 00062112″SPAGNA – Call Me / Girl, It’s Not The End Of The
GBS 0020827″Spandau Ballet – Only When You Leave
GBS 0013407″Spectrum – Glory
GBS 0018727″Spinners – Cupid, I’ve Loved You For A Long Time
GBS 002381SPK – Junk Funk (The Special Crash Mix)
GBS 002333SPK – Metal Dance
GBS 00250112″St. Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us c/w Speedwell
GBS 0019987″Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts / Dancing Nowhere
GBS 0018837″Stacy Lattisaw – Jump To The Beat
GBS 00112112″STARLIGHT – If I Had Money
GBS 00023712″Stars On 45 – Stars On 45
GBS 0008527″STATUS QUO – Dear John
GBS 0008567″STATUS QUO – Ol‘ Rag Blues
GBS 0009497″STATUS QUO – What You’re Proposing
GBS 00111312″Stavöstrand, Mikael And CesareVs. Disorder – Le P
GBS 0013337″Stefan Waggershausen & Viktor Lazlo – Jesse
GBS 0021997″Stella Mason – Broken Hearted Melody
GBS 00144912″Stephanie – Irresistible
GBS 00017912″STEREOTON – Wortstepper
GBS 0022497″Steve Allen – Letter From My Heart
GBS 0016457″Steve Forbert – Running On Love
GBS 0015807″Steve Miller Band – Jungle Love
GBS 0010647″Stevens, Shakin´- Oh Julie
GBS 0019657″Stevie Wonder – I Just Called To Say I Love You
GBS 0009587″Stewart, Rod – Da‘ Ya‘ Think I’m Sexy
GBS 0009547″Stewart, Rod – Oh God, I Wish I Was Home Tonight
GBS 00126112″Sting – Russians
GBS 00056212″STOCK, AITKEN, WATERMAN – Roadblock (Remix)
GBS 0009857″Strauss, Johann Jr. – Der Zigeunerbaron
GBS 0010357″STÜMMEL & STOFFEL – Warum Denn Nach Nizza Fahren
GBS 00069912″Styles, Matthew – Sources
GBS 0017367″Styx – The Best Of Times
GBS 0013297″Su Kramer – Glaub An Dich Selbst
GBS 0015177″Su Kramer – Las Vegas / Mr. Music
GBS 0018557″Sue – Tip For The Top / Don’t Leave Me Now
GBS 0009567″Summer, Donna – Heaven Knows
GBS 002345Suns Of Arqa Featuring Prince Far-I – G. D. Magi
GBS 0015317″Supermax / Luisa Fernandez – Lovemachine / Lay Lo
GBS 0016207″Survivor – How Much Love
GBS 0010777″SWING OUT SISTER – Breakout
GBS 00119212″Sydney Youngblood – Ain’t No Sunshine
GBS 0009727″T´PAU – Heart And Soul
GBS 00116712″Tadox Pres. S-Tunes – You Get What You Give
GBS 00019512″Talib Kweli – Down For The Count
GBS 0016037″Tame & Maffay – Making It Better / I Can Be So Fa
GBS 0018027″Tammy Swift – Tanzen Geh’n
GBS 0020667″Tauchen – Prokopetz / DÖF – Codo…Düse Im Sauses
GBS 0014937″Tears For Fears – Head Over Heels
GBS 00039912″TECHNOTRONIC FEAT. MC ERIC – This Beat Is Technot
GBS 0019977″Technotronic Featuring Reggie – Move That Body
GBS 00246012″Technotronic Featuring Ya Kid K – Rockin‘ Over T
GBS 0010637″TEISNACHTALER BUAM – Weltverdruß
GBS 0020797″Telly Savalas – Lovin‘ Understandin‘ Man
GBS 00252612″Ten City – Whatever Makes You Happy
GBS 0014867″Terence Trent D’Arby – This Side Of Love
GBS 00019212″Terry Dexter – You’ll Never Miss Me ‚Til I’m Go
GBS 0009737″TEXAS – I Don’t Want A Lover
GBS 0019507″The Abdul Hassan Orchestra – Arabian Affair / Des
GBS 0014077″The Abdul Hassan Orchestra & Yonina – Down
GBS 0013817″The Alvin Lee Band – Rock N Roll Guitar Picker
GBS 00253212″The B-52’s – Roam
GBS 00257212″The Beatmasters Featuring The Cookie Crew – Rok
GBS 00233012″The Beatmasters With P?P Arnold – Burn It Up
GBS 0013777″The Bee Gees – Mr. Natural
GBS 00257912″The Beloved – Hello
GBS 00258112″The Beloved – Your Love Takes Me Higher
GBS 0018747″The Catch – 25 Years
GBS 0007267″THE CATCH – On The Road Again
GBS 00245112″The Chimes – 1-2-3 (Raw Mix)
GBS 00011712″The Communards – never can say goodbye
GBS 0023107″The Cosy´s – Könige Von Der Autobahn
GBS 0016067″The Dooleys – Wanted
GBS 0011357″THE DOTS – Helen In Your Headphones
GBS 0022927″The Dream Academy – The Love Parade
GBS 0019327″The Elton John Band – Philadelphia Freedom
GBS 00014112″The Exploited – troops of tomorrow
GBS 0016427″The Fans – Olé, Olé, Olé (The Name Of The Game)
GBS 00035312″THE FARM – All Together Now
GBS 00246412″The Farm – Groovy Train
GBS 00060612″THE FIRM – Star Trekkin‘
GBS 002335The Flamingos  – This Heat
GBS 00168612″The Flying Pickets – Only You
GBS 00030212″THE FUZZTONES – Nine Months Later
GBS 00250712″The Grid – A Beat Called Love
GBS 002386The Group – American
GBS 0019407″The Heavy’s – Metal Marathon
GBS 0018217″The Hues Corporation – Rockin‘ Soul
GBS 0017897″The Human League – Open Your Heart
GBS 0015747″The J. Geils Band – Freeze-Frame / Flamethrower
GBS 0010317″THE JAGS – Back Of My Hand
GBS 00257712″The Jams – It’s Grim Up North
GBS 00245412″The Jesus And Mary Chain – Far Gone And Out
GBS 00116412″The Jets – Rocket 2 U
GBS 00255312″The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral (Meets The M
GBS 00253712″The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentra
GBS 0018587″The KLF Featuring The Children Of The Revolution
GBS 0019397″The Magic Platters – Let Me Go And Live Again
GBS 00016912″The March Violets – Deep
GBS 0017947″The Monotones – Mono
GBS 0013827″The Moody Blues – Your Wildest Dreams
GBS 0008957″THE MOTORS – Forget About You
GBS 0021747″The Other Ones – Holiday
GBS 0021677″The Power Station – Some Like It Hot
GBS 00249912″The Prodigy – Charly
GBS 00040612″THE PROFFESSIONALS – Law Of The Land
GBS 0017537″The Real Milli Vanilli – Nice ‚N Easy
GBS 00242012″The Real Thing – Straight To The Heart
GBS 00015312″The Residents – diskomo
GBS 0020287″The Ritchie Family – American Generation
GBS 0010717″THE RITCHIE FAMILY – Put Your Feet To The Beat
GBS 0009357″THE ROCK STEADY CREW – (Hey You) The Rock Steady
GBS 0012017″The Rubettes – Sugar Baby Love
GBS 0009377″THE RUBINOOS – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
GBS 00250012″The Shamen – Make It Mine (Remix)
GBS 00247112″The Shamen – Pro>gen
GBS 0010587″THE SHORTS – Je Suis, Tu Es
GBS 00032512″THE SMITHEREENS – Strangers When We Meet
GBS 00021112″The Spanks – Scream The Blues
GBS 002365The Suburbs – Music for boys
GBS 00245912″The Sugarcubes – Hit
GBS 0012077″The Tarney/Spencer Band – Cathy’s Clown
GBS 0018767″The Teens – Give Me More
GBS 0013027″The Three Degrees – Take Good Care Of Yourself
GBS 00020612″The Three Johns – A.W.O.L.
GBS 00250212″The Time – Jerk Out
GBS 00025612″The Very Things – Mummy You’re A Wreck
GBS 00043212″THIRTEEN AT MIDNIGHT – Time Is Tight
GBS 0014467″Thomas Frank – Komm Doch Zu Mir
GBS 002321Thomas Leer ?– International
GBS 00020412″Thomas, Gary & Rappers – Lost In Rap
GBS 00247212″Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor!
GBS 0019847″Three Degrees – When Will I See You Again
GBS 00003812″Thunderheist – sweet 16
GBS 000123Tiefschwarz Feat. Chikini – wait & see
GBS 0016637″Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now
GBS 0010797″TIGHT FIT – The Lion Sleeps Tonight
GBS 0020717″Timmy Thomas – People Are Changing / Rainbow Powe
GBS 00121812″Tina Charles – Dance Little Lady
GBS 0016487″Tina Charles – I Can’t Dance To That Music You’re
GBS 0020367″Tina Rainford – Charly Boy
GBS 0020267″Tina Rainford – Never Change A Winning Team
GBS 0017447″Tina Turner – Let’s Stay Together
GBS 00169512″Tina Turner – Let’s Stay Together
GBS 00249512″Tina Turner – One Of The Living (Special Club Mi
GBS 0019537″Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It
GBS 0019377″Tommy Steiner – Cherchez La Femme
GBS 0019317″Ton van Kluyve – Ik Voel Me Helemaal Te Gek Vanda
GBS 0015647″Toni & Heli Steingass – Et Aapeleed, Rentnerleben
GBS 0014237″Tony Marshall – Ach Laß Mich Doch In Deinem Wald
GBS 0022027″Tony Marshall – Auf Der Straße Nach Süden
GBS 0019297″Tony Marshall – Schöne Maid
GBS 0009787″TOTO – I Won’t Hold You Back
GBS 0023057″Toto Cutugno – Un’Estate Con Te
GBS 0020727″Toyah – Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)
GBS 0020697″T’Pau – China In Your Hand
GBS 00244012″T’Pau – China In Your Hand
GBS 0020637″Tracey Ullman – Breakaway
GBS 0009747″Traeger, G. – Mein Gott, Walther
GBS 0014957″Tragic Error – Tanzen
GBS 0014847″Train – Höchste Eisenbahn
GBS 00033112″TRANSVISION VAMP – I Want Your Love
GBS 0004967″TRIO – Da Da Da / Sabine Sabine Sabine
GBS 0017417″Trio – Herz Ist Trumpf (Dann Rufst Du An…)
GBS 0020177″Trio Rio – New York – Rio – Tokyo
GBS 0018907″Trix – Fantasy
GBS 00003912″Trus´Me – $tilnocheck?
GBS 0017517″Try ‚N‘ B – Tell Me Where It Hurts
GBS 00028912″Turner, Tina – We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunde
GBS 00024212″Twenty 4 Seven Featuring Capt. Hollywood –  I Can
GBS 0017527″Twenty 4 Seven Featuring Capt. Hollywood – Are Yo
GBS 0019937″Twenty 4 Seven Featuring Capt. Hollywood – I Can‘
GBS 0018897″Twice – Need You
GBS 00005512″Two Fingers – that girl
GBS 00005412″Two Fingers – what you know
GBS 00147212″Two Man Sound – Disco Samba
GBS 00146812″Two Man Sound – Disco Samba / Que Tal America
GBS 00146012″Two Man Sound – Disco Samba / Que Tal America
GBS 00168412″Two Of Us – Blue Night Shadow
GBS 00251412″U2 – Mysterious Ways ( 5 track)
GBS 00251312″U2 – The Fly
GBS 0017787″UB40 Guest Vocals By Chrissie Hynde – I Got You B
GBS 0021207″Udo Jürgens – Traumschiff
GBS 0021127″Udo Jürgens – Zeig Mir Den Platz An Der Sonne
GBS 0013257″Ulrik Remy – In Der Zeit Zwischen 6 Und 8
GBS 0020627″Ultravox – Hymn
GBS 0015867″Ultravox – The Thin Wall
GBS 0017437″Umbrella Heaven – Perverted Pleasure
GBS 0009987″UNION EXPRESS – Ring A Ring Of Roses
GBS 002357Unknown Gender – Tragedy
GBS 0017227″USA For Africa – We Are The World
GBS 00042812″VA – Britannia Waives The Rules
GBS 00063112″VA – Death Is Nothing To Fear 2
GBS 00022912″VA – EP #2
GBS 00147112″VA – Jive Soul Collection Edition One
GBS 00030512″VA – Punk-Aid Punk Rock Party
GBS 0010137″VA – Zwischen Tag Und Traum
GBS 0017117″Vader Abraham – Geven Voor Leven
GBS 0009997″Valaitis, Lena – Johnny Blue
GBS 0023007″Valerie Dore – Get Closer
GBS 0022997″Valerie Dore – It’s So Easy
GBS 0022947″Valerie Dore – The Night
GBS 0020997″Vanessa Williams – The Right Stuff
GBS 00253812″Vaugham Mason – In The House
GBS 0019467″Vendetta – Somewhere In The Night
GBS 0010007″Verdi – Nabucco
GBS 0010447″VERDI / BACH – Don Carlos / Johannes Passion
GBS 0020617″Veronica Unlimited – Right On
GBS 0013687″Veterans – There Ain’t No Age For Rock ’n‘ Roll
GBS 0020607″Vicky – Heut War Premiere / Mein HausV
GBS 0020537″Vicky – Klipp Und Klar / Medizin Für’s Herz
GBS 0022187″Vicky Leandros – Auf Dem Mond Da Blühen Keine Ros
GBS 0020217″Vicky Leandros – St. Tropez
GBS 0022167″Vicky Leandros – Wenn Die Sehnsucht Nicht Wär‘ /
GBS 0022177″Vicky Leandros Singers – Wo Ist Er?
GBS 0020497″Video Kids – Woodpeckers From Space
GBS 0015197″Vienna – Key Of Magic / Love Games
GBS 0010957″VIKINGS – Stand Up / Hello
GBS 0010077″VILLAGE PEOPLE – Sleazy
GBS 0020547″Village People – Y.M.C.A.
GBS 00112712″VINCENZO – The Phantom Image
GBS 00013512″Virgin Prunes – pagan lovesong
GBS 00115512″Vitamin Z – Circus Ring (We Scream About) Remix
GBS 00005012″Voice – mediocre / L.A. contradiction
GBS 00038912″Voice Of The Beehive – Don’t Call Me Baby
GBS 0010037″Waggershausen, Stefan – Früher War Alles Viel Frü
GBS 00003512″Wahoo –  I’m Your Lover / Don’t Take It Personal
GBS 0004517″Walker Brothers, The – Lines
GBS 0008437″WALLENSTEIN – Lady In Blue
GBS 00248712″Wally Jump Jr & The Criminal Element – Tighten U
GBS 00061112″Warwick, Dionne – Without Your Love
GBS 00118412″Was (Not Was) – Walk The Dinosaur
GBS 00116512″WAX – Bridge To Your Heart
GBS 00063212″Webster, Charles – EP3
GBS 0010047″Welser, Fred – Herzklopf’n
GBS 00257012″Wendy And Lisa – Waterfall
GBS 0015217″WestBam – And Party
GBS 00147012″Westsight – Celebration / Come Home
GBS 00051110″WESTWORLD – Ba-Na-Na-Bam-Boo
GBS 00031412″WESTWORLD – Ba-Na-Na-Bam-Boomerang
GBS 00031312″WESTWORLD – Silvermac
GBS 00027812″WESTWORLD – Sonic Boom Boy
GBS 00024312″Westworld – Where The Action Is
GBS 00037212″WET WET WET – Sweet Surrender
GBS 0016517″Wham! – The Edge Of Heaven
GBS 00241712″Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
GBS 0019347″Wham! – Young Guns (Go For It)
GBS 0010057″WHISTLE – (Nothing Serious) Just Buggin‘
GBS 0019807″Whitney Houston – Saving All My Love For You
GBS 0009967″Whittaker, Roger – Abschied Ist Ein Scharfes Schw
GBS 0010497″Wilde, Kim – View From A Bridge
GBS 00122112″Will Downing – A Love Supreme (Jazz In The House
GBS 0017197″Willy Millowitsch – Das Alter Ist Nur ‚Ne Zahl
GBS 0007837″WILMA – Heintje, Baue Ein Schloss Für Mich / Klei
GBS 0017667″Wilson Phillips – Hold On
GBS 0021017″Wind – Für Alle
GBS 0019837″Wind – Geh Nicht Vorbei
GBS 00052812″Winwood, Steve – Night Train / Time Is Running Ou
GBS 0016357″Wolf Maahn – Fieber
GBS 0018327″Wolf Maahn – Language Of Love (We Don’t Talk)
GBS 0013557″Wolfgang Petry – Ganz Oder Gar Nicht (Ten O’Cloc
GBS 0021077″Womack & Womack – Celebrate The World
GBS 00147712″Womack & Womack – Teardrops
GBS 0009927″Wonder, Alison – Once More With Feeling
GBS 0010217″Wonder, Stevie – Sir Duke
GBS 002385Workforce – Skin Scraped Back
GBS 00012112″World Domination Enterprises – Catalogue Clothe
GBS 00254112″Wrecks-N-Effect – Juicy
GBS 0010167″Wutz, Willy – Ich Halte Den Betrieb In Schwung
GBS 00013312″X – burning house of love
GBS 002331X – Wild Thing
GBS 00243712″Yarbrough & Peoples –  Golden Dance-Floor Hits Vo
GBS 00257612″Yazz And The Plastic Population – The Only Way I
GBS 0016477″Yazz And The Plastic Population – The Only Way Is
GBS 0020977″Yes – Love Will Find A Way
GBS 00246612″Young Disciples – Apparently Nothin‘
GBS 00022612″Young Lay / Poets Of Darkness – All About My Fett
GBS 0010087″Young, Paul – Every Time You Go Away
GBS 00008512″Youngblood, Sydney – if only i could 12″
GBS 00036912″Youngblood, Sydney – Sit And Wait / Feeling Free
GBS 0015897″Yvan Guilini – Winter Memories
GBS 0016237″Zauberlehrling – Barfuß Im Regen
GBS 00023212″Zion Train & Dubtribe Sound System – Dub Clash
GBS 000119Ziontrain – rise
GBS 00011612″Zodiac Mindwarp – planet girl
GBS 002325Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – High Pries
GBS 002376Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – Prime Mov
GBS 00025212″Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction – Backseat
GBS 0016607″Zwei Kölsche Clown´s – Hamama Und Hatata
GBS 0015407″ZZ Top – Stages
GBS 0022867″Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung – Samurai
GBS 00001312″4000 – info / an alle
GBS 0014007″ABBA – Chiquitita c/w Lovelight
GBS 0004427″ABBA – One Of Us / Should I Laugh Or Cry
GBS 0013447″Al Bano & Romina Power – Tu, Soltanto Tu (Mi Hai
GBS 00128112″Alexander O’Neal – Criticize (Special 12″ Mixes)
GBS 0004717″Alexander, Peter – Der Letzte Walzer
GBS 0017467″Alison Moyet – That Ole Devil Called Love
GBS 0004787″ASHFORD & SIMPSON – Solid
GBS 0018087″Bananarama – Trick Of The Night
GBS 00014612″Bangles – walk like an egyptian
GBS 00014212″BEE GEES – You Win Again
GBS 0012467″Berlin – Take My Breath Away
GBS 0018917″Bernie Paul – Oh No No / I Saw You
GBS 0017727″Bläck Fööss – Neña
GBS 0007137″CAMOUFLAGE – Strangers Thoughts
GBS 0021587″Chesney Hawkes – I’m A Man Not A Boy
GBS 0007127″CHIEF – Night & Day
GBS 00003112″Click Box – down over
GBS 0018647″Climie Fisher – Love Changes (Everything)
GBS 00123712″Cretu – Samurai (English Version)
GBS 0017877″David Hasselhoff – Crazy For You
GBS 0007587″DE ANGELO, NINO – Flieger
GBS 0015657″Die 3 Colonias – Es War In Königswinter…
GBS 0017487″Die Eilemänner – Dat Ahle Chaiselong
GBS 00006912″Dimlite – Back To The Universe Pt. 1
GBS 00007112″Distelmeyer, Jochen – lass uns liebe sein
GBS 0013077″Elaine Paige – Memory (The Theme From Cats)
GBS 00254412″Electribe 101 – Talking With Myself
GBS 0010817″ERUPTION – Runaway / Good Good Feelin‘
GBS 00146412″Eurythmics – Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty Four)
GBS 0007437″EXILE – The Part Of Me That Needs You Most /
GBS 00001612″Frank Popp Ensemble – the world is waiting
GBS 0017457″Fun Fun – Living In Japan (Remixed Version)
GBS 0022697″Geier Sturzflug – Bruttosozialprodukt
GBS 0007737″Gibb, Robin – Juliet / Hearts On Fire
GBS 0007797″GITTE – Freu‘ Dich Bloß Nicht Zu Früh / Sheldon B
GBS 0017317″Gregory Abbott – Shake You Down
GBS 0007967″Hazlewood, Lee – Baghdad Knights
GBS 00029612″HOLLYWOOD BEYOND – What’s The Colour Of Money?
GBS 00241012″Inner City – Big Fun
GBS 00020712″Jan Hammer – Miami Vice Theme
GBS 0012047″Joe Yellow – Lover To Lover
GBS 0008207″John, Elton – I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like T
GBS 0015017″Judith & Mel – Ich Habe Mich Heut‘ Nacht An Dich
GBS 0008117″Jürgens, Andrea – …Und Dabei Liebe Ich Euch Bei
GBS 000115Kaoma – Lambada
GBS 0012997″Kim Wilde – Kids In America
GBS 0008967″KOREANA – Hand In Hand
GBS 00002112″LAL – brown eyed warrior
GBS 0019887″London Boys – Requiem
GBS 00028412″MADONNA –  Into The Groove
GBS 0016397″Marie-Luise Nikuta – Einmal Em Johr
GBS 0009027″McFerrin, Bobby – Don’t Worry, Be Happy
GBS 0008927″Michael, George – One More Try
GBS 00239212″Mirage – The Jack Mixes
GBS 00001712″Mocky – i mickey mouse muthaf*!§$&s
GBS 00029012″MODERN TALKING – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul
GBS 00113812″Monsoon – Tomorrow Never Knows
GBS 0018687″Münchener Freiheit – Tausendmal Du
GBS 0018337″My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
GBS 0017497″Mysterious Art – Das Omen (Teil 1)
GBS 00234012″New Order – Confusion
GBS 0018467″OMD – Sailing On The Seven Seas
GBS 0000237″Opus – life is life
GBS 0012457″Pe Werner – Kribbeln Im Bauch
GBS 0012007″Peter Schilling – Die Wüste Lebt (Alarmsignal ..)
GBS 0004737″PLASTIC BERTRAND – Bambino
GBS 00144712″Prince – Alphabet St.
GBS 00241212″Prince – I Wish U Heaven
GBS 00003712″Regal – the village calling
GBS 0004977″Remmler, Stephan – Keine Sterne In Athen
GBS 00114712″Ross – Chain Reaction (Special Dance Remix)
GBS 0019967″Rozalla – Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)
GBS 00127212″Salt-N-Pepa / Antoinette – Push It / Hit ‚Em With
GBS 0009657″SANDRA – In The Heat Of The Night
GBS 0013977″Secret Service – Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning)
GBS 00006212″Shape Of Broad Minds – blue experience
GBS 0016247″Sinus – Kölsche Rekorde
GBS 00040012″SISTER SLEDGE – Frankie (Club Mix + Dub Mix) / Ho
GBS 0009527″SONS & DAUGHTERS – Breaking Fun
GBS 00005312″Soultourist – Turn Loose
GBS 0009387″SPECK MOUNTAIN – Hey Moon
GBS 0009617″Stewart, Rod – Baby Jane
GBS 0009537″Summer, Donna – Dim All The Lights
GBS 0019717″Supertramp – It’s Raining Again
GBS 00022212″SWAYZAK – Another Way
GBS 0009797″TECHNOTRONIC – Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)
GBS 0004477″THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT – Don’t Answer Me
GBS 00024912″The Art Of Noise Featuring Duane Eddy – Peter Gun
GBS 0008717″THE LONG LOST – Amiss
GBS 00022012″THUNDERHEIST – Nothing 2 Step 2
GBS 0012487″Trude Herr – Versteh‘!
GBS 002394Urban Delights – rock ´n´roll star
GBS 0015957″Zucchero Featuring Paul Young – Senza Una Donna (
GBS 0009487″Bush, Kate – Running Up That Hill
GBS 0019227″Glass Tiger – Someday
GBS 00019712″Haza, Ofra – im nin´alu
GBS 0000077″Hives, The – tarred and feathered
GBS 0008037″JONES, HOWARD – No One Is To Blame
GBS 00063812″MOCKY – Extended Vacation
GBS 0012847″Moroder, Giorgio & Paul Engemann – Reach Out
GBS 00127012″Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind (Remix)
GBS 0008787″POP LEVI – Dita Dimoné
GBS 00007012″Prince Po – bump bump
GBS 0015087″Richard Sanderson / Cook Da Books – Reality / You
GBS 0007617″THE FILMS – Black Shoes EP
GBS 00005112″Wahoo – damn (you´re here)
GBS 00118812″Yazz And The Plastic Population – The Only Way Is
GBS 0013427″The Shorts – Comment Ça Va
GBS 0007517″THE FAR EAST BAND – The Prince Of Peace / The Cal
GBS 0004857″ASAF AVIDIAN & THE MOJOS – Little Stallion
GBS 0009917″URBAN DELIGHTS – Won’t Let U Down
GBS 0004837″DRIVE BY ARGUMENT – Sex Lines Are Expensive Comed